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  1. Zunino's swing was the tune of .207. Like I said above him hitting even .207 was kind of a miracle last year. That's just the type of hitter he is.
  2. The only issue there is we have a pretty long sample of Zdruencik players being horrific busts. He had zero structure in the organization when he was with the Mariners and just let guys waffle away. Zunino doing what he even did last year came as a surprise to many considering how battered he was in the Zdruencik years. It's going to take some of the best coaching any of us have ever seen to get this guy to hit even over .225.
  3. Let's hope he decides it's fun to start hitting the ball far again. Guy probably watched more BP fastballs down the pipe last year. He was patient to a fault at times. Grip and rip it Paulie. No reason he shouldn't hit 35+ routinely in that ballpark.
  4. They got depth though. On a short term Parra could provide good production as a replacement for Dahl. And Desmond should only miss probably 20-25 games. I got 3 Rockies this year. Looking forward to tons of dongs.
  5. He came back up last year with a seemingly new approach, and then slowly but surely he got back to his windmill ways. Just bad, bad hitter with a solid power tool. I get some of the replies in this thread actually. As a Catcher 2, or in Low and Away's case looking for a younger option vs an old retread I wouldn't mind him as much. But I just think you have to tell yourself that he is who he is. There will never be an average spike here. He's essentially like a John Buck. A guy who will hit some bombs but flirt with .200 most years.
  6. Adrian Gonzalez and his 17-18 HR 90 RBI song and dance at first base puts me to sleep.
  7. Drafted by Jack Zdurencik is only thing I need to know. Exposed to the most horrific player development in MLB history. Poor kid was ruined before he even really got started.
  8. I'll pass this year. Huge fan of his talent but last year was enough drama to last me a few years. He was already a well built dude, adding muscle isn't going to sway me one way or the other. I don't trust the Mets ability to manage pitchers at all, I'm steering clear of any of them unless it's at an extreme discount. Owning Harvey, deGrom and Noah last year took about 4 years of my liver away. I want to live to see 60!
  9. He will likely lead off vs LHP and then possibly hit 2nd vs RHP. I think the Mariners want someone like Dyson to cease the lead off position vs RHP to infuse the top of that lineup with speed. There's going to be some regression from last year for Jean, but Safeco did play pretty hitter friendly last year. Mariners lineup is going to be really good this year (God did I really just say that) they have a great mixture of speed and pop in that lineup now. I'd wager they'll be top 10 in runs (and flirt with top 5) which should mean counting stat wise Jean shouldn't have too big of a drop off.
  10. I like Paxton a lot this year. His stuff is really good if he could ever hit puberty and get a little more sackage or kick the injury bug he could be in for a big year. He still suffered through bouts of losing it mentally last year and the injury bug. But there's no questioning stuff. Easily the most talented arm right now on the Ms staff.
  11. Young pitching these days is so volatile. Makes it really hard to want to invest in any pitching for any sort of price tag beyond flier material (IE Late Rounds) if they don't have a 200+ IP season under their belts.
  12. This update this morning is hilarious. Making it seems like when Noah gets healthy it's a tough decision on who to play. Joakim Noah had some nice moments in this league. But unfortunately his body broke down. He's done being an asset in this league. The Knicks need to roll with Porzingas and Willy as the future of the front court. They could be an extremely productive tandem for many years.
  13. Well our worst nightmares came true, the Seahawks offensive line is WORSE than even I (the biggest skeptic of these horse**** losers) ever imagined. I thought Ifedi would be a road grater, instead he's grated road kill on every run play. Just a gutless loser. Same goes for Gillham, FANT and the rest of these bums. Seattle has essentially ditched the run due to the line being a disaster. They should of paid Russell Okung and let Jeremy Lane's bum a** walked. That one will hurt for a long time.
  14. Give me Browns over 49ers any day of week. Just an absolute horrific football team. A once proud defense is now a travesty.
  15. Cubs paid 186 million for Sam Fuld. Process that for a second. oh and despite that they're still in position to win a World Series. Despite money I don't think you can go into the season with him as a starter. He sucks. Like Van Wilder's Dad once said "sometimes you have to realize you made a bad investment and pull the plug." Cubs will be bathing in cash if they win the WS. Raise a few concessions a buck here and there and find a way to offset this losers deal and move on.