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  1. Get rid of LaMarcus Aldridge. I hope San Antonio can get CP3. It would make them so dangerous.
  2. Oh wow, I tied for first? I didn't even realize. That means I got first in both the roto and H2H summer mocks. Too bad my money league teams never do this well lol. Thanks for doing this and following up every year, guys. I think the summer mocks are something special rotoworld does that you can't really get elsewhere.
  3. I'm going to take a fairly positive view. They didn't really need Pat Bev for offense to begin with, and he wasn't really scoring very many points. Eric Gordon and Lou Williams seem very similar. Pat Bev, however, offers the rockets some defense. So whereas he might lose a couple minutes, I think he has a better chance of keeping production up to about where it has been, versus Eric Gordon who is now kind of redundant and probably will lose some production to Lou.
  4. Historically he has shot FT's better. I'm hoping it will go a bit higher. Not the worst FT shooter, but definitely will hurt you a bit.
  5. loving his efficiency. Monster assist to turnover ratio!
  6. 1/9 from the field, 1/5 from the line. Looks like he was the JR Smith the Cavs needed to win after all.
  7. No, J.R. Smith to brick 8 treys in an important game. Shumpert will have to pick up the slack and miss a bunch of shots.
  8. My favorite thing about this guy is his help in FT%. Really good FT shooter on decent volume. Underrated in that cat imo
  9. Rotoworld is still sore that Bev is beasting, that one guy was soooo negative on him.
  10. Love his low TO's, especially considering how hard it is to get assists. Loving his production!
  11. He's not that sneaky...anyone with eyes can see him doing this every night...
  12. Don't look now but he's almost above 40% FG's on the season. I honestly never thought he'd get there.
  13. His FT% should go up to around 80%. He's a career 80%+ shooter, but remember he's only played in 6 games this year, so missing 3 FT's impacts his averages a lot. I expect it to normalize to 80%+ once he gets back into the swing of things.
  14. Loving the efficiency of his first game back. Except FT%, everything else looks pretty good.