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  1. Made zero sense for Jansen not to start with the tenth Or at least come in to face Rendon their best hitter. So stupid
  2. Anyone see why gregirious left game? Hbp by kershaw where
  3. You mean giving all fantasy owners the finger 🖕 eh
  4. Same did they say? I just had game off
  5. They haven't said much. Just he seems to have hurt himself running first to third. Maybe a small tweak. He didn't seem in pain. I'm hoping for good news
  6. Why did mondesi come out of the game? Injury or other?
  7. I watched live. See above. Hopefully good news when report comes in.
  8. Looked like either hyper extended slightly when he jammed on breaks in run down. So likely a knee sprain. Hopefully nothing worse. Maybe a 10 day IL? Don't know yet. all Segura fault for not running out a pop up
  9. Machado taken out because the game is out of hand or injury?
  10. What's the deal in the Cubs reds game. Will it be called? Will Castillo go back out
  11. Total illegal helmet shot that wasn't called by defense on his elbow or wrist
  12. anyone know why tim anderson left the game? Injury? Other?
  13. Who had wrist injury? Suarez or shaw?
  14. Why did Suarez get double switched?
  15. Is the dodgers Cubs game cancelled yet?
  16. Plus 1 here. Wtf against the pitcher and Rosario top in this inning
  17. Any one know why Tanaka left after only 75 pitches. They didn't let him face degrom and Rosario. Ugh
  18. Ugh such high hopes. He only struck out 2 in the first inning. He couldn't put away the SS who is hitting .114 or either the pitcher batting for himself for a strikeout in the second inning. 98-99 should have easily strikeout a pitcher but he was between 92-95. Very concerning.
  19. Was darvish hurt or easing him back? Maybe his energy level is still low?
  20. Anyone else starting him tonight. ESPN Daily matchups has his game score pretty high at 59. Second highest on today's lighter schedule
  21. What happened with Herrera. Why did he get taken out?