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  1. I would make that move. I think the 3 headed beast in Green Bay is unpredictable Help
  2. which freeman do you this PPR? In ppr yes. in standard its closer. You have the depth to move hyde. you could use another good WR. help
  3. I was offered for my Devonta. Freeman- Alex Collins and L. McCoy 12 team league .2 ppr 20 man rosters My other backs-Fornette/Yeldon, Lynch, Crowell, to along with Freeman. Any thoughts on this deal? my initial gut is no because im trading the best player...
  4. I think this depends on Gordon or Alshon....if Gordon plays and Alshon doesn't then I go Agholor and vice versa...I go Agholor if both or neither play. help
  5. I think lynch and breida are close...this week I like lynch more vs browns....the thing with brieda is you don't know what losing his qb they get blown out more? as a passing back does he get more catches than runs going forward...I think its close between the two...I think lynch is healthy right now so I give him the edge. help
  6. TY and Sony... help
  7. I would hold tight...conner could have the gig all year and is a better option than both...I don't see bell coming back to pitt. help with mine
  8. I would be trading james white for Golden tate 10 team ppr league... WR TY Hilton, Brandin Cooks, Michael Crabtree, Sammy Watkins, Nelson Aghalor, Deshaun Jackson RB Kamara, Kareem Hunt, Mixon, White, Penny, Clement RB/WR- from options above there is a flex spot but my players above. to chose from.. will help with yours....
  9. So are those two runs earned or unearned by Gibson, it was an error advancing runners...
  10. Anyone starting him a 2 week start this week? Is this too risky of a move? Texas bats have been pretty strong lately.
  11. 18 tds and over 1000 yards last year players that suck don't do that even in the pats.
  12. JJ reddick and cauley stein for for my Kyrie Irving that one day one.