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  1. Richard Rodriguez 2018 Outlook

    It’s crazy that he is not in a higher leverage role though we shouldn’t be surprised with how bad the Bucs tank. They probably don’t want him winning them games.
  2. Chicago Bears 2017 Offseason

    Maybe it can be chalked up to being young, but the entire strategy was wholly mishandled by Pace. You pay Glennon all this money to be short-term solution? Or a smokescreen to get your guy? Turning the Bears into the Saints is a terribly move and a culture-shift from a franchise that, until recently, was defined by its defense. You can't play Saints ball well in the north because winter is very real in your division and it will be very hard to execute in poor weather. This team is a ship without a rudder and has been since they quibbled with Urlacher over pocket change. Since then they've had almost zero leadership on the team with repeated experiments with green front office guys that keep failing. If the McCaskeys don't give a s--- about the Bears, sell them to someone who does or there won't be enough financial reason to keep them anyways.
  3. Chicago Bears 2017 Offseason

    Reading the NFL analysis his pros/cons read like Jay Cutler's resume - rocket arm but inconsistent and waits too long leaving his receivers hanging out to dry leading to interceptions. His highlight reel has to be one of the worst I've seen in years - I've seen throws with less wobble in high school games. So the McCaskeys released Cutler and sold a ton of future picks to draft Cutler Jr.?
  4. Max Scherzer 2017 Outlook

    I read somewhere that he pitched through it for half the year last year, but yes...dark wings, dark words.
  5. Brady vs Manning

    I blame this more on 1) the universal ****tiness of the NFC North for the past ten years and 2) being coached by a guy who looks like a bag of leaves.* *All rights reserved, (c) 2016 kidtwentytwo
  6. Brady vs Manning

    If Aaron Rodgers had been drafted by the Pats, they wouldn't have lost a game since 2005.
  7. Negative. They update their player database incrementally. As I found out from their snarky CS reply, they're sunsetting their old (more usable) UI for the new (uglier, fatter, worse on every platform) UI and thusly the old version will stop working. Thanks for your helpful communication, Fantrax!
  8. Yet another low-quality effort coming out of Fantrax - currently when you go to the Player List, it gives you an unclear "Overall Reports not available for this league." This appears on every league I'm in on Fantrax.
  9. George Springer 2017 Outlook

    Dumb face. Will not draft.
  10. Brady vs Manning

    Who would you rather watch in a mattress commercial?
  11. Max Scherzer 2017 Outlook

    Please God let this "stress fracture on his pitching hand" be just an excuse to avoid the WBC.
  12. Harrison Bader - OF STL

    Lots of red flags here: 1) Low BB% 2) High K% 3) caught stealing a lot The power is good but so far I see no indication he can hit well enough at the MLB level. I was a fan of HB earlier in the season but the shine is wearing off after a lousy June and the splits indicate he can't hit righties (though SSS). I'll give him a top 100 prospect rating but I won't like it and it won't be in the top 75 for sure. Probably a platoon bat at best.
  13. AJ Reed - 1B HOU

    I'm sure they'll try to do what they did with Springer by getting him signed to a long-term deal so they can use him immediately. Houston HAS to make a big run this year and Reed is the bat that can make it happen. Hope you guys draft early because if you get this guy below round 10 in redrafts he's the steal of the century. Chris Davis ISO with the plate presence of Kevin Youkilis.......