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  1. James Connor

    I'd try to wait until tomorrow to see if Bell shows up. IF he doesn't, then I'd definitely make the move.
  2. I'd say Barber, closely followed by Alf. But right at this moment, I'd put James Conner as the highest upside guy out of everybody, until Bell actually shows up (not to be confused with the never-ending stream of "seriously, you guys, he's going to show up" reports).
  3. James Conner 2018 Outlook

    Seems like this guy should be getting more hype, despite the constant flow of "no, really, Bell is going to report. For reals this time. No, seriously" stories. Especially if you're just grabbing him as a free agent. Even if Bell does report, Conner will be involved.
  4. Alfred Morris 2018 Outlook

    I'd put Morris as an 8th round value currently. But with the news being so fresh, he likely goes in the 7th so an owner can look "shrewd".
  5. I'd take Morris over AP, Cohen or White...with White being the lowest ranked of that crew. Or drop Amendola, if you'd rather.
  6. 2018 "Cool Story, Bro!" Thread

    I am the most cursed person in the history of fantasy. Last season I owned Cook, Watson, Nelson, ODB, Reed, Woodhead. Now, an hour after our draft completes today, McKinnon sounds like he's done for the season. See my roster below, and avoid those guys like the plague.
  7. 2018 Kicker Ranking and Discussion

    I like Prater, which is why I drafted him. Guy can kick it a mile, plays for a team that can move the ball, but always struggles to put it into the end zone.
  8. Rate My Team!

    News that McKinnon has "suffered a concerning injury" are not exactly inspirational.
  9. Team is in signature, draft order is below. 10 team .5 PPR Redraft. Defense actually matters in the league. Drafted 9th Roster Round 1, Pick 9 (9th Overall) Odell Beckham Jr. NYG - WR Round 2, Pick 2 (12th Overall) Leonard Fournette Jax - RB Round 3, Pick 9 (29th Overall) T.Y. Hilton Ind - WR Round 4, Pick 2 (32nd Overall) Jerick McKinnon SF - RB Round 5, Pick 9 (49th Overall) Jarvis Landry Cle - WR Round 6, Pick 2 (52nd Overall) Royce Freeman Den - RB Round 7, Pick 9 (69th Overall) Emmanuel Sanders Den - WR Round 8, Pick 2 (72nd Overall) Kyle Rudolph Min - TE Round 9, Pick 9 (89th Overall) Los Angeles LAR - DEF Round 10, Pick 2 (92nd Overall) Kirk Cousins Min - QB Round 11, Pick 9 (109th Overall) Andrew Luck Ind - QB Round 12, Pick 2 (112th Overall) Duke Johnson Jr. Cle - RB Round 13, Pick 9 (129th Overall) Peyton Barber TB - RB Round 14, Pick 2 (132nd Overall) Mike Williams LAC - WR Round 15, Pick 9 (149th Overall) Carolina Car - DEF Round 16, Pick 2 (152nd Overall) Matt Prater Det - K
  10. Michael Kopech 2018 Outlook

    Hopefully Giolito can give him some pro tips on everything he did as a top prospect. So Kopech can do the exact opposite.
  11. I completed the following 2 trades in the past 24 hours. 12 team, 7 player keeper. How'd I do? GAVE: Castellanos, Manaea, Gonzales, Happ, Gibson, F. Vazquez GOT: Yelich, Bieber, Fiers, Duffy, Ross Since my team has fallen into 11th place, this basically works out to Castellanos for Yelich for my purposes. The other guy gets a nice SP bump as he competes for first. GAVE: Yelich, Flaherty, CarGo (Col), D. Rodriguez GOT: Bellinger, Holland, Bundy, Lucchesi Basically emptying what was left of my SP depth, and flipping Yelich for Bellinger. I realize Bellinger has been a disappointment this season, but I'm hopeful. Essentially it works out to Bellinger for Castellanos from my POV. The back-end of my keepers remain to be seen (mostly Moncada and Mazara). Hosmer remains my likely 7th keeper, which is a concern, but at least Bellinger has 1B/OF eligibility. And yes, I realize I have some horrendous pitching, That was not the point of these moves.
  12. Steven Souza 2018 Outlook

    Good thing he got that pinch hit whiff in yesterday.
  13. Robinson Cano 2018 Outlook

    His power has been down. These seem like Performance Decreasing Drugs.
  14. Franmil Reyes 2018 Outlook

    So, I can only assume that this guy is skipping MLB entirety and being ushered straight into the Hall of Fame.
  15. Vent & Rant Thread 2018

    Over the past 24 hours, I've had Castellanos, Cano, Beltre and Hill depart with injuries. I also started Darvish this past week. Roster is looking a bit like a logjam suddenly. Here's to hoping that Moncada is actually activated on Tuesday.