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  1. No he isn't. This was from their last preseason game this past thursday
  2. Man, starting to fear for his long-term health at this point. Dude is getting broken yearly
  3. Worst team in the NFL this season IMO
  4. That is correct. Tretter has looked fantastic with the starters this preseason as well. Both guys are good and it's a nice luxury that GB has. Losing Sitton or Lang would be more disastrous for Lacy
  5. The Hackenberg pick in RD2 was one of the funniest moments in the draft for me. I don't get what teams are watching when it comes to some of these players
  6. Not much you can really gauge from preseason vs defenses that aren't scheming at all but Dak's poise in the pocket is apparent. He doesn't look overwhelmed. He's made a handful of good passes but has also gotten a ton of easy ones by design. Cowboys have done a good job of giving him time with the starting OL so he has had a clean pocket on a lot of his throws and they've done well designing plays to get him easy throws to open receivers. The couple back-shoulder stuff to Dez and the deep bomb to Williams are the standout throws I've seen from him this preseason. The rest of the stuff hasn't told us much though tbh And to think, if the Cowboys had their way, they wouldn't have even had Dak. Wasn't he their 3rd QB they wanted after Lynch/Cook?
  7. Packers love attacking outside the numbers so needless to say it'll be a nice boost to have a receiver who can do things like this Rodgers certainly missed having that go-to-guy he can throw it up to and trust to make the play despite coverage.
  8. His combine weight was to help him run the 40 faster. Dude was playing his rookie season anywhere from 235-240 lbs. story during his rookie season right when training camp was about to begin
  9. He is very clearly and noticeably thinner than where he was at the end of last season. He was carrying way more fat on his stomach as well as his face and his arms look more toned/cut than last season. Here's an easy way to see the difference he's made this offseason. His face alone shows how much fat he was carrying last year compared to this year Here's Lacy after the playoff loss in January Here he was last weekend during the botched HOF game
  10. Found the guy who painted the field
  11. Had a 25 consecutive scoreless streak so you could say he was unfortunately due for a clunker. Bad time in that he was just given closer duties. Still don't see them yanking him from the role. Look at the rest of their pen
  12. He's definitely had the stuff to be a closer(look at his MiLB strikeouts). Issue his first few years in the majors was command of his slider. He's apparently changed grips this year on his slider which has worked wonders.
  13. They have scored the most runs in MLB in July they are swinging pretty hot bats this month
  14. Not uncommon to see something like this tbh. Tendonitis stinks but it could have been a lot worse.
  15. Mike Garafolo Verified account ‏@MikeGarafolo Jordy Nelson said he's on PUP because he tweaked his other knee while working out. "It's not the ACL. No one needs to freak out." Rob Demovsky ESPN Staff Writer Jordy Nelson said he had a "hiccup" with his other knee, not the ACL knee. He said Week 1 is not in jeopardy but doesn't know when he'll practice in camp. Ryan Wood ‏@ByRyanWood now3 seconds ago Nelson said non-ACL-related, left-knee injury happened while working out this offseason. Doctors told him injury not related to right ACL.