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  1. I cant stand Neil and his snarky, so very snarky. That said for dynasty leagues I love Fantrax.
  2. If people look at Shandlers projections for him I dont think he makes it out of the first!
  3. Id imagine he hits 2nd with Turner leading off. Dusty loves speed at the top of the lineup, and its not like Turner is WIlly Taveras with the bat. Eaton at 2 looks really good in Washington, Harper 3, and Murphy hitting 4. (Id imaigne).
  4. Lost in the Adam Eaton news, this is great for Turner. He'll slide from CF to SS with the addition of Eaton and his glove Turner will be the SS (with Espinosa) sliding to a bench role and subbing in at 2B/SS. So now we get his type of production with 2B/SS/OF eligiblity depending on your games played requirements. GOnna have to wait a little to start the year, but it wont take too long!
  5. As a dynasty owner, I literally couldnt have asked for anything more.
  6. Not sure what his complaint was on that one...
  7. I didnt have eyes on the game but I dont see anyway that LA was able to completely shut him out while giving up all sorts of receptions across the field. If that was their strategy, then it was a terrible one. Im waiting to hear a late illness/injury story here, thats about the only way this makes sense. He is a boom or bust player, but to go an entire game without even a target is beyond belief.
  8. Just speaking from a functional real world perspective. He hasnt been flailing away against lefties through the minors and there is really nothing to lose for the organization next year in allowing exposure to see what he is. If he can carry a mid .700 OPS vs LHP at the MLB level then they really wont have a reason for a strict platoon type situation. That and if you are going to platoon him with someone it would generally be someone with a track record of hitting lefties. Not a guy with less than 100 AB of success against lefties.
  9. Minor league splits, he hits lefties alright ranging from a high .700 OPS to a 1+ in the minors. That and the fact that in a time when they are rebuilding to a degree they may be more apt to give him work and let him learn. I dont know that Austin is really the answer in either case, outside of 63 AB in AAA and 23 AB in the majors last year, Austin has never really been more than a mid .700 OPS against LHP.
  10. Reminder, the CoC applies here too. Post like thats the case.
  11. Not much protection in lineup, I think it will be better than people give credit even with the youth movement. That said, you dont need protection to hit HR if there arent many threats, teams are still going to pitch to the guy because they arent afraid of whats around them.
  12. A friendly reminder, any questions regarding league and team specific transactions, trades, etc, does not belong in the Player Outlook Threads. There is a whole separate forum for that and in reality the members responding to this type of query here know better than to do so. Future issues of this nature will result in more formal sanction. Thanks and happy posting.
  13. Jeff PassanVerified account‏@JeffPassan Sources: Astros have agreed to a deal with free agent outfielder Josh Reddick, pending a physical. Nice landing spot for Reddick. Offensive environment, stacked lineup. Could be a huge year.
  14. Per Jeff Passan, the Astros have agreed to a contract with outfielder Josh Reddick, pending physical.
  15. The New York Yankees have traded Brian McCann and $11 million dollars to the Houston Astros in exchange for minor league pitching prospects Albert Abreu and Jorge Guzman. Cant do anything but help his value as he should slot into a full time roll.