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  1. Was also thinking might take something more along the lines of Stanton, Lackey and E.Rodriguez to get Scherzer in that deal?
  2. 12 team mix roto 5x5 standard He offered me his Cain and Triggs for my E.Rodriguez and Trumbo. (I could use SB.Avg and ERA) I was going to counter Stanton or Trumbo, Senzatel and Lackey for his Scherzer and Cain or Pillar (he came to me looking for power I have Stanton, Trumbo and K.Davis) Fair deal? Thanks WHIR
  3. I'm gonna drop an extra pitcher in Garza for him and then see about trading a big bat for a starting pitcher upgrade.
  4. 12 team mix h2h daily moves standard 5x5 cat league I have 1B Encarnacion, 1B/3B C.Davis and DH Smoak. 1st 2 hurt avg. Should I drop any of these 3 for Bour? Thanks WHIR
  5. 12 team weekly set lineup mix h2h points C,1b,2b,SS,3b,of,of,of and U Was thinking of picking up Bour but have Zimmerman at 1b Suarez at 3b and Sano at U. I have 2 catchers in Castillo and McCann. Just stand pat or was thinking of dropping a catcher (which one?) and working in the hot bat? Thanks WHIR
  6. Duh and I have Machado on a team lol. Yes, Braun > Polanco just don't now if he'd take it then. You can try and if not back it out. If I were him I'd be a little hesitant on Brach if he really needs a save guy because he's been very shaky. I'd almost feel more comfortable with Bush if I were him as it looks like the Rangers are finally getting him opportunities.
  7. So K.Davis and Teheran for Keuchel?
  8. Am I missing something, who will be your SS? I'd try it as you have it without Polanco and if he doesn't like it he can always come back again with something or then change up your offer. If/when Stanton hits again it would be a win
  9. Arenado should have got a top shelf starter in that deal. Salazar is not that, at least not right now. He can't even get a quality start and it's been on ongoing issue for him.
  10. 12 team mix roto 5x5 standard (my ratios are killing me) Looking to offer an owner who could use and outfielder and has 3 better SPers than me in Sale, Cueto and Kuechel For Keuchel what would be a good offer to make? Was thinking it might take 1 OF and 1 SP in return for him My OFers: Stanton, K.Davis and Trumbo My SPers I would trade: Lackey, Senzatela, Teheran, ERod, Berrios, Severino Any combo you see getting me Keuchel? Thanks WHIR
  11. i know Betances is great for holds, but there should be a lot good hold guys. He shouldn't be part of the main focus of the trade. Can you get an even better starting pitcher form him in a deal? I don't like giving up a promising bat in a keeper for a couple of hold guys.
  12. In a 12 team roto which would you drop for him? JC Ramirez Pomeranz Corbin Senzetela
  13. Pick up if available in any league?