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  1. I'd say Adams by a big margin. Ingram might have a decent match up based its the Bucs and could rain, Still Adams.
  2. Wilson I think is solid in .5 PPR given the receptions and starting volume. Ware/Jackson should be close this week. Lockett is Hit or miss, probably best ceiling and lowest floor here?
  3. I got Jackson>Ekeler in none PPR Ware V Jackson is going to be close I think, Jackson has amazing match up and Ware the exact opposite. Still probably Ware by a hair but toss up.
  4. Definitely Mike Evans. Between Adams or Ingram for me, I'd say Adams
  5. Pick 2 for flex, Jeff Wilson/Ware/Justin Jackson/Lockett/Peterson .5 ppr Ware tough match up, Lockett vs Vikings, Thoughts? Thanks, A