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  1. June Closer Thread 2018

    Is it worth dropping someone like Strickland who may lose his job to melancon for rondon or Parker?
  2. Chris Taylor 2018 Outlook

    So is this guy droppable in 12 teams or are you guys holding and hoping for a rebound?
  3. Matt Kemp 2018 Outlook

    It's starting to feel like a resurgence year, being back in LA where he had his best seasons seems to have him rejuvenated. I wouldn't be surprised at 290 with 25 hrs, as always health is the only issue.
  4. I'd hang on, I feel like Alex wood had a career year and won't be as effective this season.
  5. Current Team: C Castillo 1B Abreu 2B Albies (dan murphy on dl) 3B Rendon SS Lindor OF K Bryant, Cespedes, Buxton, Kemp, Inciarte Util Chris Taylor SP Ray, L Castillo, Skaggs, Richards, Bundy, Snell, E Rodriguez, Gohara, Minor, Folty As you can see, my pitching staff is filled with a bunch of flyers I'm hoping pan out. I was offered Paxton and Asivail Garcia for Dan Murphy and Gohara. It makes sense since I have Chris Taylor and Albies who should be solid but it's always a risk with Paxtons injury history and relying on young unproven players (albies Taylor) over a proven stud in Murphy. Would you guys accept the trade?
  6. Byron Buxton 2018 Outlook

    He went 250/19/29 after having a vomit inducing unrosterbale entire first half. With the adjustments and natural growth i don’t see how 260/25/35 isn’t a realistic expectation. And there’s room for upside in the steals department, he has easy 40+ steal speed
  7. Michael Brantley 2018 Outlook

    He's a solid hitter but my experience owning him is that he's basically empty average. He'll hit 290-300 with below average HRs and steals, not very valuable for an OF.
  8. I'm in a 12 team h2h and can keep 6 players. I currently have: Jose abreu 3rd round Rendon 5th round Carlos Martinez 7th round Dan Murphy 13th round Robbie Ray 15th round With the last spot no matter who it is it would count as a 6th rounder for the next 2 years. Would you keep, conforto, cozart, Buxton, or Berrios?
  9. Kareem Hunt 2017 Outlook

    I was originally going to start perine Jordan Howard and drake at flex and leave hunt on the bench. But now that perine delivered an underwhelming performance I have to go with hunt because as terrible as he's been he still offers way more upside if he happens to get back on track. Plus I'm not sure how the Jets are getting respect at stopping the run since they've given up the 8th most rushing yards on the year.
  10. Kareem Hunt 2017 Outlook

    I’m benching Hunt and starting Howard Perine and Drake in what is essentially a must win week for me. I simply can’t risk starting a rb who’s touches are diminishing and who is currently a part of the worst offensive play in the league. Not sure you can gamble on not only hunt but smith Reid and the OC magically turning it around out of nowhere with the stakes being this high
  11. Is Denver defense finished or was the poor performance a matter of playing elite offenses back to back? They have a solid playoff schedule vs jets Colts and redskins week 14-16. Debating on dropping Chicago for them
  12. Has Denvers defense completely lost it or is it a result of playing the pats and Eagles? Considering picking them up for their playoff schedule
  13. Week 10 SNF/MNF: What do you need?

    I benched drake for yeldon like an idiot so now I need Abdullah to get me 10.6 in ppr
  14. I know millsap will get better in time and Fournier is likely to regress but I currently have 3 nuggets on my team (Jokic Millsap and Harris) and Id rather not have so much of my daily performance tied to a single team. Would you guys accept it or is Fournier not good enough? Thanks
  15. I thought it would be beneficial to start a thread where people with similar draft slots can discuss what players they plan to take or what strategy they're going with based on draft position. To start, I have the 11th pick in a 12 team 9 cat and I'm thinking of grabbing 2 out of Gobert Jokic or Cousins to start as the Center position dries up quickly. Then taking two guards in the Bledsoe, Beal, Rubio tier. Anyone with a late pick thinking the same thing?