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  1. I'm gonna get shirts made if the giants actually win this game. This is such an amazingly pathetic effort by New England. Refs practically handing them this game, half the giants injured. And the score might be tied at half time. Incredible.
  2. robert kraft and rupert murdoch. great friends. great guys.
  3. HEY!! EVERYBODY!!!!! sells a watch that tells time.
  4. I wanna play in your league if you can convert that into an RB1.
  5. PIT, MIA, NYJ, BUF, WAS, NYG is anyone really surprised? They've had the easiest schedule in the league to start the season.
  6. He caught the ball, he pulled it into his body. He had possession, he dropped it before his knee touched the ground. Its a fumble. No question. The only question is how much these refs are gonna try and help the patriots cheat their way to a victory.