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  1. The good news is that I don't think there's really a top-flight WR available via free agency, so the Jets could still spend all their money on Bell and I don't think it would have a huge impact on Anderson. Eventually, the Jets are going to need to upgrade their WR corps, but with them having another high pick this year, I think its more likely they invest in either the offensive or defensive lines.
  2. I almost don't blame Schefter since all signs leading up to the game, whether it was from the Rams and Gurley himself or those close to the team seemed to suggest that he'd be able to give it a go. I was legitimately surprised when the report came down that he was going to be inactive.
  3. A random thought, and of course, hindsight is 20/20 I think most of the people who picked up Anderson did so because they loved the matchup against a beleaguered Packers secondary and thought he'd have some success. Obviously, Anderson exceeded all expectations. I ultimately decided to stick with what I had at QB which was deciding between Jared Goff and Lamar Jackson. But wouldn't it stand to reason that if you liked Anderson, that you'd like Darnold for the same reasons and spot start Sam as well if you didn't have an elite QB1 option at QB? I didn't and it ultimately didn't cost me, but suffice to say that those extra 12 points that Darnold had would've provided some nice breathing room.
  4. As long as there is no rule against not fielding a full lineup, I have no issue with sitting a defense in the championship. Sit the Broncos D and enjoy your championship.
  5. Special thanks to Jared Goff (for most of the season), Todd Gurley, David Johnson, Mike Evans, & JuJu Smith-Schuster for being the core of my team. Thank you to Robby Anderson for a monster performance in a championship game spot start, now go smoke all the marijuana you'd like. You earned it.
  6. Alright, I'll tell my "cool story, bro" even though I'm well aware that nobody cares about my fantasy team. So my main league is my 10 team keeper league with my long-time friends. This was Year 12 of the league and I hadn't won despite generally having one of the better teams year in and year out. The years where I didn't have a competitive record are generally years where I knew by Week 4 the team was going nowhere and would sell off players for future picks. Year 2, I went 13-1 with most points and far and away the best team......lost in the semis. Won the 3rd place game and would've outscored every playoff team. Year 3, I went 12-2 with most points and while the top of the league was tighter that year, I had what was probably the best team......lost in the semis, thanks to this Brees dud - Won the 3rd place game and would've outscored every playoff team. Year 5, I was the #1 seed again......lost in the semis with my worst performance of the season. Won the 3rd place game and would've outscored every playoff team. I forget who my opponent had this year, but I was basically in a 60-0 hole after the Saturday games that week and never recovered. Year 7, we had mixed things up by now and expanded the playoffs to 6 teams. I got the bye and was the #2 seed and made it to the title game, and lost by less than a point. I forget the specifics, but I was streaming defenses that year and I think I rolled with Cincinnati most of the year and picked wrong between them and Cleveland since (I thought) one of them had a juicy matchup. They didn't and I lost again. Year 8, I was the #2 seed again and lost to a 7-6 team in the semis. To make matters worse, the team I lost to lost to a 6-7 team in the title game, giving that guy his 5th straight championship. Lost the 3rd place game as well for good measure. Year 10 was a weird year.....I was #1 in points but finished 7-6 and was the #5 seed. Played well enough to win in Week 14, lost by 8 points in the semis thanks to this dud of a performance by Kirk Cousins - Won the 3rd place game and would've outscored every playoff team. Year 11, same as most of the previous......#1 seed, #1 in points, lose in Week 15, won the 3rd place game and would've outscored every playoff team. This one really stung as it was my final season with David Johnson as a dirt-cheap keeper and he got hurt Week 1 and missed the rest of the season. (That's 5 Third Place Game dominant wins.....if I just have a little bit of luck in Week 15, I have what, 2-3 championships in that span? I get the best team doesn't always win, but at some point, the coin has to stop landing on heads every single time, no?) Year 12 AKA 2018 and a similar story to previous seasons. #1 seed, #3 in points. The core of my team all season was Garoppolo/Goff at QB, Gurley as the RB1, Evans/JuJu at WR, and Gronk at TE, with me filling in the rest week-to-week. I had Landry but traded him for Goff after the Garoppolo injury. I had Edelman, but traded him and a future pick for Le'Veon Bell. I had Connor, but traded him and a future pick for David Johnson (I wasn't sold on Connor.....I was wrong). I traded another future pick for Julio Jones. Started out 11-0, lost the final 2 regular season games, but still got a bye and the #1 seed. And then all the extra stuff happened.....Bell obviously never came back, Goff struggled, Gurley got hurt, JuJu got hurt, Julio got banged up. I got a little lucky in that the team I perceived to be the weakest was my Week 15 matchup, and even then I needed Lamar Miller getting injured to win. Fast forward to today and I started waiver add Robby Anderson at WR2, moved both Julio and JuJu to the flex spots, and inserted Jaylen Samuels for Gurley once he was ruled out. The championship game was opponent got a little lucky with the Titans defensive TD on the final play of the game, I got unlucky getting a zero from Gronk, but my guys did just enough and I held on during SNF to get Championship #1 The moral of the story being.....fantasy football is stupid, and I'm glad to have finally won a game that is skill-based Weeks 1-14 and mostly luck-based once the playoffs start.
  7. I think a couple trends you'll see on championship teams.....teams playing some combination of Robby Anderson, CJ Anderson, and JuJu Smith-Schuster being rewarded. I didn't have the guts to roll with CJ Anderson since he was on the street like 4 days ago, so it was harder on me than it needed to be, but I'm glad rolling with JuJu paid off in a major way. Like KD would say, "you the real MVP"
  8. Chicago actually went undrafted in my league.....I drafted Carolina and added Chicago after Week 1. So drafting defenses early still probably not a viable strategy
  9. Was fortunate enough to win my main league, the one I care the most about, even though Gurley was inactive, I left CJ Anderson on my bench, and Gronk posted a zero. Championship starting lineup QB - Goff RB - D. Johnson, J. Samuels WR - Evans, ROBBY %&$^*%* ANDERSON TE - Gronk (and his big fat zero) W/R - Team MVP JuJu Smith-Schuster W/R/T - Julio Jones K - Janikowski DEF - Bears
  10. Titans D going from 3 points to 13 in a span of about 5 minutes in real-time is up there in terms of all-time fantasy bad beats.
  11. I have JuJu so I'm thinking of going here for a Hail Mary dart throw should they rule him out. He's been getting more involved in the offense the last couple weeks and has shown a little big play ability. But that passing game is weird.....Eli Rogers is back, and Switzer and James are involved in the offense.
  12. I love JuJu and have him in my main league, but if he's not healthy, he's not healthy. Let's see if JuJu even travels with the team tomorrow.
  13. 6 pt pass TD, PPR, 10 teams. I felt really good about my chances entering the week, but injuries popping up at the worst time QB - Goff RB - Gurley, D. Johnson WR - Julio Jones, Mike Evans TE - Jaylen Samuels (thank you Yahoo TE eligibility) W/R - JuJu Smith-Schuster W/R/T - Robby Anderson K - Janikowski DEF - Bears Bench - Lamar Jackson, Gus Edwards, CJ Anderson, John Kelly, Tevin Coleman, Rob Gronkowski I'm leaning towards Goff over Lamar and I added both CJ Anderson and John Kelly to cover myself with the Gurley situation. If JuJu is out, I'll probably shift Anderson to the other flex and start Gronk, but JuJu's game is the later game on Sunday, so tomorrow would be key since Gronk has the earlier game (tomorrow being key in that, will JuJu travel to NO?). If Julio is out, that creates a whole other mess and I'm not sure what direction I'd go in to fix it. Since it's looking like Anderson is the Rams backup RB to own, I'd like to get James Washington if JuJu is out. And of course, it doesn't change the fact that some of those starts are just uninspiring.....Gronk, David Johnson, Goff! Ugh. I'm open to suggestions if people have any. Thanks.
  14. Was fortunate enough to snag Ware once I saw the news with Hunt and blocked the Hunt owner, who is probably going to be my main competition for a championship.