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  1. Rafael Devers 2017 Outlook

    I guess we'll see, but if Devers is sent back down then it seems the call-up was leverage to get the Nunez deal completed.
  2. Anthony Rendon 2017 Outlook

    I think you answered your own question - probably when Dusty puts down the tooth pick. Or, in other words, never.
  3. Zach Godley 2017 Outlook

    He has a 3.24 FIP and a 3.29 xFIP against his 3.09 ERA. Decent strikeout and walk rates. BABIP and HR rate seems on the low side, but he has a decent GB rate and doesn't scream to me regression.
  4. Eduardo Rodriguez 2017 Outlook

    One of those rare occasions where I'd be really happy to see a guy throw a gem from my bench.
  5. Joc Pederson 2017 Outlook

    Bench. Again.
  6. Joc Pederson 2017 Outlook

    As a Pederson owner, is it wrong to be disappointed that he looks to be avoiding the DL? Probably means deep down I know that I should finally cut bait...
  7. Michael Conforto 2017 Outlook

    I don't have the stats to back this up, but say with a very high degree of confidence that 99.65% of "bit of hamstring tightness, but don't worry" reports have turned into DL stints this season. That's even ignoring that it's the Mets as RoadApple points out above...
  8. Chris Owings 2017 Outlook

    Another 3 starts (or 5 appearances) according to the Position Eligibility tracker thing in Yahoo.
  9. Joc Pederson 2017 Outlook

    Starting against a leftie today (8th spot). Good chance for him to show he can do something, given it's at the Rockies and a LHP who isn't exactly top tier.
  10. Joc Pederson 2017 Outlook

    So much for the chance against lefties. Benched today.
  11. Carlos Gomez 2017 Outlook

    Ouch. Carlos Gomez departed Tuesday's game against the White Sox after jamming his left shoulder while sliding into third base following a triple. The Rangers don't think the injury is serious, so it sounds like his exit was precautionary. However, Gomez will be re-evaluated on Wednesday and we should know more about his status then. The fiery outfielder is having a nice spring so far, going 11-for-32 at the plate with three home runs.
  12. Junior Guerra 2016 Outlook

    He's only been the minors since about Mid-2015 for his current stint. He's hasn't been an MLB system for 7 YEARS. Basically all of his prime years... When he signed, he was a starter..at the end the WSox were going to turn him into RP.. Until the Brewers claimed him on waviers and tried him back out as a starter. So we don't have a ton of track record to go off of. But, yes he's been getting healthy K% for the one year he's been around.. I've never really looked too much into his Indy League/Itainlan league/Venezuelan Winter League numbers after he was released by the Mets back in 2008. Safe to assume he's a complete different pitcher than he was when the Mets released him 8 years ago. Not sure it' safe to assume anything with the Mets. In fact, this makes me more positive that he is legit!