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  1. Could be bad timing. I owned this guy throughout his Brewer days and just hated him. Thought his stuff sucked. I honestly hadn't watched much of him as a Blue Jay but just got him in a trade now 2 starts ago. Lucky me. Looks like the same guy that me and @mjk356 nicknamed Marco "Moonshot" Estrada. Just bad timing or is there an underlying issue here?
  2. Trout just a hit a HR off Moonshot that was low and away and almost hit plate. But when you pipe meat like Marco you can get massive beatings in any spot the bat reaches. Which begs the question, how the hell did this guy sustain success his long? His stuff is just putrid. He has the stuff of a mid 5 ERA pitcher. I'm befuddled he's been as good as he has, as long as he has.
  3. Can't predict injury. Demarco Murray was once labeled as soft and injury prone. He's played in 14,16,15 games the last 3 years. There's a certain level you knock a guy for injuryproness. But you also can't live in fear. Last year Jordan Reed probably wasn't drafted/dropped a ton early in leagues. He finished as number 2 TE. Football is a grueling sport. It's vicious athletes trying to rip each other to pieces. It's hard to sit there and just draft in fear because a football player may be a higher % of injury in a vicious game. If the value is right he'll be on my team. And that goes for a handful of other guys.
  4. I don't really use Dallas against Michael. It seemingly took him 2+ years to figure out how to one cut in the zone blocking scheme. Asking him to pick up a whole new playbook on the fly was probably too much to ask for. Something finally clicked last year when he came back to Seattle he finally bought into the zone block scheme. Rawls was a super stud last year, as someone else alluded to his running style is violent. He probably has the most vicious stop on a dime cut ability I've seen in a decade+. He is no doubt the future back in Seattle. But a part of me thinks Seattle leans more on Michael for this season for parts as Rawls gets right. They have Rawls for what 600K this year and next year? Michael is a restricted FA after the year. If he does well and leaves Seattle wouldnt they receive some level of compensation? Maybe I'm thinking too deeply into this but on one hand you got the future RB coming off a catastrophic injury, and the present RB who was drafted highly 100% healthy and hungry to earn maybe his only "long term" deal in his career. Would it be so shocking if Michael got 150+ carries this year? I don't think it would.
  5. 6 teams rumored to be talking to him. He will latch on somewhere. But he is going to have taking his craft more serious. Didn't realize as 23 year old he already has 4 kids. Not sure how he could get so far so quick getting busy as frequently as he is!
  6. Do chargers get 3rd pick in draft back? If not that would seemingly give leverage to the Bosa camp as they have the option to re enter draft, while Chargers would flat out wasted a top 3 pick.
  7. Bosa reminds me of Travis Mack from Ballers. Interesting question is what happens if he doesn't sign? Does SD get a pick back? Is he able to re-enter draft next year, or does he go to supplemental draft? Who has more to lose here. That's the question.
  8. It looks like he'll be the exception. Looks like he was salvageable. He looks great. I give a lot of credit to the Mariners new player development staff. These guys have a very good philosophy and it's getting very positive early returns.
  9. The same GM who cut the same one that drafted him. They knew what they were getting and the guy exceedingly outplayed expectations on the field last year. He showed enough tools that you work with him through these struggles IMO. You sit him down and tell him anymore positive tests, or if he doesn't stop eating himself into a coma he's gone. Maybe he just wanted out of Buffalo though. Wouldn't be the first guy. Either way well respectfully disagree on whether he should of been cut now, or after further transgressions.
  10. What I said wasn't a joke. Williams displayed fantastic ability last season. I vividly remember one play where he went down the sideline 20+ yards and caught a ball over the shoulder for a TD. Not denying he did something stupid, but he showed enough talent last season to have a team be patient with him and see if he can work himself back into shape. Bills aren't oozing with options long or short term. There's a reason this team hasn't sniffed the playoffs since 1999. Their GM is an idiot.
  11. Diamondbacks pen making Reds 2016 crew look like the nasty boys. Good god literally everyone in that pen is garbage, with garbage stuff. Remember when that writer wrote a whole essay on Jake Barrett lol.
  12. Sometimes the Stars align. For Little Game Dave pitching in front of 14 fans is generally the recipe for success. @Tampa is about the best stage for a guy like him.
  13. Can they move Villar back to SS and put Perez at 3B? ARCIA is clearly not ready for the show, he sucks.
  14. I'll comb through the list this week but off the top of my head id lean top 50. You're likely going to see a bit of BABIP regression but if he swipes a few more bags at better clip that will offset. Right now we're looking at .325-.330, 100+ runs, 10-15 HR, 60+ RBI, 10-15 sb. He's going to be firmly entrenched in that 2 hole. Blackmon-DJ-Arenado-Cargo-Story is going to be a fearful 1 through 5. Mix in Dahl, and if they choose to make simple upgrades at first or catcher this lineup could be epic next season.
  15. Sounds like typical crappy team problems. I guess Billy and his BBQ sauce are only ones that deserve endorsements. If a BBQ company was smart they'd come out with a hot and spicy Valencia Sauce because it really packs a punch!