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  1. He's so damn bad. I can’t get over how terrible he is.
  2. He’s always been a trash heap. Teams don’t let QBs with a pulse get away anymore. Redskins letting him walk tells you all you need to know. He’s a terrible Quarterback, he got covered up by Jay Gruden having elementary schemes and throws for him. His career win loss vs good teams is humiliating. Vikings should make a ballsy move and go with Mannion. Don’t worry though, when games out of hand Kirk will start stat stuffing in garbage time against prevent D’s like the piece of s*** he truly is.
  3. Sadly this is what happens when you make 300+ mil and are on disgraceful, s*** teams like the Angels are constantly. He’s been MIA at end of seasons for going on 3 years now. That won’t change as long as this club continues to suck, which doesn’t appear to be ending anytime soon.
  4. True, if Lions line is so awful though will they even be able to run ball effectively? Seems like short passing game and quick strikes might be as beneficial?
  5. Lions favorite game is keep away from Kerryon. Where do you get that they’ll be run heavy?
  6. Well I was certainly wrong. Let’s see how long he lasts with Bill. This should be fun.
  7. Patriots would be a terrible fit for Brown. Belichick would spend 5 minutes in a room with him before being exhausted and cut him. There’s no way he’d toe the ultimate professional conduct organization line for more than a day. He needs a team that has a more laid back HC, a team willing to force him targets, and a team with 4-6 win aspirations that doesn’t mind the drama.
  8. Not saying I would want him to come to Seattle but Seahawks are probably best fit. They have homeless people filling out WR slots, Pete Carroll is ultimate players coach, charmin soft city will be compassionate to the head case. Not sure if there’s mutual interest but from fantasy perspective that would be a good spot for him. Although they run a lot. So Antonio would probably be bored winning games and not getting 900 targets.
  9. Not sure of the exact hierarchy but I would guess Gruden has final say on everything in that organization. He was given 100 million dollars not just to coach football. Mayock likely runs the drafts and is Gruden’s personal shopper. Gruden gave AB a ton of rope, and he hung himself.
  10. How is this a FO problem? It’s Mayock’s fault this moron froze his feet? It’s Mayock’s fault this moron wouldn’t agree to wear a new helmet? It’s Mayock’s fault he was skipping walk throughs and practices? They put language in his contract specifically to avoid this bull**** that he’s put forth. The Raiders were more than patient and did everything to help this moron but he’s too far gone. If he didn’t want to practice or go through camp he could of been honest and pulled a Marshawn Lynch and told coaches I’m not showing up for practices but I’ll give you my all on game days. All these stupid antics could of been avoided.
  11. Who would of thought that Richie Icognito and Burfict would look like Angels compared to this loser.
  12. The difference is they’re 25 games under .500 again. If the team was in contention Kyle would have a .670 ops. He’s the epitome of a garbage time loser. Him and Richie Sexson are the kings of the mop up. Only silver lining is hopefully this fluke stretch gives the baseball world the illusion he’s good and someone will take this stupid contract and the M’s will only have to eat 80-90% of it.
  13. Well the positive for his future health care is he won’t ever need a heart transplant, because there isn’t one in there. Most gutless professional season from an athlete I’ve ever seen. Somehow found a way to miss an entire season. Like someone said above in reference to juiced balls, this dude is bound to be massively overrated in fantasy next year. Let him be someone else’s problem. Just a joke.
  14. Mariners and Orioles pitchers infecting the minor leagues also?