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  1. Josh Hader 2018 Outlook

    Recognizable sure but hasn't played on a big stage like this yet in his career. More viewers tuning into the all-star game than your standard Brewers games And yeah, you'd think after this keeps happening EVERY YEAR, agents and players(especially younger ones) would already have gotten advice on this kind of thing. Either have somebody comb through your account for this kind of thing or simply delete your account and create a new one
  2. Josh Hader 2018 Outlook

    That's how it always is with these things. We see this every year, usually during the NFL draft, NBA draft, big playoff games etc when the spotlight is on these guys
  3. Josh Hader 2018 Outlook

    His explanation was even worse IMO.
  4. 7/17 - 2018 ALL-STAR GAME

    Astros teeing off on Dodgers pitching. We sure this isn't October?
  5. 2018 NBA Offseason and Free Agency Thread

    Kings don't own their 2019 1st rd pick lol
  6. 2018 NBA Offseason and Free Agency Thread

    I'd expect the Kings to waive one of Davis/McLemore, perhaps even both, which would explain them receiving cash considerations as part of the trade.
  7. Davante Adams 2018 Season Outlook

    This is the worst player outlook thread on the forum. This gonna be over 100 pages before the season even begins lol
  8. Taylor Ward - C/3b Anaheim

    I'm hoping the Angels cut bait with Kinsler at the trade deadline, either via trade or just DFA him. Let Fletcher man 2B and bring Ward up to play 3B for the last 2 months of the season
  9. 2018 "Deep" Sleepers

    Promoted to Triple-A
  10. NBA Summer League 2018 Discussion Thread

    Kings really gonna end up drafting the 2nd best big from that Duke team lol
  11. Harry Giles 2018-2019 Season Outlook

    WCS just doesn't get it. He absolutely refuses to accept the type of role his skillset is best suited for and is obsessed with trying to be something he isn't. He wants to be some offensive superstar big like KAT or Porzingis(he compared his game to them last season) when that simply isn't the player he is. He should be a beast defensively but there is just no desire on that end of the floor by him because he's so focused on trying to score points. Giles already looks far more active on the defensive end of the floor. He's also got more natural skill on the offensive end. I'm with you, I don't think it's long until Giles starts playing over him. He might be a better option than WCS already. The only caution here is that Giles' passion probably needs to be reigned in a bit. He's been flying all over the place on defense so far in SL but he's been racking up a lot of fouls in the process. Could be a thing where, in his rookie season, he may struggle with foul trouble which will limit his minutes. Minutes may be limited anyway too considering it's his first full season after rehabbing all those knee injuries, though nobody in the Kings org has yet to say whether that'll be the case with Giles this season
  12. De'Aaron Fox 2018-2019 Season Outlook

    He won't be playing SL in Vegas so that 1 game a few days ago was all you'll see of him until preseason. It all starts with his shot. If his perimeter shooting improves this season, then that'll open up the rest of his game to another level. One thing is for sure, he definitely added more muscle to his frame this offseason. That should help him finish through contact at the rim better than he did last season
  13. NBA Summer League 2018 Discussion Thread

    Bagley was trash too. Kings and Hawks gonna look back wondering why the hell they passed on Doncic/JJJ
  14. Peter Alonso 1b NYM

  15. Nick Senzel- 3B Reds

    Great. Now he'll start next season rotting away in Triple-A again for the first few months of the season