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  1. Trade 3, all day, everyday.
  2. Kamara trade

    Thats the type of return you should be looking for. If youre hurting at WR this is a deal you can make with a clear conscience.
  3. Mahomes for Kamara

    No. Absolutely not in a one QB league, heck I wouldnt in a 2 QB league.
  4. Trade Bell for Howard and boyd - whir

    Id probably just look at trading a TE/WR for a top end WR in this instance. Bell is awesome and I love him for 2019 and about the next 2-3 years but this year is a real crap shoot.
  5. This cuts both ways but at 2-4 it feels like it might be time to roll hte dice. In theory youre getting a healthy Fournette and Cook back which lessens the blow of losing Kamara and youre getting a WR1 range type guy in Diggs. Its a lot to get and it sucks to move your best player but its certainly a deal worth considering when youre needing to make a move to get a spark.
  6. I think Id hold and hope for Baldwin to start getting some more work now that hes right. Its risky but I think the gap between Thomas and CMC is miniscule in .5ppr, and Ive got Baldwin a decent bit in front of Collins as Collins is in a split backfield on a team that wants to throw more and hes a zero in the passing game.
  7. Trade Bell for Howard and boyd - whir

    Sounds crazy to say, as its Bell, but Id probably sit tight. Your WR after Evans are pretty suspect and Boyd is in the midst of a breakout campaign . Ive got about 0 confidence in Baldwin (and I own him) and Fuller is the epitome of a boom or bust, and Coutee has lengthened that passing tree taking chances away. Add that all up to go along with a Leveon Bell (whos an awesome talent) who will likely be in a timeshare or learning a new offense and I think Id rather sit with what you have.
  8. John Brown or ....


    Id take the Zeke side. In standard youre getting the best player in Zeke and Id say the 3rd best player just about with Cooks. Youll be lacking a bit in WR depth, but Id like to think you could flip an RB away for that. Zeke + Healthy Fournette would be a very dominating RB pair in the standard format.
  10. Conner for Gronk? Whir

    Youve got Ertz so Id pass. Ride Conner until Bell comes back. Even then hes still gonna have value and who knows, maybe Bell reports and gets traded. I think theres not enough reward in this deal for you to make the move.
  11. Trade Bell for Howard and boyd - whir

    Whats the rest of your team set up and whats your record, keeper or redraft? At this point Bell is a big risk, for when he comes back and when he does youre likely looking at time share. Absent a trade that is, and if hes traded then hes got to learn a whole new playbook etc. On face value it seems fine as Howard has been awful but I just wonder the full context of the team/situation.
  12. Which RB ROS

    I hate to say it but standard Id probably go with Peterson, hes a lock for RZ/GL work and thats key in that set up. Lewis is on a dysfunctional offense splitting time with Henry and is more passing game dependent.
  13. Burton vs Engram vs Njoku? WHIR

    Burton and Njoku.
  14. Kareem Hunt 2018 Outlook

    Just imagine if Andy Reid didnt refuse to use him in 2 minute drill at all, like he did at the end of the first half last night. Gotta get Spencer Ware and Damien Williams work when its a key situation!