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  1. Insane. Clear top 3 pick in H2H point leagues.
  2. I've stashed this guy for the past 2.5 years, I just can't get rid of his upside. Hope this is the year!
  3. Is he a young Ryan Howard clone?
  4. Honeywell just got promoted to AAA
  5. Snell has some great pitches but I wouldn't be surprised if Honeywell would perform better in the majors right now. From my research he sounds like a very complete SP in the very near future. He's got 5 pitches.
  6. Move him to AAA or Matt Andriese's spot in the bigs.
  7. Think he will be up sometime this season? not sure who else may be in front of home besides Jose de Leon
  8. That's insane. Time for AAA
  9. Does not feel as smooth as the previous setup. Oh well.
  10. He's going to be in the mlb this year? Thought he's only on high A right now