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  1. Ian Happ 2019 Outlook

    Just don’t get fluffy over his spring stats. Last year he was the spring darling and fell flat on his face. Still has upside, way too early to write off. His usage is very questionable to start season though.
  2. Jonathan Villar 2019 Outlook

    Just hope he stays on Baltimore all season. That’s the perfect environment for a guy like this. In real life contenders will do what Milwaukee did and stuff his horrific K’s on the bench a lot. He’s the type of guy who thrives off stuffing in garbage situations. Which for fantasy is no problem at all. If Baltimore starts shopping him during season I’d sell very fast.
  3. Mike Trout 2019 Outlook

    Keep the sucking to be a fan of ______ reserved for a different west coast team, the Mariners. Let me tell you, it sucks to be a fan of that club.
  4. Maikel Franco 2019 Outlook

    Change of scenery guy. Probably need a fresh start on a team that will give him 600+ uninterrupted at bats to see if they can get a breakout spark. Otherwise he’ll likely be who he’s been, which isn’t that attractive in fantasy.
  5. Manny Machado 2019 Outlook

    I’m not sure what meaningless games have to do with anything? Guy who won my roto league last year when I had Betts Trout Machado Krush Davis and a host of other studs, while the guy who won passed me with dudes like Villar, Kendrys Morales, and the other September flavor of month bums. If anything playing in meaningless games probably is better for him. As we saw in playoffs with him doing zippo he isn’t exactly someone who thrives for producing in spotlight. He’s more of a Felix Hernandez type. Get me my stats, pay me, and let me win my 60 games in peace.
  6. Manny Machado 2019 Outlook

    Does San Diego run much? That’s ultimately what makes him worth a top 20 pick. Without the 14 or so SBs the 80 runs, 30 HR, 100 RBI type upside he provides isn’t exactly difficult to find. The enticement was he was young and had a pretty high ceiling, with the ability to chip in some steals due to athleticism. If he can still get 12-15 his value should be around the same. If he dips to <5 then probably becomes a bit of a disappointment.
  7. John Hicks 2019 Outlook

    Miguel Cabrera will be a new rendition of the popular 90s kids game operation by mid April. There isn’t a bats chance in hell that washed up body plays more than 102 games. Tigers will be top candidate going into season as worst lineup in baseball so I’d probably look elsewhere for a cheap catcher who could play more often then not.
  8. Amed Rosario 2019 Outlook

    His value will be in the quantity of the stats. Guys like this with really bad walk rates and not a super overly exciting hit tool rely on the 155 game, 600+ plate appearance to reach the windy, inconsistent road they take to stats. If he does that he’ll likely be 80+ runs, 10+ HR, 60+ RBI, 30+ sbs. The question is can he improve that awful SB and BB rate? Those are key growth areas he needs to take, especially if he wants a top 3 lineup spot.
  9. Gary Sanchez 2019 Outlook

    How come everyone clamors for him to be sent to DH? Just NY overreaction? I can’t say I probably paid close enough attention to his D. I did catch I believe the 3 passed balls in an inning last year that was ugly. Is he not that bad defensively?
  10. Travis Shaw 2019 Outlook

    It’s not like this is John Jay standing in the way of Eloy Jimenez, Travis Shaw has averaged 32 HRs, 93 RBIs and an .840 OPS the last 2 years, not to mention a very good baserunner also. I don’t care how good of a prospect Hiura he isn’t touching those numbers. Only way Hiura is sniffing that job is if someone is hurt or traded, in which case both scenarios are fairly likely. But Travis Shaw isn’t a bat you just bench to call up a prospect, he’s a very good major league player.
  11. 2019 Draft Day Targets (Reaches)

    The classic eye test vs sabermetrics test. Man vs machine. It’s pretty rare finding young arms who throw 4 pitches at this point. His first half and second half were identical, 3.91 era in both halves. Already tossed nearly 200IP, no restrictions, full arsenal, improved team with a few giveaway spots offensively with defensive wizards. Bad division. I just don’t see any massive spike in era when he’ll get a ton of starts against horrific divisional rival clubs.
  12. Travis Shaw 2019 Outlook

    I think the Hiura hype is a bit overzealous at this point. His minor league SB rate is atrocious, he could learn to work a count, he doesn’t have enormous power. I mean really at this point he’s an average (BA) upside prospect in fantasy. Shaw and Moustakas aren’t remotely budging in place to have a guy with a 60% minor league SB rate with skeptical plate disclipline unseat them. He’s never been above AA. He could use a decent amount of AAA time to develop here. I don’t see anything in profile that suggests rushing him up.
  13. Carlos Correa 2019 Outlook

    I wouldn’t take him in second. I agree he’s a nice talent. But the hype was probably hyperbole coming out of gate. Next A-Rod was tossed around. But regardless he is in an elite lineup so the stats will come. The issue is do we even know who he is? 6 stolen base attempts in last 209 games. If he doesn’t run he definitely isn’t a second round pick. The upside is enticing but you have to ask yourself who is he really? No one really knows. If you take him in second round got elephantitus. No chance im taking him over Story, Báez who pretty much assured of 15+ sbs with same offensive type upside. He’s more of a 35+ round target IMO.
  14. Giancarlo Stanton 2019 Outlook

    Deng, Tyler Johnson, Mosgov etc. Criminal they got paid. I don’t necessarily agree with that nba business model. That was just an awful FA class that offseason. Making teams make terrible financial decisions isn’t a great solution either.
  15. Mike Trout 2019 Outlook

    I don’t think anyone really knows who or what Mike Trout is. Probably one of the most under marketed stars of all time. Coincides well with him being sandwiched between horrific losers his whole career. I often wonder if he was on like say the Indians (never going to happen cheap a** bastard ownership) between Lindor and Ramirez how juicy would stats be? We sit here and are disappointed a perennial top 3 player isn’t better surrounded. But it just makes you wonder how high the statistical ceiling actually goes if he wasn’t relegated to being surrounded by bums/guys in wheelchairs.