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  1. I think we just see it every year. WR with all the raw skills but not able to do much in their first year. He's worth a shot on your roster though. I think you should have a good idea of how they plan on using him after week 2.
  2. It's just really hard to trust rookie WRs in their first year, especially ones as raw as Mecole. They'll probably find ways to get the ball in his hands, but I'm not sure he'll be start worthy this year. For comparison, Tyreek's first year: 62/593/6 Recieving 24/267/3 Rushing He'll probably be a gimmick play/long bomb guy until Tyreek gets back.
  3. Can they review that roughing the kicker penalty too?
  4. Looks pretty fast to me. That cut is vintage Shady.
  5. Not bad for being there only one week. Atleast we know Lesean's floor now.
  6. Someone check Joe Haden for a concussion. He just got run over by the Gordon train.
  7. Seems like an odd strategy. Why week 6-8? Why not just wait till week 10 if he is trying to save himself for next year. Can anyone give any significance into week 6-8? Whoever is giving him contract advice should probably be fired.
  8. The only leverage that Gordon has right now is if Ekler and JJ look horrible or get injured. Holding out till week 8 will probably not end well.
  9. To be fair, for Josh Gordon, every week he's not injured is an "expected" to suit up week.
  10. The hope here for Edelman and all the receivers is that AB elevates the pass game as a whole and makes everyones targets more efficient. The biggest hit is probably White though. 123 targets is not going to happen again for him this year. It may drop to around 75. Add in Gronks 72 targets and you may be able to sustain AB without a huge drop to Edelman with AB getting around 110-120 targets. The hope is that Brady can bring his TD total from 29 to above 40 and everyone might be ok.