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  1. the only reason i watched. *kevin sorbo yelling*
  2. Baltimore really didn't deserve to win that game. That said, neither did Los Angeles.
  3. Crazy, this actually turned into a decent game.
  4. The weekly pronunciation of "Maher" is whats really getting to me.
  5. The baltimore offense is ugly. Flacco gonna be entering the game at this rate.
  6. Ya I already read that one, still doesn't make him a smart guy.
  7. I didn't say he can't be a smart guy. I said he wasn't one. I mean, for this game, I think the latter is what matters. All that said, I don't know how much intelligence actually affect football ability, but considering being QB involves a lot of decision making,.. it probably affects it at least a little bit.
  8. I say this because he got a 13 on the wonderlic and his teammates can barely understand what he's saying.
  9. o god, that hurns injury. I really hope that was just his foot popping out of his shoe.
  10. Now why isn't anderson available in DFS on fanduel and draft?!