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  1. Surprised not hearing more..listed as high as 24, 35, 60 on sites I've seen. 109 on Fangraphs. Might be grabing him soon myself.
  2. It was a blast to watch him and Paddack shine yesterday. I have them both and hope they contribute this season at some point. I think if Tatis is off to a good start and the team is in the mix they will bring him up earlier. Like stated before...lot of ifs...
  3. Fangraphs FV 55 Conservatively, Patiño has mid-rotation upside, but how the changeup and breaking ball command develop matter because that’s where there’s room for significant growth. Baseball America list him at #67 Razzball #74 I own him and hoping for #1 or #2 upside, pitchers are tough man.
  4. Eloy(8) was by far was as low as I'd seen him. Lux (23) seemed high. Mejia (59) was about as low as I've seen., thought Kelenic (84) was a bit low. Surprised at May (21) who maybe I shouldn't have traded:) Howard at (67) made me take note. I think they made the correction with Ruiz (15) that has been talked about. I like the positive rankings of Kieboom (18) and Pache (19). With that said, I like the list and love the work they do.
  5. I like Montero maybe more than Bohm myself at this point.
  6. My guess would be after his call up something like 18 homers, .270/.320. Looking for him in 2020 to be more of a beast.
  7. It could have been about Murphy:) I have him but will cut him as he's not a prospect anymore. I've already traded Rogers and yesterday traded McMahon. I really didn't want to move him but I had to make a cut and at least I was able to pick up a draft pick for him where I wouldn't have with Margot. I also moved Welker in the Rogers deal. Until now I hadn't thought about it but two deals to the same owner I traded Rogers, Welker and he believes. Oh I also have to cut Tapia. So to be fair I have a ton of prospects in my Scoresheet league but: Cuts: Murphy and Tapia Trades: Rodgers, McMahon and Welker That makes Pint my lone Colorado man standing. I will target Hampston in the draft however. It wasn't an by design but that's how my purge went down.
  8. I give up on Rockies Prospects...happened to just trade Rogers, was going to try to pick up Hampson...nope, uncle.
  9. NL 10 Team Scoresheet league. The 16, 33 are draft picks that really don't matter much. I'm not real worried about losing Urias either as I have others. My concerns are about how long can I expect Greinke to stay at these levels and I worry about regretting letting Senzel for many years..He may be like Scott Rolen?
  10. We're about 23 years into our league. We have a trophy that the winner holds for the year and his named added to reflect our history. We also have the horse's a** trophy for last place.
  11. I also get Baseball Forcaster (since 1999), I pay for the on-line Baseball America content. I have for 8-10 years been getting Baseball Prospectus but am losing interest in it. I might get it this year for the last time.
  12. A player really high on my radar as list come out. Being in an NL league I was pleased he wasn't shipped to Seattle.
  13. NL Scoresheet sup draft: Bart Bohm Stewart India Gorman Only draft picks choosen out of 20 picks, rest went to major leaguers and one other prospect.
  14. He seems to be tapping somewhat into his power. I'm holding and hoping those Benintendi comps (minus some speed) are possible, the kid can't hit!