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  1. This sucks so much. We all held onto him because we were promised "second half Rubio", second half comes and the guy is crap. Just gotta hope he has a strong last couple of weeks.
  2. I'd urge caution on rash moves involving the God. He just came back from injury and is playing low minutes. As we all know, he is untradable...this season. Next season he's an expiring deal. I think we'll see something at the end of the year like we saw with Brook Lopez on the Lakers last year. They will play Bazemore pretty heavily the last 10 games or so of the season to showcase him for a possible summer move. I think he could be a nice ace up your sleeve last week or two of the season.
  3. If Valanciunas gets 30+ minutes a night he's going to be a revelation for fantasy teams. I'm so excited.
  4. What settings do you play with where 1.5/1.5/1 isn't useful? 8 team league?
  5. H'es back! Bazed god giveth. He will end up top 75 at the end of the year. Don't let a bad game here and there shake your faith. Currently rank 70 in 9 cat (BBM). If you drop, you'll regret it.
  6. What I got from reading this whole exchange is that both of you have the hots for Vucevic.
  7. Most of that was one bad shooting night. Nothing to see here. He had 4 steals tonight. His shot will fall soon enough. He’s still shooting a great fg% on the year. All hail the bazed god.
  8. You can't concentrate on a day or a week. Towns's strength is in his season-long contributions. If he doesn't miss a single game, he will return top 5 value. If you switch scoring to "total" vs. "per game" Towns is already ranked 7th. Once he puts together a couple weeks of strong games his season-long value will rise higher. You have to think of the long term with towns. I wouldn't want him in H2H, but in roto he is as elite as advertised.
  9. I played him in two leagues last night and benched him in two others. Such a mistake. Never underestimate the Bazed God.
  10. I'm not very worried. The stocks are still there. His minutes might be down to last year's, which is a bit of a bummer. But he still put up great value last year. I'm still expecting him to be top 80. It's rare to land a guy near the bottom of the draft who will get you over a steal and about a block per game. He'll get hot again at some point too and have some good games.
  11. Houston’s not touching his 18 million dollar contract. Dude is a Hawk at least for this year. We’ll see next year when he’s an expiring contract.
  12. Rotoworld yesterday: No one on the Hawks can guard Durant. Bazemore last night: hold my beer. Kevin Durant: 39% shooting. Bazemore: beautifully efficient line with a nice steal sprinkled in.
  13. I think it's sustainable. He knows the role his team wants him to play and he is playing that role. People forget that Brook Lopez is a very good player. If it were 15 years ago he'd be the centerpiece of a team to build around. There's a reason he was able to pick up 3-point shooting so well. He's highly competent and that will help him continue to produce. 2.5-3 3PG and 1.5-1.8 BPG is doable. And that's going to be 4-5th round value on the year. Not much that would get me to move him to be honest.
  14. Offer up your prayers and he will answer them. He's within the top 60, and as his FT% continues to rise and his TO's go down a little bit, he will probably end up top 50. Never underestimate the power of a god.
  15. Just came here to say that Brook Lopez is 5th in 3's made per game and 11th in blocks per game. That's absolutely huge. What a stud. He's also risen to within the top 40 according to BBM. He's going to be on a ton of championship teams this year, considering most of us got him in rounds 7, 8, or 9. Awesome.
  16. My fear is his efficiency will fall. It would be nice to get more blocks and 3's though. Can't complain about someone who's killing it though.