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  1. Allen Robinson 2016 Season Outlook

    ...and pretty sure Hopkins had a different qb last year throwing to him... I would guess that Tennessee is a similar defense to last year,..a few different players, sure....but still a lot of the same players and coaches... But I think you can safely compare arob/bortels vs Tennessee 2015 vs potential 2016 numbers a LOT more than Hoyer/Hopkins 2015 vs osweiler/Hopkins 2016.... That isn't even the same qb !!!!
  2. Allen Robinson 2016 Season Outlook

    Drafted him ahead of TY Hilton and Brandon he is my #3 wr ...yikes...with his past numbers vs Tennessee I am starting him in flex and crossing my fingers....
  3. Jeremy Langford 2016 Outlook

    Bears do have some better matchup after their bye....Are we forgetting that the first few games were a total mess...that is when Cutler and Langford struggled..the team did better with Hoyer and Howard, but when Hoyer went down, they struggled again.... I have a feeling that the repoire between Cutler and Langford gives them the best chance....which isn't a great chance...but they had some yardage success last year when Forte was out running the Cutler/Langford connection. Langford was money last year catching screen passes all day long...He has the repoire with Cutler as a safety valve and the other 2 don't yet... They are struggling bad enough at present to give Cutler/Langford another try IMO..... My hunch is Langford starts either this week, or for sure week 10.... Anyone who has Langford maybe should hope he doesn't start, as whomever does will likely struggle against Purple Rain D!!!