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  1. Official word is "dead arm" code for washed up.
  2. Reds pitching is the gift that keeps on giving. Kris Bryant won an MVP single handily off these bums last year. Thames is following the script nicely.
  3. Infield single for Martin was a shift play, Wong made a great play to almost get him at first. Clean hit. Didn't see Carrera's hit. Watched the rest and everything else was legit. Barney hit was good pitch, got in on him he just fisted it to right. Got behind too many hitters. Couldn't locate. Threw 30 pitches that inning alone.
  4. Throwing error on an advanced runner. Won't factor into any unearned due to the plethora Of hits and walks that followed. Lucky he was facing the pitcher or he probably would of got a massive beating.
  5. Fell to pieces in 4th. Lost all command of his pitches.
  6. Even the moose is tapping out. Sad state of affairs.
  7. Dude looks angry now. Pitching like the Cubs slept with his mother. Will be interesting to see numbers MPBaseball puts up in terms of whiffs on sliders and change ups tonight.
  8. I may not be an MLB manager but I do know under no circumstances would I bat this guy behind a pitcher aka Christine Taylor.
  9. Anyone with a pulse. Guthrie was renendered dead a few years ago. Dusty just got lusty over the veteran experience out of spring training.
  10. Lifted after 2 IP. Assumed he was hurt. Haven't seen anything though. Could just be shattered confidence.
  11. You start anyone vs Pirates. This is a bottom 5 lineup in MLB. Just absolutely awful. You don't think twice about starting anyone with a pulse vs this lineup.
  12. Yep strained oblique. Depressing. That's a 4+ week injury.
  13. Sounds like oblique. Mariners are snake bitten. We don't get nice things here. Young rookie busting out? Oh nope here's Danny Valencia and his .110 average for you to enjoy. F***.
  14. Hurt again. Yeah, can't recommend anyone holding anymore.
  15. I'm in 12 team league and wire looks like atrocious. In shallower 8 team leagues there's likely better options on wire, 10 probably a hold for now.