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  1. He good...I thought hed do well, but man, not this well. At least not right off the bat. The crazy thing is, the BABIP is high, but at .369 its not insanely high based on his career rates. The one thing that looks due for regression at this point is the ISO, but Ill enjoy it while its happening for sure.
  2. Heck he was brutal through May so worry wasnt uncalled for. That said hes just too good to not come back, too good a hitter. Proves that theory right as hes now back over 300 and has an over 1.2 OPS since the break. Hes the best pure hitter in MLB at present, and Im not sure its close.
  3. All MLB contracts are fully guaranteed, the only way the Yankees got out from that is if he retired, but he is being released. As such his 2017 salary is binding. Brian Cashman confirmed this as well, "He gets everything he deserved, the contract he negotiated in full force", confirming that yes, in fact, he will still be paid the $28 million is guaranteed per his contract. When a player is released, or DFA, or places on waivers there contract remains. If waived and another team claims them, that team pays it. If they are released or DFA they can sign anywhere they want, for whatever price they want, and the old team is still on the hook for their previous contractual obligation. Its a great union the MLBPA is, to have their contracts iron clad like that. This is where the deal likely took place. The Yankees dont want him, they dont want him hitting 700 HR on their team, they want him gone. He wasnt going to hang it up on his own accord and walk away from the chance for 700+, or the money. As such a deal was struck you "retire", which in reality we release you, but we will keep you on as an instructor/consultant role and we will still pay you out. They came to an amicable end, good for them.
  4. Arod v Ortiz isnt the subject here and while steroids will always be a part of Arods legacy this isnt the PED debate thread either. Thanks and happy posting!
  5. Hes played one game at SS I believe. I would imagine that Rizzo may force the hand of Baker and not offer arbitration to Espinosa if he really wants to get him in the lineup. Time will tell on that but if hes playing OF in 2017 its a big hit to his value as I see it.
  6. But did you see the awesome pants he was wearing to play golf the other day?
  7. Its the Mets. First they tried to bleed him, then they tied a frog around his neck. Their medical staff just couldnt figure out whats wrong! Next step, bring out the bonesaw!
  8. Ive been concerned with him since last season, after breaking down his arm action a bit. Hes got a massive timing issue that results in a ton of external rotation. Id become so concerned with this issue that I actually moved him in a dynasty league, which for what hes done should say a bit. When you look at something like this: and this: With his timing, as far as where is is in delivery with his arm, it wasnt that hard to imagine him having elbow issues pop up, and more than likely shoulder issues further down the road. It sucks as hes a fun pitcher when hes on and healthy and was a smooth transition to the majors guy but man, that arm action is nasty and concerning. Barring his delivery/mechanics being tweaked hes always likely to be a heightened injury risk. Couple all that with the obvious velocity decline and the warning bells couldnt have been going off any louder.
  9. The bigger question long term is if it keeps him on the roster after this season. With an in house SS that they have been bringing up I would think not, but time will tell.
  10. If you guys want to discuss Turners value as a keeper thats fine. When you start discussing it in comparison to other players, when you start discussing it after posting that someone personally is looking to keep him then discussing other options that becomes Bench Coach content. Either take these types of things to the Bench Coach Forum, or take them to PM. This thread is cluttered for over a page with BC issue and argument about it, thats not what the player thread is for, it never has been.
  11. Its the custom of his people...its really amazing that hes just letting him wear this one. Im shocked.
  12. Thats all I had, the parts were pure speculation by me. Wasnt aware she had an earlier one.
  13. Poorly but hes far and away the worse closing option. Im sure Nats wouldnt mind him giving them a reason to suspend him with cause and save them some money. They never should have bent over backwards to him in the first place to get him.
  14. I thoguht the power would fade and man was I wrong. I no longer own any shares of him but its still a wild ride hes on. 94 hits and what 50 are for XBH, not every day you see something like that and that was part of the reason I figured hed regress, that type of XBH:H ratio isnt the norm, heck 29% of his hits are HR, that isnt something one would expect either, but here we are!