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  1. Pujols swinging as Trout gets a huge jump on what would have been an easy SB. That's at least 4 SB that Pujols has cost Trout this year. He's on the HR pace for 40+ but hard to keep that SB pace with Pujols robbing him of some
  2. Angels would for multiple reasons. Main one though is that it would be financial suicide by Arte and the FO to trade their lone star attraction to their cross-town rivals. They got tickets to sell after all.
  3. Visiting the Broncos tomorrow
  4. I think their draft ended any Charles to GB talks. Actually like the 2 backs they got late and paired with Ty it gives them a nice combination of guys who offer different skillsets.
  5. Would have rather taken Conley but I get why the Titans passed with the obvious cloud hanging over him there Lynch dominating day 1 as Niners GM caught me off guard lol. Niners crushed it
  6. Titans had a great 1st rd. Addressed both wideout and DB with their picks and I love both players.
  7. Nah. This isn't a great DL class and with OL they'll probably take a OT prospect in the 3rd or 4th that they'll kick inside and develop at Guard. Today they need to be looking at RB, CB, EDGE. They should trade down about 5-6 spots from #33 and net another 4th rder IMO. Would then have 3 4th rd picks to be able to move back up in RD3 or even RD2 again
  8. Angels laying waste to division closers already. A's, Rangers, and Mariners already victims. Next up is Giles and the Astros.
  9. While I take great joy in seeing the Mariners lose, it's the first week of the season. Barring some significant losses to injury, I still see them in the mix for the playoffs.
  10. That actually showed that Mike clearly views Bedrosian as the teams best reliever tbh. He was warming him up to face the middle of the Mariners order in what was a 2-run game at the time.
  11. Padres proudly showing off their tanking with that decision. Gotta respect that
  12. King stay the king
  13. Trill era is upon us
  14. Upcoming draft is stacked at the RB position. MAkes little sense to give millions to aging RB's who have had significant knee injuries in their past I think GB will look to re-sign Lacy. MAybe a 1yr deal benefits both. Lacy/Montgomery/draft pick to fill out the RB group makes a lot of sense