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  1. Sosh MOY
  2. Angels beat the Yankees twice there.
  3. Teams performing better than I envisioned 1. Twins 2. Dbacks 3. Rockies 4. Angels 5. Brewers I thought the Twins would finish last in their division and I had the Dbacks in 4th in their division. Rockies were a team I thought could be a sneaky wildcard team so them playing well isn't too surprising, but them playing THIS well certainly is. They're one of the 5 best teams in MLB right now. Angels being .500 at this point makes no sense. Going into the season I saw them as a team that could sneak into the WC discussion but that fizzled quickly when the injuries struck. They have little depth as it is so any key injuries would likely torpedo them. Fact they are 1 GB of the WC and sitting at .500 right now with their ace, #2 starter, closer, and now obviously Trout out is a surprise. Still got a few more weeks without Trout but if they can stay at or around .500 in his absence that'll be amazing. Teams doing worse than I envisioned 1. Cubs 2. Giants 3. Indians Really no reason for that Cubs roster to be under or at .500 at this point in the year. Giants being one of the worst teams in MLB speaks for itself and the Indians haven't really taken off in a division where you figured they'd dominate it
  4. I get that but it would be some crazy kind of setback if this injury keeps Trout out until September.
  5. He'd be back much earlier than that. Andrelton Simmons had the same injury last year and needed the surgery and only missed 30 days
  6. You just know players from each team were rushing the field and once they started getting near the fight they sort of slowed down because nobody wanted to be that first guy to get in between those 2 large humans MIFers all just sort of slowing to a jog so somebody else can get there first
  7. Me thinks Strickland isn't very popular with his team mates right now after that. It's been a bit of a rough start for the Giants this year and you are losing 2-0 and Strickland takes it upon himself to get revenge on a guy who owned him 3 yrs ago during a playoff run - a playoff run that ended in a WS title for the Giants anyway. Posey looking like a frustrated dude who knows he's probably gonna end up getting beaned in retaliation for Strickland's nonsense
  8. Best part of this is by far Samardzija and Morse colliding into each other at the end of this.
  9. A fractured thumb would not have been season-ending. Timetable for that would have likely been 6 weeks
  10. Not out of the woods yet though. I'd expect him to have an MRI done tomorrow and have a better idea of the injury. Gotta hope it's not the dreaded torn ucl in the thumb injury. That would knock him out for a month
  11. Pujols swinging as Trout gets a huge jump on what would have been an easy SB. That's at least 4 SB that Pujols has cost Trout this year. He's on the HR pace for 40+ but hard to keep that SB pace with Pujols robbing him of some
  12. Angels would for multiple reasons. Main one though is that it would be financial suicide by Arte and the FO to trade their lone star attraction to their cross-town rivals. They got tickets to sell after all.
  13. Visiting the Broncos tomorrow
  14. I think their draft ended any Charles to GB talks. Actually like the 2 backs they got late and paired with Ty it gives them a nice combination of guys who offer different skillsets.
  15. Would have rather taken Conley but I get why the Titans passed with the obvious cloud hanging over him there Lynch dominating day 1 as Niners GM caught me off guard lol. Niners crushed it