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  1. The Mid-West Hockey League is 50 games into our third season. But with any league we find franchises & owners who just don’t cut it, or they lose interest. We have one at least one open Franchise. We need to fill this ownership with a good quality owner. There will be a Dispersal Draft between the Clearfield Bison & the Long Beach Ice Dogs Rosters. (Already may have filled one new owner). If you are interested please fill out a Franchise Applications for the Mid-West Hockey League The Mid-West Hockey League – is an Auction Draft & Salary cap to determine player salaries & contracts. Salaries of players increase each year, however the cap does not. Restricted Free Agency at Auction for all players you owned. We have 19 of 20 Active Franchises in the League. We need to fill the ownership of the Long Beach Ice Dogs. Commissioner - John “Stray” Corrado runs a couple of Crazy Deep Computer Baseball Leagues – the Mid-West Baseball League (MWBL) & Mid-West Winter League (MWWL). I have been the Commissioner of both leagues for over 20+ Years. I work for Major League Baseball doing Statcast technology & Pitch F/x during the summer. I also have two Hockey Leagues – the Mid-West Hockey League & the Mid-West Old Tyme Hockey League.