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  1. Always felt his comp player wise was Carlos Santana, so this slump doesn't sour things for me regarding him. That that his BA has dropped more to his talent level, he can heat back up again pls and thx
  2. Chicago's front 7 is the best in the league IMO.
  3. Personally, I wouldn't touch any Packer WR/TE other than Davante. Very weak group overall. MVS definitely has the most talent among the bunch but as a 2nd yr raw WR drafted in the 5th rd, expect a lot of inconsistency.
  4. Not sure we see him up at all
  5. 18 yr old in High-A ball who has more XBH than strikeouts and more walks than strikeouts. That sounds pretty fun to me for those lucky enough to own him in dynasty leagues
  6. Start #2 in Triple-A was quite good 6 IP, 2 H, 2 ER, 0 BB, 7 K
  7. Buddy said his main focus this offseason was working on ways to draw more fouls and get to the foul line more. Don't know if that'll materialize but the dude has got a legendary work ethic. I actually think Walton as coach is a boon for him overall. Dude will jack up even more 3's this season IMO.
  8. Held onto Stanek for weeks waiting for him to finally get any save opps with the Marlins and the end result is him blowing 2 saves in the past few days
  9. Well that should be a wrap for his season
  10. Wade Davis after reclaiming that closers job with Oberg on the IL
  11. Walking Jorge Alfaro takes quite some talent
  12. From the games I've seen, I can recall 2 instances of bad luck in this regard. First one was when he had an easy SB taken away because the HP ump accidentally made contact with the catcher as he was gearing up to make the throw to the base. Ump basically called the play dead and sent Bichette back to 2B. He also had a SB taken away on the dreaded "momentum carried him off the bag for a split second and the 2B kept the glove on him so it got overturned on replay" situation
  13. Yep. The reports on Bo were always about him being a plus hitter with plus power at full maturity and that's exactly what I expect from him at his peak.