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  1. Full PPR - Start Chubb @Pit, or one of Chris Thompson (if healthy) or AP @ Giants?
  2. I blame this more on 1) the universal ****tiness of the NFC North for the past ten years and 2) being coached by a guy who looks like a bag of leaves.* *All rights reserved, (c) 2016 kidtwentytwo
  3. If Aaron Rodgers had been drafted by the Pats, they wouldn't have lost a game since 2005.
  4. Who would you rather watch in a mattress commercial?
  5. Skoodog

    AJ Reed - 1B HOU

    I'm sure they'll try to do what they did with Springer by getting him signed to a long-term deal so they can use him immediately. Houston HAS to make a big run this year and Reed is the bat that can make it happen. Hope you guys draft early because if you get this guy below round 10 in redrafts he's the steal of the century. Chris Davis ISO with the plate presence of Kevin Youkilis.......
  6. I like Die Antwoord. Good pump up music.
  7. I had to dig to page 3 for this gem - unacceptable. Bog - can we get your opinion on the Cuban Cliff Lee, Yunesky Maya? You said a couple words about him but would love to get a little more word on him. Thanks!
  8. I was aware of that - thanks for the primer, this is exactly what I was looking for! Thanks also to RSN for that other perspective - in the past I've tried drafting guys based on good K/BB and high K/9s ignoring ERA/WHIP, which worked in some cases and not in others, but in this day and age there are more sabermetrics coming out than I can count and more guys seeing the intangibles (read: bog) that this has become more difficult.
  9. Hey bog, maybe this is too basic a question, but what do you look for in a breakout pitcher (meaning a younger unknown quantity that is on the cusp of putting it together to have a great career)?
  10. How close to accurate is ADP on MDC? They have Hellboy at 188th overall. That doesn't seem really that high for a solid pitcher.
  11. Welcome back bog! I miss your Brandon Morrow pink backpack avatar. Can you put a - next to Nolasco so I feel better about trading him away? Also if you could put a + by Harang, that'd help too. Alternatively you could just give me your opinion on 'em and that'd be fine!
  12. It's good for SJax owners too, as VJax keeping the defense honest will pull some of those 8-mans back. Re: Billabong - has Bradford been seeing 1st string D-lines or 2nd string? I don't watch much pre-season.
  13. Sorry, my previous post was indeed a bit vague. Allow me to expound. See, the Rams have one of if not the worst offensive lines in the National Football League. Given the fact that it's difficult for a quarterback to throw an accurate pass in time to one of his pass targets when you have several gargantuan defensive linemen coming at you at full speed, there may warrant a bigger need to get better protection for said quarterback in the way of more talented, experienced or unified offensive lineman/linemen. This of course is multiplied by the fact that the quarterback is a rookie coming into a league that's at a higher level of talent than anything he's ever experienced before and has a few questions about durability due to an injury he sustained in college. So when I said "VJax doesn't play guard" i meant that they may have a more glaring need at one or many of the offensive line positions, and the addition of a deep threat is of marginal value given the reasons stated above. Sorry for any confusion I may have caused.