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  1. He’s like a deer in the headlights. Daniel Jones would have given me a shot.
  2. If the Fantasy Gods can help Winston be an NFL QB in this 2nd half, I would appreciated it.
  3. Why the f is he holding unto the ball for so long? 930 game and my day is shot already.
  4. My last minute substitution of Gordon for Carson is as smart as eating gas station sushi.
  5. He did have have two very good games last. year against this same Chicago defense. He is currently in my starting lineup, but my confidence is not high.
  6. Has there been any talk of possibly delaying this game due to potential lightning strikes? KC homers, please keep us updated.
  7. This. I'm an owner who is excited about the prospect of holding a lottery ticket. Although, I cant start him this week.
  8. Just read the Pittsburgh has the second easiest schedule for RB based on last years defensive stats.
  9. 12 team league and considering Conner at 6 in my draft.
  10. CRAP!!! Thats the earliest I've heard he's gone.
  11. who would be the guy behind Giles in Toronto? My gut tells me his elbow may be a bit worse off than they are letting on.