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  1. Easy do not touch. Guy sat out an entire season and can’t even come back and play a few weeks worth of games before shutting down again.
  2. Congrats Nationals on first World Series 🤝 Worst NLCS ever though. That Cardinals team was putrid.
  3. It wasn’t a BAD call, it was PHANTOM calls. A bad call is Saints - Rams PI call not being called. Those 2 calls for illegal hands to face simply didn’t exist and weren’t close. It took 2 made up calls to force an end result. That’s a tough one to swallow as a fan of nfl. Don’t give 2 f**** about GB or DET. But I do care about integrity of game and I have serious question on what I just witnessed.
  4. Eh they got boned dude. No real way to sugar coat this. Neither of those were penalties. This isn’t a PI, judgment call gone wrong. These are 2 plays that didn’t when occur that were called penalties. Terrible officiating. This is WWE level. All we missed was Paul Bearer running in and smacking Matt Stafford over head with an urn.
  5. If you’re a Packer fan, take a shower tonight. Just got a game handed to you. This is probably the biggest sham win I’ve seen in a half decade. Embarrassing.
  6. Watched every game of his in college. I’m a huge Washington Huskies fan. His defense as everyone has highlighted is unreal. But the guy is one of the worst shooters I’ve seen in my life. Unless he’s learned how to shoot outside of break away layups and dunks, he could be hard pressed scoring in the nba. His offensive skills seemingly got worse as he got older also which is bizarre.
  7. Paxton vs Verlander Little game James against a dude who just tossed BP against a lineup of no names. Who we got tomorrow? Can’t imagine Houston drops 2 in a row. But crazier things have happened. Who we taking?
  8. Soler is interesting comp because that’s definitely his ceiling. I’m skeptical though. Hitting well in final week against grocery baggers is often a cautionary tale. He was putrid until end of season. I’m treading carefully.
  9. I don’t think the Nats are going to let another star slip away to the Phillies. They have richest ownership group in MLB. They let Harper go, and rightfully so. He isn’t worth that deal. Rendon is 10 x the hitter of Bryce Harper. He just doesn’t whip his hair back on homers, or do obnoxious things to garner fanfare. He quietly hits .300+ with great D, and all around fantastic hitter. There’s a reason the Nats are going to go to the WS. And it’s because Anthony Rendon. They’ll pay him whatever he wants.
  10. We got TANAKA VS GREINKE, we got SCHERZER VS WAINWRIGHT Who we taking? Leaning Yanks and Cards. Tanaka tough in playoffs, Greinke gets anxiety. Waino so good at home this year, Scherzer said arm was hanging after last start. Worried if that wheel might be cranky. Who you got?
  11. Who we got today!? Leaning Nats. Howie Kendrick 8 for 11 career off Milos Mikolas. Soto and others rip him to shreds also. Cards might be going to pen early today.
  12. Angels better open pocket books. Pathetic, s*** franchise is wasting Trout’s prime away signing the likes of Harvey and Cahill. They got a lot of money coming off books. Time to spend it wisely.
  13. Yeah not sure how I messed that up, like it was even a question 😂
  14. COLE VS GLASNOW Road teams in game 5’s have now won 8 out of the last 10 with ATL and WAS advancing. Can Tampa make it 9 of 11? Date with Yankees on tap. Here’s to a good game 🍻
  15. Would be bad decision. Not Roberts fault Kershaw has the fortitude of an infant in playoffs. He just can’t get it done in October and has showed it time and time again. The pen had huge flaws. Managements bullpen moves weren’t good. Joe Kelly was a bust, Kenley took a massive down turn. Not the managers fault.
  16. What about Corey Seager? Dude is hyped beyond belief and is mediocre AF.
  17. Go Nats! If Nationals make the World Series the Mariners will be the last team to have ever made one. They’re already the biggest s*** stain in major pro sports, but this would just be the stamp of ineptitude!
  18. Mother of god. Braves playing worse defense than the Falcons, which I didn’t think was humanly possible.
  19. Some big games today! Braves vs Cards - Folty vs. Jack Fla, and Dodgers vs Nats - Buehler vs Strasburg. Who we taking?
  20. * 12 Teams * Dynasty * 8 category regular season roto - PTS, blocks, steals, assists, boards, 3s, FT%, FG% * Playoffs flip to weekly H2H in same 8 categories * Nightly waiver run * $50 buy in (pay through PayPal) * Invite to WhatsApp! Chat * Positions: pg sg g sf pf f c c util util 6-8 man benches (last thing we need to vote on). Very competitive group of owners. Seeking long term, hard nosed players. Not an amateur league. PM if interested.
  21. He went 4 IP longer than I expected!
  22. I think he’s a solid buy. Took him a few months to find his arm slot, but once he did results corrected themselves (bad September could enhance value). Still had strong K rate and low hits allowed. Needs to get his walk rate lowered. Might be a little too early for him in that draft spot. But I would expect lower numbers next year from him.
  23. Ausmus was "not solely responsible" for the Angels' 72-90 record, pointing to the offseason acquisitions -- namely, Matt Harvey, Trevor Cahill, Cody Allen and Justin Bour-- who did not pan out. lol it’s the managers fault that this dog**** GM went out and had possibly the most horrific offseason a team has ever seen. Always laugh when teams try to scapegoat the manager. Mike Trout can only do so much.
  24. Anyone know the identity of the person who took Yuli Gurriel? That is a laugh out loud bad pick.