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  1. You also have to factor in the PR Circus that would follow the signing. That would probably eliminate the Bears or any high profile team. Hunt being a Ohio native maybe thought joining the Browns would be the easiest path to resurrecting his career.
  2. I guess someone had to replace Gordon on the suspended list. It wouldn't feel like a Browns team without it.
  3. It was a 16 team league. My first picks were LeVeon Bell and Jerick Mckinnon. I'm surprised I was able to win 2 weeks.
  4. I just checked and the only Players i saw more than once were Jamal Williams and Baker Mayfield. Whaaa?
  5. Don't be surprised to see the Saints switch it up offensively. Keuchly seemed to know the Saints plays before they even happened. I think there was some talk about it last night too. Maybe that means more Ingram or second recievers. But then again, maybe they want to keep it vanilla till the playoffs.
  6. That was me last night and most of today. But strangely enough this is how I'm feeling now:
  7. Looks like Payton not kicking a field goal in the final minutes for a 6 point lead screwed a few people over.
  8. I think there's always talk of players to target around the trade deadline with an emphasis on looking towards the playoffs weeks. If I remember right, Cam was talked about as being one of those guys. So you never know.
  9. Which kicker would give the best chance to outscore the Saints D by 4 points? Seems like I would need a shootout for Lutz to win vs a blowout by the Panthers for Cantanzaro to win. Not sure if either of those are in the cards. Dang you Ka'imi Fairbairn!
  10. Personally I'll be happy when Ware comes back just so that when someone says D Will people can stop asking which one?