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  1. 5 too many pages. Let's keep it short and sweet. Ryan Tannehill scouting report: HE SUCKS!!!
  2. Has Justin Blackmon written all over it unfortunately.
  3. Someone photoshop his face on Amy Schumer's TRAINWRECK movie.
  4. Looking like a lost year. Likely out at least 6 weeks, chance for more. Then what "slowly" work him up to speed? Already coming off major ankle surgery, missed most of camp, was already playing catch up. No pun intended but he can't seem to catch a break. In hindsight it's starting to make sense now why Seattle drafted 3 running backs. The writing was on the wall the whole time. Dynasty hold, still think he has a future in this league, redraft it's trending more towards cut and move on for 2016.
  5. Lol I've tried to change it like 3 times and every time I get an error message. So until I figure out what the hell to do, I'll continue trotting Trout out.
  6. I'm not into tooting my own horn but I'm probably the most objective Seattle sports fans you'll ever meet. I had this sniffed out in May. If you ever need Seahawk questions answered PM me. I'll hit you with the truth!
  7. What is all this discussion of a committee? He left on a cart. He's likely done for a long time. He should only be discussed in the past tense.
  8. Lol so awful. Like an unathletic jump pass over a lineman screen pass with 3 defenders right in area. Truly one of the most horrific you'll see.
  9. They need to find a new QB. Tannehill is flat out bad. Just a bad, bad QB. He's the definition of a garbage time stat padder. He accumulates a majority of his stats leading his teams back against prevents from the giant holes he's created. Miami should be drafting fairly high next year. Time to make a move.
  10. So horrible. You always saw his mom and grandma in the stands during home starts. Just an amazing talent, fierce competitor, I'm in shock well never get the chance to watch him again. Rest in Peace Jose you'll never be forgotten.
  11. Page 4, I told everyone to stay away from Rawls. This whole thing never passed the sniff test. Glad I held onto CMIKE even after Pete botched the whole thing and started Thomas in week 2. Now it seems like they've come to their senses and will back off for a bit. Rawls ain't right and who knows when he will. CMIKE has his first chance to really take a starting job. Let's hope Loserville Population 5 guys up front don't absolutely shart all over themselves Sunday.
  12. They tried but Dan McGwire's cousin couldn't even get a screen set up. If I didn't know LSU was already employing him I would of thought Cam Cameron was calling plays. This was just one of the most boring, unprepared game plans I've ever seen. They got a long week to fix it, but if you're a Texan fan you can damper any excitement for this season. This is a mediocre football team playing in a mediocre Divison. Nothing to get excited about with this team.
  13. At some point he could be a broken finger candidate. Never seen a QB windup like hes going 50 yards deep only to drop in a 120 MPH 3 yard slant like this piece of s*** QB Houston threw out tonight. LOL god he is awful. Miler should be fine though as long as they get more creative with those run gaps. God sooooooo boring, lets run a stretch against an unbalanced line where 6 defenders come in on 3 blockers, and it takes about 5 seconds to take shape. ZZZZZZ.
  14. Exactly it. We have a large enough sample now. These guys always start slow, click midway and then become a force. The first half of year will just be inconsistent for Seahawk skill guys as the offensive line comes together.