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  1. Trill era is upon us
  2. Upcoming draft is stacked at the RB position. MAkes little sense to give millions to aging RB's who have had significant knee injuries in their past I think GB will look to re-sign Lacy. MAybe a 1yr deal benefits both. Lacy/Montgomery/draft pick to fill out the RB group makes a lot of sense
  3. Me too. High 5
  4. Falcons 30 Seahawks 23 Steelers 24 Chiefs 17 Patriots 28 Texans 10 Packers 31 Cowboys 28
  5. Shields and Randall were inactive for that game. They're basically in the same situation now except switch RAndall with Rollins likely being out this week
  6. Didn't he put up 55 yards vs that same secondary earlier this season?
  7. Over the course of the season, absolutely.
  8. Secondary is awful. Injuries and just bad play. No hope for that group the remainder the yr. Glad GB made it in because hey, anything can happen and they were buried after that WAshington loss. Showed a lot of character from the team and reflects well on McCarthy and his staff to keep this team's spirit up. Good news is that the NFC and the NFL as a whole really isn't great this year. No real dominant teams IMO. Teams with worse defenses have gotten hot at the right time and found a way to get to the SB and even win(08 Cards and 11 Giants....CArds didn't win but got there). Formula for GB is Rodgers continuing to play like a wizard and for the maligned defense to keep nabbing an INT or a fumble to stop drives. Not the ideal formula but it's possible and better to be in the dance than not
  9. Rodgers went 31 TD 4 INT to Brady's 28 TD 2 INT during same span FYI(pass TD's) and did it against much tougher competition. Brady faced the worst competition in the NFL this year SOS wise and actually had a good run game to rely on(as well as a great defense). Rodgers had no run game and a poor defense
  10. Texans 21 Raiders 13 Steelers 30 Dolphins 20 Seahawks 24 Lions 16 Packers 27 Giants 19
  11. According to latest NBA update (through Dec 20), DeMarcus Cousins technical foul count stands at 8. Has had two rescinded.
  12. Cousins is crazy and I love it. His post game comments were him clowning Meyers Leonard. He's got respect for Plumlee and said so in the locker room to reporters
  13. Things Ty Montgomery leads the NFL in... Yards-per-carry Yards-after-contact per attempt Pass blocking efficiency
  14. No he isn't. This was from their last preseason game this past thursday
  15. Man, starting to fear for his long-term health at this point. Dude is getting broken yearly