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  1. This account is validated and good to go.

    1. inspectormj


      How can I get my account validated?


      No e-mails coming in. Please help

  2. Your account for Goodfold3 has been validated.

  3. Looking into your issue right now.

  4. Please be advised that posting live links, or links which cause a video or picture to load in your signature are not permitted through the Code of Conduct. Feel free to leave a link in your signature, but thats all it can be nothing more.

  5. Hi, welcome to the forums. The moderating team removed the byline "God is dead" from your signature. Posts/discussion of a religious nature is not permitted on the forums. Happy posting!

  6. Just a quick heads up that per the code of conduct for Rotoworld, advertising for other forums is not permitted. Your two recent posts have both included advertising for a competing forum site, on top of your request for league managers. While looking for members of a league is fine, using the Rotoworld Forums to try to drive traffic for competing forum is not. If these attempts to advertise continue, your account will be flagged as a spammer account. Thanks.

  7. The link in player threads appears flawed, heres the right link:

  8. Does an amazing job with getting lineups posted on a daily basis well in advance! Truly an incredible asset to the forums!

  9. Just stumbled across some of your older posts, it is a shame that you are unable to continue your posting as from reading your old stuff, you were truly an honest, well informed and well read voice in the crowd.