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  1. I think its too early until we know about Damien Williams, but I would go with tyler boyd because the kc game is a late game and we may not know yet help
  2. I would pass, let him know barkely will be back any day brown and a late round pick is your only offer. otherwise pass for a rental. help
  3. its worth a try. if not try Fournette, Sanders and singeltary. help
  4. with not a lot of bell cow options I go with the d. henry side. can you show your team? help
  5. Very close, I guess hill is more consistent than Mike evans, but evans has more outbursts of 30 points and then 6 and when darnold is back I think bell will continue to get better. so I like it. help with mine.
  6. I would take that deal. The upside of diggs is too high to pass up. Help