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  1. 2 starts and one game as defensive shift at SS late in a game. So depending on league settings 2 more appearances I believe is what we need.
  2. Michael Saunders is his ceiling. Drafted by the biggest horrific loser GM in baseball history, Jack Zdurencik. Cardinals will have to tear him down at the core and build him back up. It's possible they can salvage him. But his K rate is awful. Unless that changes he's a fringe major leaguer. Duvall had manageable minor league K rates. O'Neil's are just atrocious. Doubt he amounts to anything.
  3. Seems like a normal Jack Zdurencik drafted player.
  4. No disrespect, that was a bomb. But that was arguably the worst breaking ball I've ever seen in my life. Lol, literally. The only problem with that "breaking" ball is that it didn't break.
  5. Have no fear the white Sox paid cash for Mark Lowe and Jean Macha Sauce. Things are sure to get......much worse for the Sox bullpen!
  6. If the Orioles rotation didn't consist of 5 guys with the talent level of the average poster around here, Jonny Schoop would be a legit MVP candidate.
  7. Yes, he is that bad.
  8. Back to the wire.
  9. Like most Rockies pitchers he just can't pitch at home.
  10. “It’s something that I’ve dealt with for a year and a half now, two years almost. I thought I went through that point where I did try everything. I went and even got surgery, had my nail cut out to kind of prevent this and it keeps coming back. It’s definitely frustrating but if I dwell on this, I’ll beat myself up more than I need to. Sounds like a guy who's defeated.
  11. Dominant start. 8 IP, 0 ER, 0 BB, 8 K's.
  12. That was a hanging, lifeless curveball left up in the zone by an absolutely horrific pitcher in a bandbox of a park. Not like he took a 97 mph fastball a foot outside and pulled for a jack. He barreled up on a hanging F- curveball by a turd. Lots of hitters would deposit that.
  13. Without a doubt.
  14. Zunino will never be a great average bat. Probably won't ever hit over .225. He had a .787 ops last year, .770 ops this year. Prior to that in his last year under the Zduriencik era he had to be shutdown healthy at the end of the year so he didn't set the MLB record for lowest average with I believe 450+ at bats in a season. It took a ton of work from Edgar Martinez and Jerry Dipito's player development staff to just make him a FUNCTIONAL big league bat.
  15. Cal Ripken played in a time when salaries were manageable. It's easier to push players when the financial repercussion isn't as severe. Not that Peralta is breaking the bank, but MLB teams are protecting assets more than ever. Gone are the days when guys took pride in suiting up everyday and logging 300 IP. We live in a time where 200 IP is special and 145 games played is a true grinder.