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  1. Blount walking to locker cart, no guess is he is done for 1st half and 50/50 for second half
  2. Blount's injury looked minor...had a trainer rubbing his leg...He might be back in 2nd half...hard to say
  3. drop brainer for me
  4. Gurley even in an awful offense has the ability to break of a long run...
  5. Rawls and ware, if west is active rawls and Blount or Rawls and WR watkins in Flex
  6. DJ
  7. keeper league, I wouldn't do it, but if just for this season, I would..Eiffert steals a lot of Green's red zone targets this year
  8. (start 1 ) QB Big Ben and Carr (obviously starting Ben if he plays and Carr if he doesn't) (start 2) RB D Martin vs ATL, L Blount vs PHI, Langford vs SF, Matt Jones vs DAL (start 2) WR Dez Bryant @ WAS, Cobb @ DET, Watkins vs HOU, S. Johnson vs DEN, Bolden @CHI (start 1) TE Eifert @ CLE; Scott Chandler vs PHI (like Big ben above, if Eifert is healthy, he plays) (start 1) FLEX anyone RB, WR/TE above who isn't highlighted, right now leaning towards Watkins (start 1) K NYG Josh Brown vs NYJ (others on wire Jac, Pit, CIN, Oak) (start 1) D New England vs Philly (others on wire: WASH vs Cassil/DAL; MIA vs BAL subs) Anything you would do differently, or FA K or D you would grab and swap out, or just lock and load and cross fingers.. I JUST grabbed NYG kicker from a guy who dropped him for a bye week and he hasn't missed a kick and have been getting LOTS of points, as I had BAL-Tucker and when they lost their skilled players, I figured their scoring would take a hit..Just didnt think Eli would look that bad...didnt realize he was down 2 x O-linemen....
  9. Cobb for me; Adams cant catch and if lacy struggles early, Starks comes in...
  10. Steelers always go for 2. No XP attempts. good point
  11. Rank these Kickers for this week only: Myers (jac) vs TEN; Boswell vs IND; Josh Brown vs NYJ;
  12. thoughts on Boswell as a K ??? seems like he is on a high scoring offense
  13. Is Meyers worth grabbing over keeping say Josh Brown,NYG kicker? Just grabbed him off the scrap heap last week, as he didnt miss a kick all year and he gets me 2 E.P...I realize that is just dumb luck, but if the NYG offense looks that bad again that they cannot even get into or near the red zone, that equals no FG attempts.. NYJ defense isnt terrible, but eli manning sure looked bad last week against WASH...or is Washington D really that good all of a sudden... to my next question, would most of you feel comfortable this week starting NE defense vs Philly? I know Philly looked terrible on Thanksgiving, but the DET receiving core looked great and NE looks beat up..and Sam Bradford could make the Philly offense look much different than sanchez does... Wash. is available, as is Chicago.....Matt cassell is pretty bad... Is Wash a better play this week or worse than New England vs Philly ?? also what about Miami defense vs Baltimore set of replacement players ....any value there ??
  14. I have Blount and I need a big game from him, but honestly all the PATS WR's being injured really hurts him...If the other WR's cannot spread the field, they will likely use Bolden and James White more as receivers out of the backfield...leaving Blount on the bench...Is Amendola back already ? or still out?? Based on the chart, most should start Blount, but the injuries sure affect that spacing part....yet you have to weigh in on Denver run defense and overall defense vs Philadelphia defense and how poorly they have been playing recently.. They looked awful against Detroit (allbeit Detroit has an arrow pointing up since the Packer game and Philadelphia has an arrow pointing down)..... I really wanted to get David Johnson and would have started him, as my only other option is Langford for my RB2, so based on what I have, I really have to start Blount....He likely wont get LESS carries than Langford..... If I had Rawls, I would start him with confidence over Blount....Murray would depend on Ryan Matthews health...