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  1. Listening to the album 13 by Black Sabbath, again. It's good. Not as good as their heyday (they're one of my favorite bands, so it would be quite the feat at this age), but still a super solid album.
  2. I listened to about half of Alice in Chains' new "The Devil Put Dinosaurs Here" on Friday. While I think they're one of the better comeback stories, so far a lot of the album sounds pretty similar...and, while William sounds a lot like Layne, you just cannot replace an icon.
  3. Currently listening to Metallica's day 2 performance at the Orion Music Festival
  4. "The Dream" by In This Moment. Maria Brink can kick your a**.
  5. At the moment, I'm listening to some Howard Stern. But "Wrath" by Lamb of God will melt your face.
  6. Still listening to Metallica's Death Magnetic. Love it. Puts that candyass hip hop crap that the cool metrosexual kids listen to to shame.
  7. Been listening to a lot of Disturbed's "Indestructible". It's good, not a lot different than your usual Disturbed album, but that's not a bad thing. Really dig the title track and "Criminal".
  8. Ahh...whoops...heh Yeah, I'm talking about Alpha. Next was a decent album as well, even though their record label dropped a giant deuce on it and didn't promote it at all.
  9. One of my favorite albums of the year. Good to see em back in form finally.
  10. I'm currently listening to Sevendust's "Ugly" on Octane 20 on my new Sirius Stiletto. I just got In This Moment's album last night and I really dig it. It's got the aggression that metal needs but most female fronted bands lack. High quality stuff.
  11. I haven't got anything new in a while. I do dig Mudvayne's new "Dull Boy", can't wait for the album. Lately it's been a mix of Machine Head, Slayer, DevilDriver and Black Label Society. Usually I'm just listening to Howard on Sirius, though.