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  1. Someone had to do it!
  2. I can hide posts all day. The thread is currently under review but this last page thereabouts isnt what we need to see.
  3. Remember when he was having a down year? That was fun.
  4. HEs crushing the ball like a peak roid Barry Bonds. I love the growth but hes got an over .400 ISO. Id say absent him becoming a Bondsian threat, that hes due for some serious regression at some point . Even with that if he can sustain some of this growth he should be at worst a serviceable option with the bat where as before he was set to be an absolute zero.
  5. I sure hope not, but seems likely at this point the way its going for him.
  6. Espinosa has gone on a tear of all ages so hes certainly validated his job over Turner. Ill be first in line to admit that. The reality of situation now that seems silly is calling him up and not being ready to give him run. Between that and bouncing him to work in CF, but then calling Michael Taylor back up, I just dont see where they plan to play him. Its one thing to say Espinosa/Murphy better, sure are right now but the team lacks a top of the order hitter and thats something that Turner appears able to provide at this point. Either hes a SS/2B of the future and you work him there and plan accordingly or devote a full time move to the OF (which I hate for fantasy purposes). If Espinosa is their SS next year then you do this now and you let him work OF in the minors for ROS. I just dont see the rationale for calling him up to be a bench bat with no path onto the field with Taylor coming right back up with him.
  7. Perfect timing for this to happen with the ASB, plenty of time to rest it and hopefully avoid the DL.
  8. This is why his open insistence that he doesnt want to leave CIN at all is amazing to me. Certainly trading his contract would be tough, unless he keeps doing what hes doing, but not impossible. It becomes impossible with his stance that he wont leave CIN. Its a terrible team and it doesnt look like a quick turn around, and CIN isnt even a nice town. I spent a weekend there once, it wasnt a place that I would ever see myself wanting to reside in permanently. I mean its not as bad as Dayton, but its not good either.
  9. Lucked out and had him in my lineup. Thank god...
  10. Should be a night for Carlos Carrasco. 100+ pitches, 7 complete innings now with 13 K and 4 base runners. One would think the bullpen takes it from here.
  11. This gives him a nice slam and eggs on the night.
  12. Indeed it was not an easy matchup by any stretch, Toronto is a good lineup but if he pitches like he did today its no concern. I was at the game and he was super sharp. Induced a ton of ground balls, lots of weak contact and even the balls in the air were the same, weak contact. A couple solid hits and thats it. The K's werent super (he had 5 through 8IP if Im not mistaken) but he had great life on his pitches and was really commanding the zone well. As with any pitcher, if he does that it doesnt matter who hes pitching against.
  13. In regards to the Royals: