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  1. Jorge soler anyone? Was having a solid year before the injury, with no expectations in KC I can see him being a valuable bench bat with upside
  2. He likely won't finish the year in the top 10 overall but I feel like he's one of the safest picks in the first round. No injury history, entering a prime age, great park/lineup, and multiple projection sites have him around 27 hrs and 16 steals. Add in a 290-300 average with 90+ runs and rbis it's not top 10 production but you won't lose your league because of it.
  3. Not sure if anyone has used this in the past but Harper is now the favorite to win NL MVP according to Vegas at 6 to 1. Anyone taking him top 5 now?
  4. I did a yahoo pro 250 league last year and someone drafted sale, max, Chapman and Kimbrel. When you use this strategy you basically have to get lucky with your hitters and he did by drafting story and yelich in the 8th and 11th rounds. Ended up finishing 2nd. I get the concept but still would rather avoid an extreme strategy.
  5. the important thing people are forgetting is he's 26 years old. He's just now starting to enter the best years of his career. I think 290/34/85/90 with 8-12 steals is a fair projection and I would take that in the second round 10/10 times. Bregman and Lindor are coming off injuries, judge and Stanton can go through frustrating slumps and K a bunch. Baez has contact issues and you never what you're going to get with Harper. I'll still be taking machado in 2nd with confidence
  6. Agreed, last year everything went right for him. Another metric you missed was ground ball rate was second highest after yelich in regards to top 24 hitters. Regression is definitely coming. I see a 290/33/95/90 with more missed games this year which is still great, and you won't lose your league because of that. But it's simply not worth a top 5 pick.
  7. Did people in H2H enjoy having him last year? If I recall he struggled mightily against lefties and with an average of 246 I'd imagine he's prone to some long frustrating slumps in H2H format.
  8. i just did a mock on yahoo where i started out with 4 straight hitters (betts, Baez, story, rendon) and still ended with a rotation of Bauer, Corbin, Berrios, Castillo , and Carlos Martinez. I know it’s early and i wouldn’t pull off those hitters in a serious draft but the concept remains the same, pitching is way too deep and a way better value. I’d rather stack my offense and draft a bunch of SP2 and SP3 with SP1 upside
  9. Do you guys punt anything in addition to assists? I pick 4th in a 12 team 9 cat and I’m thinking of getting KAT and drummond/Gobert which would be punting FT as well.
  10. For people with phillies and nationals players are.you adding replacements for today? Might rain all day long
  11. Agreed, read an article on fantasypros saying 25% of rbs drafted in the first 6 picks over the past 5 years have finished below rb3 value. I’m thinking zeke and Gurley are young, DJ is fresh with the year off, and Bell had 400 touches last year and skipped training camp. Obviously anyone can get hurt at any moment but if i had to pick one of the big 4 who’s most likely to go down it’d be Bell. I’m stashing Conner in every league possible
  12. The bell owner in my 12 team ppr league is panicking and wants Conner as insurance. Question is, is Mixon worth possibly giving up 2 rb1s if bell holds out or gets hurt?
  13. I’m doing my first 14 team league, 3rd pick PPR. Just wondering if there are any major differences from 10-12 team drafts other than making RB even more of a priority. I’ll be picking DJ to start.
  14. Going through the same dilemma with the 9th pick in a 12 ppr. What I’ve noticed in yahoo is that the WR2s with the most upside (TY, Cooper, fitz, Baldwin etc) are pretty much gone by my 3rd pick so to avoid being completely screwed at WR I’ve been going RB/WR or WR/RB to start. Pretty much starting with Melvin and devante or Odell and CMC. Agree with nonstopfan that CMC is the cut off for 2nd rb. i don’t trust cook coming off the ACL tear.
  15. For those with a late pick (9-12) in ppr do you find that going RB/WR to start gives you more flexibility? For example if i start out with Melvin, McCaffrey and Mixon, and by the time my 4th round pick comes around all the low end WR1s (Cooper, Diggs , fitz, Tate etc) are gone, then I’m pretty screwed . Where as if i start out with Melvin and Michael Thomas i can go back and forth rounds 3-7 and not feel particularly weak at a certain position. Just wondering if anyone else feels the same way