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  1. Start 3 Fornette vs BUF Josh Adams vs NYG Lamar Miller vs TEN Gus Edwards vs Raiders (alex collins is out today)
  2. Do it.. 2 for for 1 are the way to go in that situation
  3. Dropped LeBron for Portis....not looking back !!! Choo choo
  4. I like the stats Yogi is putting up..was supposed to go away once Dennis Smith comes back, but it didnt...still had a good game next to Dennis... Seth Curry' s return will harm his value, but until Seth comes back, grab him and ride him...
  5. Should also mention one of the best defenses against Brady has always been to keep him off the field as many minutes as possible...... Meaning running the ball, or short doubt they will need to pass some in this game, but long, drawn out methodical drives favors Martin and Quizz both Getting the rock plenty...
  6. Yup...due to bye weeks, I also gotta start him....I would guess he gets no worse than 50% best 75% I think this is DM's backfield no matter what, but he is 2 years older than 2015 and Rb's have a steep drop off when they age.. I truly think the coach loves quizz, but all that means to me is that quizz solidified his role over the last 3 weeks over the likes of peyton barber, etc. In order to keep DM fresh, quizz could get 50% carries tonight, and 20% the rest of the season of the running plays...similar to Chris Johnson last year when david Johnson needed a drink of h2o... If DM is on his A game, he could also inherit a few passing downs to take away from Sims.... Pats defense is bad, Bucs defense is hurt...should be a lot of fantasy points tonight for everyone !!! I would not want to start either defense tonight.... now because I said score will be 6 to 3 !!!
  7. Clement is an upgrade over Smallwood He balled at UW...he is ready for an audition...meaning he is reeeeal good at the game of foosball:)