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  1. If a broken bone required surgery in the form of plates and screws that would have been done already. Hes far enough out now that it would require re breaking to do that. Also the 60 day DL is retro to when he was placed on it so he could be back before mid August, and was largely a procedural move for roster management.
  2. Jared Eickhoff too, people probably should have already moved on but some of us are dumb. (Guilty)
  3. Rough 1st for Plesac but he looks pretty sharp all things considered with no baserunners since 2nd batter of the game. 43 pitches, 32 for strikes.
  4. Spencer Howard was the same thing when he went on the IL for Phillies MiLB club. At best you get some nebulous report like "a shoulder issue", etc. But very rarely do you get anything concrete unless they end up having surgery or something.
  5. Believe it when it actually happens, that reeks of Boras speak to me.
  6. I think this was in the wrong Forum...
  7. I quoted Aguilars last 7 days, 2 weeks and 28 days. Hes been bad no matter what sample we're looking at this year. The long and the short I think we agree on the team is better with a productive Hiura and one of either Shaw/Aguilar waking up than it is with the two of them in the lineup.
  8. Aguilar over the last 7 days is hitting .200 with 1 HR and 1 RBI. 14 days .083 1 HR 2 RBI, 28 days .209 1 HR 9 RBI. I havent watched Shaw a ton but what Ive seen, and scouting the stat line Aguilar shouldnt be part of any platoon at present and he cant play anything but 1B. The aguilar part of that platoon is and has been trash. A guy like Shaw (and Thames) would be a far more valuable platoon or bench bat, if he cant regain a full time role as far as MLB roster construction. Especially as teams go to short benches these days.
  9. The focus keeps getting put on Shaw when the real issue is Aguilar. Shaw needs time for sure and 1B is a clearer path without a good option. This argument against Hiura, with the small sample K% being a lock, acts like Hiura has no pedigree and has shown no ability to adjust to the strike zone at levels with his hit tool. Which he has, even at the AAA level this year we saw that growth, and bat to ball has always been his carrying tool more than power. The power is playing up at AAA and MLB either through a concerted effort (which may explain the K uptick) or because of the ball. He might not be the answer long term this year but Id far rather role Shaw 1B, Hiura 2B than present day Shaw and Aguilar. In regards to running a franchise to win, that latter combo isnt gonna cut it.
  10. Or Shaw does and Hiura mans 2nd...theres options there really and rolling out Aguilar on the reg is a negative for the team now.
  11. Id argue the stupidity of teams worrying about that as well, especially with a new CBA before that becomes an issue. But this is neither the time or the place.
  12. Thats a fallacy lots of bad front offices fall into. Dont double down once something becomes a mistake. Shaw probably needs more time to show if he can rebound but at the sake of Hiura it seems an odd thing to do. Shaw may well prove hes still fine but 20/20 hindsight is the only way this will be viewed as making sense. As far as big money goes too, Shaw isnt making so much you cant move on if you see its whats best, 4.6 million and arbitration eligible. Not that Im arguing they cut him right now or something.
  13. That makes sense I suppose, not that I really think hed be a loss elswehere now either. With Thames there and Shaw/Moose as options hes redundant and also awful, still living off that huge 2018 first half.
  14. Its amazing to me they dont option Aguilar and his .190 avg and zero production and play Shaw/Thames at 1B if they really want Shaw to play. Moving a guy thats actually hitting and part of your future while Moose is on a 1 year deal and you now have two zeros (Shaw/Aguilar) on the MLB roster seems a weird move.
  15. Cant ask for a better run to come back too really.
  16. The HR are the most troubling part, especially as it heats up at Citizens Bank Park and the balls start to carry more.
  17. Yeah he was fantastic last time out and had put up 3 QS in a row totaling 20 IP 16K 2 BB and 3 ER before his 1.1 IP bombing.
  18. If thats the case the Diamondbacks dont have a right decision here, they've got a whole plateful of maybe a little less wrong.
  19. They protected him in the Rule 5 draft, so there must be something they like. But the way hes being used makes it hard to tell what that is.
  20. The crazy thing is theres no real asset standing in the way of playing time. Walker was a cool story in April, but hes been worthless since then despite todays HR. I cant fathom the organizational decision that says to call up Cron when hes as hot as he was, to sit behind a 28 year old journeyman whos now hitting .170 with 32 K 7 BB and 1 HR coming into today for the month of May over 23 games started. Its a really interesting (stupid) decision making process Id bet.
  21. 5 IP 3 H, 3 BB, 0 ER and 7 K last night.