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  1. I was keyed in on the other late games so didn't see much of this one.....good to see Monty get more of the workload but 3.4 YPC isn't great and it took a TD to keep his day from being a disaster. That said, I still think he's clearly Chicago's best back. I just worry about Nagy coming up with goofy gameplans like Week 1 vs. Green Bay. Hopefully, we see a breakout performance against a Redskins D next week that gave up 111 to Zeke and over 200 on the ground in total.
  2. Agholor for sure, especially if Alshon/D-Jax miss time. Mostert looks like he has a role if Coleman continues to be out....heck, Jeff Wilson Jr. was getting goal line work for the 49ers and hit paydirt. Seems ridiculous to say Frank Gore, but he was outtouching Singletary before Singletary got nicked up. If they're gonna give Gore 20 carries...... DJ Chark if he's still available
  3. I completely agree and it's bad coaching like this where I can understand why Aaron Rodgers is surly and hates his coaches. He's probably tired of being surrounded by morons wasting what's left of his prime.
  4. I don't blame them for being frustrated but I think better days are ahead for Montgomery owners. Patience.
  5. Miller is going to be one of those guys who will have a couple big weeks, but a whole lot of mediocrity or worse mixed in where I don't think anyone would be comfortable spot-starting him. I think he's talented, but I don't trust their coach or QB where he's a consistent option in the passing game.
  6. I am concerned about Montgomery in the sense that I don't think Nagy is a particularly good coach and Trubisky stinks, so I'm concerned about a limited upside as well as gameflow getting away from him. I don't understand how Montgomery barely saw the field after his 27 yd reception, which was one of Chicago's biggest plays of the night on offense, let alone not touch the ball again afterwards. That's just poor coaching. I expect Tarik Cohen to get his simply from a PPR standpoint (and perhaps he's the only Bears RB worth playing at the moment until things change) with the dumpoff passes, but we saw too much of Mike Davis for our liking tonight.
  7. I think in 10 team leagues, you could potentially drop if there's another lottery ticket-type out there you want to gamble on, but I also understand the argument for wanting to hold for now. Obviously, McCoy's presence on the roster puts a damper on Thompson's immediate outlook. McCoy didn't get 3M guaranteed to NOT have some sort of a role in their offense. That said, McCoy hasn't played for Andy Reid in years, and while he might "know the offense", I'm sure there's a lot of nuances and whatnot that's changed where Shady might need a week or two to get up to speed, so perhaps Thompson could have some value Week 1. The bigger question is how long do you hold Thompson if that's your play. McCoy looked close to being washed last year and the Bills used a third round pick on his replacement, but KC is obviously a superior offense with massive upgrades across the board compared to Buffalo. If Shady is averaging close to 3 YPC again this year with better everything around him, maybe they reduce his role in the offense, but how long is that going to take where you tie up a roster spot with Thompson on your bench?
  8. Not good? Williams was very good late last year, but its also really his first taste of sustained NFL success in his 5th year in the league. Maybe he'll be really good again, but I'm just not comfortable taking Williams at his ADP when last year could very easily prove to be a fluke. I could see a committee situation here.
  9. I'm also playing in a 10-team league, which is why I think a 'I waited on a TE, I'll just roll with Goedert' strategy could be viable. If it works out, great. If it doesn't, someone should be available whether it's Rudolph, Olsen, Waller, whoever.
  10. His snap count went up as the season went along last year, and he also got some looks in the red zone. If all you're looking for out of the TE spot is that occasional TD, there are probably worse fliers to take. Ertz being on the roster limits his upside to an extent, but if you believe Goedert might be an elite talent that is being blocked, and I think he could be, its possible he could have some standalone value at fantasy's thinnest position. FWIW, the Eagles do use a lot of 12 personnel with two TE on the field, and Doug Pederson had hinted before that they might use even more of it this year. I think I would rather gamble on someone like Goedert late in a draft though, who should be on the field for 60%+ of snaps, is a matchup nightmare, and has an elite QB when healthy in Wentz rather than someone who is a TE1 on their own roster, in a worse passing offense with a worse QB and might be 'just a guy'.
  11. I took Thompson with my final pick amongst skill players before going kicker and defense, so figure Round 14-ish value (it was actually Round 12, but factoring in keepers, that probably bumps what should have been his ADP down roughly 25-30 picks). I'm not convinced Hyde makes the 53 and even if he does, he's not that good......nor am I convinced that Damien Williams was anything other than a flash in the pan late last season. I think Thompson is as worthwhile a flier as you'll find late in fantasy drafts and is worth a stash for now. Obviously, the Chiefs offense is as explosive as there is in the NFL.....just needs a road to opportunity.
  12. The good news is that I don't think there's really a top-flight WR available via free agency, so the Jets could still spend all their money on Bell and I don't think it would have a huge impact on Anderson. Eventually, the Jets are going to need to upgrade their WR corps, but with them having another high pick this year, I think its more likely they invest in either the offensive or defensive lines.
  13. I almost don't blame Schefter since all signs leading up to the game, whether it was from the Rams and Gurley himself or those close to the team seemed to suggest that he'd be able to give it a go. I was legitimately surprised when the report came down that he was going to be inactive.
  14. A random thought, and of course, hindsight is 20/20 I think most of the people who picked up Anderson did so because they loved the matchup against a beleaguered Packers secondary and thought he'd have some success. Obviously, Anderson exceeded all expectations. I ultimately decided to stick with what I had at QB which was deciding between Jared Goff and Lamar Jackson. But wouldn't it stand to reason that if you liked Anderson, that you'd like Darnold for the same reasons and spot start Sam as well if you didn't have an elite QB1 option at QB? I didn't and it ultimately didn't cost me, but suffice to say that those extra 12 points that Darnold had would've provided some nice breathing room.
  15. As long as there is no rule against not fielding a full lineup, I have no issue with sitting a defense in the championship. Sit the Broncos D and enjoy your championship.