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  1. Andy Dalton 2017 Season Outlook

    Political discussion has no place here. Let's try to remember that, thanks.
  2. Eric Thames 2017 Outlook

    Theres a time limit on when you can edit your posts, its a function of the platform.
  3. Byung Ho Park 2017 Outlook

    Hed be best served getting out of Minnesota.
  4. Josh Smoker 2017 Outlook

    You mean Addison Reed, right? I mean I know AJ Reed was underwhelming and looks like a platoon bat but I cant imagine a position change yet!
  5. I think another part of this is that most teams, if not all, are wise to the plan. Clearly if a guy goes to Coors and goes bananas, a team isnt likely to pay him accordingly to those stats, the same on a one year rebuild for an SP to say San Diego. I dont know for sure, but I have to believe the cost structure somehow has park factors played into it by this point, that could be part of what prevents the idea being so readily applied.
  6. Maybe for some players, at this point though with a guy like Bautista I think the age and the pick are the bigger issues for him now and going forward. Add in his recent injury woes and he might be best off taking a series of 1 year deals. I think Ross just didnt have the market he expected which was clear with SD not tendering him for me, then the lack of suitors and minimal deal he signed. Though the Rangers do have a decent history of working with guys off of THoracic Outlet surgery. Trumbo did about as well as hes going to, not much more to prove or improve upon after hitting 47 HR. If teams arent enamored with him now they arent likely to be with inflated numbers in Colorado.
  7. José Quintana 2017 Outlook

    Neither did the White Sox lineup, or bullpen. Guy is a victim of circumstance, unfortunately. Im less and less optimistic he gets traded as I think a team will only pony up the asking price if they view him as the piece to put him over the top. The Astros could be the case with that but some other teams dont. Outside that, maybe the Pirates still as they love the cost control and the quality but they also love pinching pennies and stashing prospects.
  8. And his run support cant possibly get any worse!
  9. Kyle Seager 2017 Outlook

    Hes a very undervalued 3B in the market. Hes not sexy as a player by any means, he doesnt have a high profile, partly due to playing the Northwest. That said he is a virtual lock to give you 25-30 HR and a chance at 100 RBI with a solid average more often than not. If people dont like that, I cant help them.