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  1. Call me crazy, but I really need this guy for his 30+ stolen base potential. That is what is at a premium at least in my AL only 12 team league. Would love to see 15-20 home runs and 35-40 steals. If he wants to be a 40 home run guy then that works. A guy like Dyson went for $21 in my league, R.Davis $24 and Ellsbury $37.
  2. He should not be allowed to drive himself. He should be chauffeured to and from the games in an armored vehicle.
  3. This kid really dropped off the face of the earth after that blazing hot start. If it wasn't for his eye popping 82 stolen bases last yr, I don't know that I'd still even be following him. I think the Yanks picked up a couple of really good prospects in their recent trades that might help to light a fire under this kid
  4. His ops is .959 vs lefties and .813 vs righties this season. He has sucked in August though.592 ops
  5. Seems to have picked it up a bit the last 4 or 5 games. could see a strong finish
  6. has homered in 4 straight games. Maybe, just maybe........someday.......
  7. 99 PC, 6 INN, 3 HA, BBI, 3 K, 0.667 WHIP, QS not too shabby in Tor
  8. Any chance he ends up being returned to the Padres like that other player they traded?
  9. I think we'll probably be seeing this guy this week. Salazar complaining again about the elbow and got a feeling the MRI will show something and at least a DL stint coming.
  10. I agree, they need to get Reed up right now..........ooops, I mean Vogelbach
  11. He's getting down into Weaver territory, but at least Weaver is having some success every 4-5 games or so.
  12. Anything to see here? Didn't see the game, but pretty impressive stat line pitching in Fenway
  13. I'm sure the Indians would love to have Miller or Chapman and Yanks could definitely use starting pitching.
  14. He's back up replacing Lowrie who is sucking and he tore up AAA when he was sent back down. Hopefully he can stick and bring on the SB's !!
  15. Replaced by Quintana for all star game with elbow issue. 2nd time this yr with an issue. There's gotta be more to this.