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  1. This right here
  2. Was surprised it was Cecil with the last chance. He had been pitching well of late, but so has Trevor. Wonder if Cecil gets another opportunity. Next in line could mean after another chance with Cecil or when the next save opp come up. It looks like another Wash situation.
  3. Where did you see that? On this site it says next in line but not that he is the official closer now.
  4. I'll probably start him. I mean heck, look what Jon gray did tonight on his first game back and against a great offense.
  5. So what area we guessing here, around 4 times a week starting off and then more depending on how he's doing? That's what I take from "often" and not "every day".
  6. He looked pretty good in blowing it. Great first 2 batters then missed bad on a 3-2 pitch. I'm holding.
  7. Love these rookies. Yeah, a few bad games at catcher of all positions and it's over. Lmao!!
  8. That's okay he's pissed me off already by offering his Estrada, Bush, Belt and Gallo for my Stanton, Rivero and Molina. He dropped Gallo and Bush this evening.
  9. That's right. thanks so no go for next week against Phils. Might have been a good match up.
  10. team in sig Should I shoot this offer to the Sale owner? Paxton, Santana, Odor, Molina and Brantley for his Sale, Pollock and Choo? (He's in dire need of a catcher, MI) I'm looking to pick up E.Rodriguez, J.Gray and W.Ramos from the free agent list if I can pull it off. I can gain in SB's Thanks WHIR
  11. So was this guy just optioned to AAA so they could bring up another player til the next time they need him next week against the Phillies? Was gonna take a chance on him in an AL only weekly league but can't risk him not starting.
  12. Agree with the above. Try to upgrade your SS
  13. Would not drop Odor yet for either of those two.
  14. Not too worried about ratios because this one is h2h and they're shot for the week but need K's and maybe a win. Rank best 2 matchups? Nelson @atl Meyer @bos Bauer vs minn Lugo @sf Thanks WHIR
  15. Drop Polanco to stash him