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  1. He seems to play 2 sit 1 now, so I fully expect Toronto to rest him along with others and throw the game away. Being back everyone healthy on the back end against the Knicks at home Monday
  2. I made the “smart” decision to sit Whiteside in favour of Giles due to the 15 minute-ish minutes cap. Yeah, feeling real good right now haha
  3. Yeah he’s playing, which means he’ll sit either Friday or Sunday
  4. Gasol wasn’t playing anyways, why would this benefit Jakob greatly?
  5. 14 Team | H2H | Standard 9 Cat + FGM My team’s really taken a turn for the worse over the last 1-2 weeks with Embiid and Whiteside going down, Kawhi playing when he feels like; Bazemore and Lamb demoted to the bench; and Dunn and White still getting up to speed... There are some decent FA’s on the Wire but I’m not sure about pulling the trigger. Here are the best options: • Mo Harkless • Avery Bradley • Tyler Johnson • Harry Giles w/ Bagley injured (I’m short on bigs with Embiid/Whiteside out) Would you make any moves or stand pat? Team in Sig. WHIR
  6. Im in the same boat. Changed my team name to “Load Management”
  7. I was faced with the exact same decision about a week ago. I chose Okafor at the time because I figured AD would get shut down/injured, etc that would give Okafor the 30-35mpg needed to put up the numbers he did while AD was out previously. I have some regret over the decision as I didn’t think Green would get the same minutes with the acquisition of Portis and Parker, but he’s proven his worth. Okafor is the pick if you’re looking for lightning in a bottle, Green Is the safer pick if AD plays 25-30mpg to close the year.
  8. If AD stubs his toe N.O. will find a way to make it a big injury. The fans are booing him and he’s on his way out. Okafor will be gold. Bet.
  9. First game after I trade him and he does this!?!?? 😭😭😭
  10. Yeah it’s sad as Baze is always a solid first half of the season guy, but such is life when the team you play for wants to lose.
  11. Raptors let go of Monroe, and have a ton of open roster spots. Can use another big body but minutes would likely be limited between Gasol/Ibaka.
  12. Agree with above. I traded Faried in a package yesterday while he still has value. Once Capella is back Faried will play the Nerlens Noel role.