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  1. I was going to say I would stream anyone with a pulse vs angels now. Then I saw Bartolo starts tomorrow. I think he's one of 3 guys I wouldn't stream vs them. Good luck Trout owners, brutal loss. Just have to get to AS Break and then you got best player in baseball coming back.
  2. Is he a big bod?
  3. I streamed today and came to see if he had a thread. Was also impressed. He was dropping 3-2 changes today, had great command of that pitch. 9 MPH difference between fastball for most of day. Pirates are just atrocious offensively but still a good start. He was a decent prospect coming up. Late bloomer? Any chance of sticking?
  4. Posey probably saved himself from a retaliation shot from standing clear. Smart move on his part. Giants lineup has else worth hitting though.
  5. MLB needs to send message to guys using baseballs to be tough guys. 20 game suspension. Bryce gets 1 for doing what any red blooded American would do when attacked.
  6. To me this is chicken s*** this bum still mad that Harper took him deep a few years back? Then strike his a** out, don't use a hard object that could cause serious injury if not located properly to get your revenge from getting b**** slapped years prior. This guy is a loser.
  7. Someone post a video!
  8. Did we get Bryan LaHaired again?
  9. Getting the call to replace Daniel Duffy. 6'7 lefty from TCU. Has very good control, sounds like his change up is lacking. That will likely be the key to success in the big leagues is developing that pitch to offset tough right handed bats. Works in low 90s. Seems like a pretty low ceiling arm, but in with pitching being at a premium these days I got my eyes on everyone. Anyone else got anything on this kid?
  10. Franc-hy Cordero I thought this was Francisco Cordero for a second and had nightmares of my ratios being blown to smithereens again. Honestly don't know a ton about him. There's some great minor league minds on this forum.
  11. Well he has 9 more vs them. But none until the dog days of August. There's plenty of other garbage pitching coming up. He gets a guy named PILL Tuesday. Could be the remedy for Thames.
  12. Great article. In regards to way more could of been taken out of context. Rehabs can only last 30 days right? So maybe 3-4 more max?
  13. I would think that's good news?
  14. You must be thinking of another idiot I've never had any shares of Bregman. But that doesn't always stop me throwing my 2 cents in. Can't remember watching him last year though. It's a tough go for Maikel. I saw Phillies put up 4 early and thought maybe he connected. But nope, just another K.
  15. Chacin picking up where he left off Tuesday.