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  1. Justin Jackson 2018 Outlook

    Im rolling with both in PPR (over J. Adams, Josh Gordon, Carson).
  2. Wilson and Ware
  3. I think I need RB help... 100% WHIR

    Keep Mike Evans in there and start Ingram.
  4. TE help WHIR

  5. Which WR Do I Start? WHIR!!

    I like Gus here. Baltimore is going to try and win TOP and hading it to Gus 20+ will do that. KC defense is suspect, at best.
  6. Ekeler or Golladay? WHIR

  7. Flex help please! WHIR

    Jackson and Blount
  8. Need a win, who to start ? Whir

    Ingram is a lock. Mack Adams or Wilson (I'd roll with Wilson).
  9. Non-ppr and have Chubb and L. Miller in other two lots. Need to pick 1: Ekeler vs Cin Justin Jackson vs Cin Ware vs Balt Leave a link!
  10. Justin Jackson 2018 Outlook

    HC said Ekeler is starting. I see this as another hot hand situation and ekeler with a shorter leash.
  11. Chubb, Miller, Ekeler - WHIR

    Anyone else?