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  1. Who wins this trade in a 12 team, redraft, h2h categories league: Side A receives: Laureano, Alex Gordon Side B receives: Didi, Fiers
  2. Who wins this trade in a 12 team, h2h, redraft categories league: Side A receives: Senzel, Luzardo, Cease, and Didi Gregorius Side B receives: DeJong, Hiura, CTaylor, Plesac leave your questions here!! Ill answer them!
  3. thanks man. answered yours. anyone else?
  4. Thanks for your input on mine. Didi for Donaldson for sure
  5. Who wins this trade: Side A receives - Bryant Didi and Schwarber Side B receives - Snell, Yates, Mercado Side A needs hitting Side B needs pitching and SB 12 team league, h2h league, redraft LEAVE YOUR QUESTIONS HERE!
  6. ROS - in a 12 team, redraft, h2h categories league, who ya got? Schwarber or Chavis? my only 2B is Moncada and he is banged up but Schwarber been on fire! Thoughts? leave questions with your response
  7. I get: CSeager and Edwin Encarnacion i give: Snell Current pitchers are Glasnow on DL, Tehran, Davies, Odorizzi, Price, Lester, Wheeler. H2h categories league, redraft. Leave your questions and ill help
  8. Need to add a hitter, so many on the DL! Including Gallo and HDozier who do i add? Leave your questions here. Dont need any stat in particular. 10 team, redraft, categories league: - RNunez - Didi - Domingo Santana (dropped today) - Swanson Let me know what you think!
  9. Thanks for the help everyone. I answered everyones who posted. Check your threads. If anyone else has an opinion, let me know and post your questions. By the way. I pulled the trigger and acquired Bryant and Meadows
  10. Id honestly keep what you have. Boyd and Wheeler are mediocre at best with good K rates. But Snell is a cy young for a contending team and Conforto will turn it on soon, patience is key. love Dozier, have him on my team. Just dont think youre getting enough in return. Thanks for help with mine
  11. I like Bregman and Machado side more to be honest. Id pull the trigger. Chavis already starting to come back down to earth thanks for the help with mine
  12. Get Turner 100% thanks for the help with mine
  13. Yes. Get JoRam help with mine?
  14. Leave your questions here! Ill answer them
  15. who wins this trade? side A gets: KBryant and Meadows Side B gets: Springer (DL) and CSeager redraft, h2h, categories league.
  16. Thanks for the help Johnny! Anyone else?
  17. Thanks Bobby. Braun has been playing well recently but concerned about his durability and him keeping up his production over the past 2 weeks