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  1. Leonard Fournette 2017 Season Outlook

    The fact that they played him last week, when he wasnt right with two weeks off and are now still dealing with this is silly. Its not gonna get better with him playing on it, and the fact that he practices until Friday when he had to be shut down for the day isnt that promising IMO. Even if he plays Im staying well away this week. For their purposes, as a team that should make the playoffs they need to get him right. Cant be counting on Bortles in any situation and this would seem a game they should be able to pull off without Fournette.
  2. Shohei Ohtani - SP/OF Japan (was: Otani)

    All the money isnt the same though...I think hes willing to forgo the huge payday but I dont think hes gonna be signing with one of the teams thats 300k or less, which takes a huge number of teams out of the running. Seattle just traded for more slot money today, which tells me they are going to be going after him hard and Id imagine Ichiro would help them in that endeavor as well. There are 18 teams which are capped at 300k or less, I think this factor is going to significantly shorten the market. Monetary difference between the most and least is 3.5 million, vs 10k. Theres a large range at play there, I think hell still be looking for a decent bonus from whoever he signs with. If I had to pick today I think Id rank id be between NYY and SEA. The Yankees offer the city, the prestige, all the bells and whistles and need the SP help that is Otanis biggest calling card. Seattle has a good history with Japanese imports and proved a good market for Ichiro which I think helps as well. I just cant see him completely giving away his signing for no real bonus money up front. Id initially scoffed at the idea as well in some other talks, but signing with an NL team would make a ton of sense. He gets at bats whenever he pitches and could still be used in a pinch hitting role. Much as he wants to maintain the hitting I dont think theres any AL team that would be willing to use him at DH consistently and he was rarely used as an actual OF in Japan, much more as a DH. The Phillies have the most $ to offer of any of the NL teams, outside of Pittsburgh and Miam where I cant see him at all, and a good young core along with a decent sized market. It would be very interesting to see him go to a team like that, especially as with his age win now isnt exactly a must. Either way Im super excited to see his talents in MLB next year, from all accounts hes a player that comes along so rarely that everyone should be offering the 20 million posting fee and at least giving it a run. The worst he can say is no!
  3. Rod Smith 2017 Season Outlook

    Everytime I see this thread I think of the real Rod Smith:
  4. You mean they dont get better by osmosis?
  5. Amari Cooper 2017 Season Outlook

    Well, that was a hell of a bounce back.
  6. Friendly reminder, team and league specific questions such as add/drops etc have no place in the player threads. Theres an assistant coach forum for that. Thanks, and happy posting.
  7. Aaron Rodgers 2017 Season Outlook

    Please be advised that purposely inflammatory comments, personal attacks, and name calling will not be permitted to derail threads. If people cannot attack the argument and not the person, or not purposely seek to inflame tensions then there will be consequences. It is my hope this wont need to be said again.
  8. Andy Dalton 2017 Season Outlook

    Political discussion has no place here. Let's try to remember that, thanks.
  9. Eric Thames 2017 Outlook

    Theres a time limit on when you can edit your posts, its a function of the platform.
  10. Byung Ho Park 2017 Outlook

    Hed be best served getting out of Minnesota.