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  1. 2018 Amateur Draft Results

    NL Scoresheet sup draft: Bart Bohm Stewart India Gorman Only draft picks choosen out of 20 picks, rest went to major leaguers and one other prospect.
  2. Alex Verdugo - OF LAD

    He seems to be tapping somewhat into his power. I'm holding and hoping those Benintendi comps (minus some speed) are possible, the kid can't hit!
  3. Victor Robles - OF WAS

    IMO you keep Soto, Robles and Kieboom at all cost..
  4. Brett Cumberland-C Atl

    I think my fall back plan if I'm drafting a prospect and stuck....just grab a Brave or Padras just loaded.
  5. Brett Cumberland-C Atl

    In High A FSL .228/364/.380/.744 I haven't found a lot on him.... Drafted in the supplemental 2nd round (76th overall) by the Atlanta Braves in 2016 Fangraphs listed him as 99 on their update yesterday though so it caught my attention.
  6. Drew Waters - OF ATL

    175 .309 .361 .554 6hr with low A Rome. Fangraphs updated top 130 has him at 94. Read in BA that he calmed down his lower body some.
  7. Updated Prospect Rankings?

    Some things I noted of the NL guys.... Bart at 57, Swaggerty 68 over Bohm 77. Sickels seems higher on Bohm than most other than the Phillies. Gorman 95, Kelenic 96, India, 97 and Stewart 98. Medina at 49 is higher than most. Toussaint at 51 was nice to see. Pache 28 and Kieboom at 34 moving along.
  8. Jhailyn Ortiz OF Phi

    Glad to see the improvement though
  9. Dennis Santana - SP, LAD

    well your a Superstar KilloWertz.....I just moved up from AAA to rookie!
  10. Dennis Santana - SP, LAD

    hey with my last reply I've advanced from AAA to the show! Took me a lot longer than Soto....
  11. Dennis Santana - SP, LAD

    He does deserve this tread. He is looking better than projected so far it seems. I passed on him earlier this week in favor of Chris Paddock. With our next sup draft in 3 weeks I'll be in on him if he continues this...of course if he does he might be in LA.
  12. Keibert Ruiz- C Dodgers

    I'm always reading that AA is the test. To be holding his own at his age bodes real least I hope so as I'm all in on him. I wouldn't be surprised to see him a top 25 prospect this summer in some top 100 post.
  13. Kolby Allard - SP ATL

    I think we'll see as soon as they need him. Doesn't to have much left to prove in the minors....
  14. Chris Paddack - SP SD

    I have Gore-Morejon-Baez-Quantrill and Espinosa already. I had Lucchesi and Tyson Ross briefly after our sup draft in NL Scoresheet league. In a rebuild so those I traded right off. I guess I need to add Paddack. With the Padras deep system it's getting to the point where if you can't figure out who to draft...grab a Padras player. I'm also looking at Ruiz, Rosario and Reyes. I'm a Red Sox fan but I have a ton of minor league Braves plus Soroka and Acuna. I was in a Marshals last week and found a Braves hat for $4-. Figure they can be my NL team...but hell if I could only find a $4- Padras cap I'd root for both:)
  15. Chris Paddack - SP SD

    This was my question to Josh Norris on BA prospect chat last week: accudart (Vermont): Toussaint, De La Cruz and Paddack all #1 or #2 SP ceiling? Thanks Josh Norris: As an Oregonian, I'm going to rain on this parade and say none of those guys has that ceiling. I've been a fan of Paddack and owned him before he went down to TJ. He's out there again in my league and I have a draft this week. I was thinking of taking both him and Toussaint but this is souring me somewhat....thoughts?