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  1. New RW Forums Design Feedback Thread

    Please direct any comments about the new look of the forums to help@rotoworld.com, or to this thread. We are aware that the new layout isn't very easy on the eyes, and are hoping that it's fixed ASAP.
  2. Kyler Murray OF OAK

  3. Kyler Murray OF OAK

  4. Julian Edelman 2019 Outlook

    Lets try to keep things on track here guys. Just cleaned up a bit, dont want to have to go any farther on the issue. Everyones adult enough (I hope) that we can move on from whats been going on here. Thanks.
  5. Kyler Murray OF OAK

    Reports now are that mlb could waive the rule that prevents teams from giving MLB contracts to recently drafted players, if they come to agreement. That would be a huge win for Murray. If money is the driving force. The A's and MLB putting on the full court press today, Oakland sending their big guns and MLB sending marketing reps etc. If the money is the driver and he can get a guaranteed MLB deal from day one then it's a huge win. Seems that rule couldn't be waived as a one off though.
  6. Eric Bledsoe 2018-2019 Fantasy Outlook

    Let's get back on track fellas. The last page + of this thread was not what we're aiming for. Thanks.
  7. With the signing of his one year 18.25 million dollar deal imminent it seems a good time to open up a thread on him. Hes been a very productive catcher, playing in a division thats not conducive to offense (SF, SD, ARI + Humidor) in the NL west and a home park that has limiting factors as well. A move to the Brewers, a team with a good lineup and a good park in a division of pretty good parks should help that production out as well. With his framing ability, offensive ability and lack of realistic competition in Milwaukee he should be in for a healthy number of games and AB as well. Outside the bad economics of baseball, this is a very good landing spot for fantasy purposes and further bolsters him as one of the few catchers Id actually want to roster.
  8. Kyler Murray OF OAK

    The reality is if he is going to do this, as it appears he is, there are no half measures. Id say its about 100% certain he will not be in spring training with the A's as he will be prepping for the draft, taking part in the combine and doing other workouts for teams. At that point, when he has to skip out of spring training Id imagine the Bonus money will be going back (was looking at an article yesterday, cant recall where, that implied he hadnt even taken possession of it yet) and the A's will just retain his rights if he wants to come back at some point. The fact that he likes football more is the big factor here, but I cant help but think that the changing economics over the last 2 years or so have made a big impact as well.
  9. Kyler Murray OF OAK

    The bonus for first round guys in baseball is great but after that they make nothing, its a factor now that they have the slotting system. Especially when I look at a guy like Lamar Jackson going at the last pick in the 1st and matching the bonus for murray. Granted hes much bigger, but he was also a much worse passer when viewed in an NFL lens. But thats getting awful footbally here! 100% hed be giving up on baseball, theres no way to do both anymore, especially at QB. Ill be curious to see how it plays out though as the time has never been better in the NFL as far as spread QB coming in, based on the rules and the coaching concepts now, and the crazy money that even avg QBs make.
  10. 2019 Coaching Carousel

    If a coach gets fired after 1 season, the GM should go with him.
  11. Kyler Murray OF OAK

    The window to declare isnt shut yet hes got 5 days...theres still a lot of time before everythings clear. My whole premise is a hypothetical of course, its dependent on an if, that if being if hes given a top 2 round grade. I dont even know how likely that is, but if it were the money is more readily available earlier in the NFL as opposed to MLB where there is a laborious track to even crack a 25 man roster.
  12. Kyler Murray OF OAK

    I dont think theres any chance he plays both. I think if hes a top 2 round pick, for reasons above, he ends up football only. Two things re: the bonus, the majority of it probably still sits unspent, and no agent would balk at fronting him the balance to get him to the NFL contract if thats what he chose to do.
  13. Kyler Murray OF OAK

    The odds of making an MLB roster are pretty long even for first rounders, and getting the big paycheck even farther out. Hes probably gonna take 3 years in the minors, plus 6 years of team control after that. Sure, if hes Mookie Betts he starts making big money fairly quickly, if not... If he is a first or second rounder projected I see him going to the NFL. The bonus money will be about as big if hes late first (look at what Lamar Jackson got) and the salary coming right away is a world apart. If hes even an average QB hell make a ton on his first post draft contract too. Theres more health risk for sure, but the money comes sooner and for QB its just as big as in baseball, that and its never been safer to be a QB in the NFL , with more receptive coaching to spread concepts. The money isnt guaranteed for the QB of course, but we are seeing a ton of guaranteed money to the QBs now. The only comp is really Charlie Ward, but the difference there is that Ward was a first round NBA pick and made that money right away. Itll be interesting to see how this works out. Him saying post semi final game that he was undecided on the NFL vs MLB really clouds the picture for as much as the agent has been saying its a done deal. In the end, Ive got a hard time seeing him playing in Cedar rapids or somewhere like that for beans next year.
  14. Where can we go to discuss Josh Gordon?

    As per standard procedure regarding Josh Gordon, and players who seem to have issues of the same type this thread is locked and creation of new threads regarding the player are not permitted until such time as he returns to the NFL or there is news of an actual football/fantasy nature. The past has shown us that these threads, and player threads on issues like this will devolve to a point far below board standards when allowed to persist.
  15. Shandler Forecaster and Baseball Prospectus annual.