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  1. They could make a killing off it. I bet Chris Sale pacifier night would be big.
  2. Chapman is literally Henry Rowengartner after he broke his arm. Just a human catapult.
  3. Chapman in any way to get some owners some mop up K's.
  4. Yeah probably the Souza Jr treatment from a few weeks ago when Cash pulled him for not hustling. VILLAR had some bone head plays early in that game. Just sending a message.. He'll be back tomorrow or next day at latest.
  5. I'm buying Matt Moore in every league I'm in. Looks like he's really taking a huge step forward. BB rate has plummeted this year. 3:1 K:BB now. 8 of last 9 starts quality starts. Only non QS was @Balt. In my keeper league I'm not going to bed until he's on my team tonight.
  6. Little Game James is back tonight.
  7. If anyone needs a Dick fix, see Alex Dickerson thread.
  8. The Jeanmar owner in my league is feverishly looking to move him. Any new rumors pop up?
  9. Any whispers of the Nats using any of there prospects out of the pen down the stretch? Can't help but think Reynaldo Lopez in short sequences could be a left handed Diaz. He was pumping 98 MPH in his start the other day. Can't help but think he could be a nasty asset.
  10. There always seems to be one of these late bloomer types, or guys scouts didn't think highly of who seem to bust out down the stretch with PT. Remember scouts said Heyward was the next Griffey Jr. Scouts opinions aren't the end all. Some guys just take different paths to relevance. You can either sit back and watch while someone else likely scoops him up, or join the A. Dick movement and see if there's anything here.
  11. It's almost August 1st and Revere and Zimmerman are struggling to hit their weights. At this point there's no reason he shouldn't be at OF SS or 2B everyday.
  12. O's pretty much are in first because of their bullpen. If they have any lead after the 6th inning it's just about over with Brach, O'Day, Britton etc. Royals bullpen was an integral part of their WS win last year. But then you got teams like Giants where Bum pretty much won them a WS by himself. They have the horses in the rotation to render the bullpen not needed with Max and Stras. But with how deep the Nats system is and this being a good window to go for it I don't think bringing in a closer is the worst idea. I wouldn't have any confidence of Papelbon getting through a lineup like Cubs in a short series.
  13. Is Sam Fuld like Sex Panther? 0% effective, 100% of the time?
  14. Guy in my league with Kershaw is still clinging to first. He gave about 75% worth of pitching stats to owners in 3 months.
  15. Papelbon sucks. His GB rate has dropped nearly 15%. His splitter is dead and all he's left with is 90 piped meat. You don't win titles with guys who pipe 90 MPH meatballs. Ask Mariner fans. When Sasaki wasn't getting whiffs on the splitter he was piping 90 meatballs and the Yankees made him pay. The Nats can keep running this guy out with absolute horrific stuff. But they'll be watching other teams advance in the playoffs.