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  1. Guys we're all excited that CMike has done well (some more than others) but lets try not to go overboard on the exuberance with gifs and pictures. Thanks!
  2. More talk about the race angle, racisim, etc, and you guys are going to prove why you cant have nice things.
  3. Racial conversation, doesnt belong here. Dont bring it here. Thanks.
  4. Is that really too much to ask?
  5. Swanson Dong... Swoon
  6. If the previous argument should resurface, or devolve, there will be consequences and repercussions. Lets just discuss the player, discuss the situatuon, etc. Lets not have personal back and forths, arguments over slights (perceived or otherwise) or anything else that detracts from the thread. This isnt a request. Thanks, happy posting!
  7. Name calling and personal attacks, leave em on the playground kids.
  8. That and the gamelog. He ended the year over his last 5 games with 5/88/1TD, 3/52, 8/94, 7/117/1TD, 7/89. So slowing down he still had 32 catches, 440 Yds, 2TD. In a PPR format he averaged 18.2 pts per game over the final 5. Itd be great if he could go 7/100/TD every week but to quote Logen Ninefingers, "You have to be realistic about these things".
  9. Political discussion is not, and will not be permitted on these forums. This has always been the case and always will be, its in the Code of Conduct. Its been reminded with a shut down of the Kaepernick thread, etc. Please lets not have it go down this road, this is a fantasy sports forum, if you want to discuss politics with strangers on the internet Im sure theres a forum for that.
  10. He good...I thought hed do well, but man, not this well. At least not right off the bat. The crazy thing is, the BABIP is high, but at .369 its not insanely high based on his career rates. The one thing that looks due for regression at this point is the ISO, but Ill enjoy it while its happening for sure.
  11. Heck he was brutal through May so worry wasnt uncalled for. That said hes just too good to not come back, too good a hitter. Proves that theory right as hes now back over 300 and has an over 1.2 OPS since the break. Hes the best pure hitter in MLB at present, and Im not sure its close.
  12. All MLB contracts are fully guaranteed, the only way the Yankees got out from that is if he retired, but he is being released. As such his 2017 salary is binding. Brian Cashman confirmed this as well, "He gets everything he deserved, the contract he negotiated in full force", confirming that yes, in fact, he will still be paid the $28 million is guaranteed per his contract. When a player is released, or DFA, or places on waivers there contract remains. If waived and another team claims them, that team pays it. If they are released or DFA they can sign anywhere they want, for whatever price they want, and the old team is still on the hook for their previous contractual obligation. Its a great union the MLBPA is, to have their contracts iron clad like that. This is where the deal likely took place. The Yankees dont want him, they dont want him hitting 700 HR on their team, they want him gone. He wasnt going to hang it up on his own accord and walk away from the chance for 700+, or the money. As such a deal was struck you "retire", which in reality we release you, but we will keep you on as an instructor/consultant role and we will still pay you out. They came to an amicable end, good for them.
  13. Arod v Ortiz isnt the subject here and while steroids will always be a part of Arods legacy this isnt the PED debate thread either. Thanks and happy posting!