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  1. Only took a few missed practices and a perceived missed game to get the..... BREAKING NEWS: "FAT" Headline
  2. I agree, Gabbert missed at least 3 explosive plays on over throws last night and Celek's drop was big too. Chip's offense has essentially turned a perennial disappointment in Jermey Kerley into a pretty solid WR. Guys are getting open and the schemes are working but Blaine can't make the throws. If they had an elite level LB like Bowman, with a very solid QB I actually don't mind this roster. With the offensive line and running game if they could extend drives by having a good QB it would go along way to making the D look better. Think they will draft one upcoming?
  3. Gabbert is sneaky fast. That's probably his one good attribute as a QB. I don't think Kap will be any sort of upgrade in the running game than Gabbert. Both are 2 of the worst passers in the game so that won't be much of an upgrade. I'd still switch to Kap though. We know Gabbert sucks, we have a large sample size of him sucking now. There was a small sample of Kap being good when Harbaugh had him in a simplified scheme. Problem was that team back then had an amazing defense so they didn't have to be too fancy on offense. This roster doesn't really have that luxury. They're going to consistently need a lot out of the QB position.
  4. I don't really think this is a Chip Kelly problem, I think this is a Trent Baalke problem. No coach could win with Blaine Gabbert at QB. This may seem like hyperbole but he truly is one of the worst QBs to ever play this game. He consistently over shoots WRs by 10 yards about 4-6 times a game. I mean who really on this roster would you build around? Hyde, Trent Brown, Aaron Lynch, Jimmy Ward, Eric Reid, Arik Armstead, DeForest Buckner. Anyone else? They have zero QBs and zero WRs. In a passing league it's hard to win like that, especially if your defense isn't elite. It's just a bad roster he constructed. Trent should go now. Chip I think should get a few more years to see if he can do anything.
  5. This is a bad team.
  6. Thanks for the free $300 tonight 9ers. Garbage team is still garbage. Some of those holes Johnson was running through were hilarious. Dumpster fire is an understatement when discussing this roster. So with that said I'll start us off. With the Number 1 in 2017 the San Francisco 49ers select......
  7. They are who we thought they were! if I ever need a chuckle I look through the unwavering August optimism in this thread. Always good for a laugh.
  8. They lost their best run stuffer in Bowman. That rush D is going to be a dumpster fire tonight, I don't think Stanton will be asked to do much.
  9. They lost their backup center. The starter was already out previously with a bruised lung. Now they are on 3rd string. Could get ugly in some games but overall they still have pro bowler Joe Thomas anchoring the left side. Offensive line is the one unit on that god awful team that isn't "bottom 5".
  10. Despite a lot of their fans being fluffy that this team may be decent this year, they still suck. I'd be shocked if they win more than 3 games.
  11. Bowman is out for the season. Buckner is out for a few weeks at least. San Fran already had the worst rush D in the NFL. Think about how much worse it will be losing by far their best run stuffer. Johnson is going to have a mega game Thursday. I bet they feed him early and often.
  12. Nothing to see here. Vikings D is best in NFL. Yes, better than Denver. Yes, fellow Seahawk fans they're much better than our unit. They will be a disaster all season for skill players that face them. They got speed, physicality, hell did anyone see their big DT Linval Joseph nearly go all the way across the field and take down Perkins on that 60+ yard screen? That just isn't right. This unit is reminiscent of 2014 Seahawks, speed all over the field, ball Hawks all over forcing turnovers. OBJ just ran into the buzz saw tonight. He'll he back next week.
  13. I login to check this thread. Can't find it, finally pops up on page 3. Did his owners overdose on astroglide?
  14. He tried to be tough and got his a** knocked out. He could of easily dove in unscathed on the 2 point conversion, instead he tried to slow up and take a defender head on and paid the price.
  15. Will be lining any WR with a pulse up against that secondary this season. When they let Norman go people wondered the consciences. We now know. Worst secondary in NFL by a long shot. Going to a long year in Carolina.