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  1. Tyson Ross 2018 Outlook

    The only thing you missed was unrealistic expectations.
  2. Nick Pivetta 2018 Outlook

    Please post in game commentary in the game day thread. Thanks.
  3. Dez Bryant 2018 Outlook

    Please be advised that argument and discussion of a racial or political nature is not permitted in the Forums, per the Code of Conduct. For obvious reasons, including how this thread went off the rails when it came up. Please insure as members that you omit any such line of argument or discussion from your posts in the future. Further, petty back and forth and name calling is another issue that is not permitted. If there are issues that members feel need to be dealt with, there is a report function for a reason. Please make sure we all conduct ourselves in a manner which keeps productive and courteous discussion possible. Thanks, and happy posting.
  4. Christian McCaffrey 2018 Outlook

    Part of the issue here is trying to square peg the round hole. When you invest the capital you did with McCaffery you need to use him properly. He cant just be tasked with running a power scheme like Stewart. Getting creative and deploying a more zone based scheme and not slamming him into the middle of the line on the carries he does see would seem to make the most sense. Not only does a zone scheme allow for more creation at the line, vs a power scheme, but from personal experience it also opens up the QB run game as well. Im not confident in any layer of the Panthers organization so the issues that I mention arent something that is unforseen to me. Its a waste of the player he is, and Im not one to say hes gods gift. But I think averaging what he did in a situation not tailored to his running strengths and exceeding the production per carry of the guy who the system is designed for was a positive sign. Clearly hes not a fully developed player yet, as very few rookies are. Ill be curious to see how he develops for 2018 and what he does to adapt to the style Carolina is forcing him into. Time will tell what he can become and if Carolina affords him a chance, all we can do now is see what develops. As far as using him in standard Id much rather pursue a guy who gets more carries and has a chance for GL work than McCaffery based on current usage and the addition of CJA, until I see something different anyways.
  5. Christian McCaffrey 2018 Outlook

    It screams to me that McCaffery is going to be in a similar role to last year. CJA is better at this point than Jstew was and the team got Stewart about 200 carries. Its a pretty clear sign to me, even on the one year deal that the Panthers dont envision using McCaffery in anything approaching a feature role. It pains me to say that as I think given the chance he can shine in that capacity, but right now Id bank on him only in PPR formats at this point. Counting on him in standard is a real gamble and counting on him to see many more carries than last year is something I'm not prepared to do unless things really change between now and end of camp with some clear signs from the Panthers on usage. The usage of McCaffery so far really perplexes me as to why the Panthers invested the draft capital they did with him, but hey I cant exactly tip my hat to the Panthers as having a good front office, or even a plan really.
  6. Jon Gray 2018 Outlook

    If we arent going to throw him against San Diego, hes not really worth rostering. Hes been having some rough BABIP luck thus far and the FIP, xFIP support him being a viable option. Thats not everything of course but I think hes gonna even out here at some point and San Diego seems as good a spot as any, Ill be rolling him out. But Ive rolled him out in every start, so maybe Im just stupid.
  7. Matt Chapman 2018 Outlook

    Hes always featured a healthy walk rate at every stop in the minors so Id imagine the patience is something he will maintain. Id bet he carries a BB% of around 11% this year now that he got to see some MLB pitching for a decent sample last year.
  8. Trea Turner 2018 Outlook

    No player in the MLB in the last 30+ years who has taken 50% or more of his AB from the 6 spot or later has stolen 30 bases in a season. Its not gospel that it will always be so, but its pretty damning to the idea that its a position which amplifies the ability to steal.
  9. Philadelphia Phillies 2018 Outlook

    Its also Friday.
  10. Philadelphia Phillies 2018 Outlook

    Its one thing to give a guy like Pivetta a quick hook, or guys of that ilk which they have a few. But man if youre not gonna let Nola work I just dont know when and who you would.
  11. Trea Turner 2018 Outlook

    Im not sure whats up with all these new managers being so stupid. But hey, when you can hit Howie Kendrick 5th youve just got to do it. Turner killed it last year in leadoff, hit .292 with an almost .400 OBP in the spring. Id lead him off, Eaton 2nd as he profiles great there, Harper 3, Rendon 4, Zim 5 then fill the rest in. But wasting Turner at 6 is defies logic. No behind him to even drive him.
  12. Jon Gray 2018 Outlook

    In fairness to Gray, he was worse on the road last year.
  13. Philadelphia Phillies 2018 Outlook

    Not only is he an elder statesman, hes also one of the best OF overall in the game, think like 12th in WAR and probably the most well rounded hitter on their team. It was a silly move to bench him like that and I cant see it as one paying dividends if he continues being that cute.
  14. No brainer take Cespedes/Familia. Thames will not get FT at bats and Hand is in SD which means hes a likely trade candidate, especially with the team friendly deal.
  15. Joey Votto 2018 Outlook

    Hes a generational hitting talent, keeping him out would be a crime. In the day and age where guys are K'ing like crazy and avg are declining league wide this guys still going out and walking at a crazy rate with low Ks and putting up top tier avg from the 1B position with the career 313/428/541 line. A true joy to watch at the plate, I just dont see any real argument that could be used to keep him out. Especially as we see traditional power standards, etc, fall by the way side in the PED era. His team context hurts him, thats about the only thing. It would be nice to see him on a contender but he loves Cincinnati (which is weird), so that seems unlikey.