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  1. Eh he just went for $10 in my auction. He’s only $29. His floor isn’t that steep. There’s a lot of arms to toss out that will get more dumb money off the board.
  2. Whenever I see his name I think “Brazzers” and I think shoot did I leave that browser up again?
  3. Piscotty Luzardo Pham Reynaldo Lopez Hampson Arenado Eovaldi Carson Smith Strahm
  4. President of baseball operations DICK Williams says he won’t be coming up. Going to continue to develop in the OF where they have 19 major league ready options already. Cool.
  5. I got him for a $1 dollar cheaper than George Springer in my AL Only auction Monday. Everyone wants instant gratification in this world. Oh no way have to wait a week for stats! Big value right now. Smart of the Indians to give it a little extra time.
  6. Who’s their next coach going to be? Phil Jackson?
  7. Dime a dozen lefty. Interesting enough he has 5 pitches, fastball, cutter, slider, curve and change. Only problem is all 5 graded out as terrible lol. In reality he sucks, he’ll probsbly start first or second game and be replaced by better players at some point. Streamer type guy.
  8. Last year in roto my whole team destroyed the ball in April and May. Then inevitably slumps came and I blew a 15 roto lead down the stretch (from late August on). In hindsight I should of sold some guys high, attacked some guys due for better second halves. It sucks for people who invested in Olson now, but if he comes back rusty I’ll target him in June range. I don’t believe this is an injury the will completely derail whole season, more so just be an annoying interruption.
  9. With timing of injury there’s less worry. Odds are they’ll be some drought when he comes back. But at this point people who invested in him should be looking at him as a second half guy to help their clubs. I know it’s an instant gratification world we live in now, but owners will have to be patient here to get a return on investment.
  10. Not much of a sample to go off to determine the power outage. Stanton was last major player who had it and he just ended up sitting the season out because team blew chunks. The most recent guys to have the injury weren’t huge power guys. Gurriel, Deshields, Cervelli. Here’s some other examples though: Colorado Rockies shortstop Troy Tulowitzkimissed nearly six weeks of action after breaking the hamate bone in his left wrist in June of 2010. He came back and had 18 home runs and 61 RBIs in 235 at-bats after the injury that season after totaling 9 homers and 34 RBIs in 235 at-bats before the injury. San Francisco Giants third baseman Pablo Sandoval missed almost seven weeks after surgery to remove a fractured hamate bone from his right hand last season. He had 18 home runs and 56 RBIs in 343 at-bats after returning. One year to the day of his surgery, Sandoval suffered the same injury in his left wrist on May 2 of this season.
  11. Titles aren’t won in April. The extra week off between games will give him a timetable of 3-5 weeks. Hardly droppable at this point. If you can’t manipulate stats for a few weeks in April then you weren’t going win your league anyway.
  12. Have they announced anything? I couldn’t find it.
  13. My only devils advocate argument against, even though I love him, is I don’t think he has enough IP to reach SP3 or potential for more this year. I think he’ll have a fairly strict cap.
  14. K rate screams placeholder. Can’t seem him being super valuable with that K:BB ratio.
  15. Probably have to go around 150 to get him if you’re drafting now. Hype is huge. When you get around that point the arms are usually retreads and you get an ambitious owner who reaches for the fresh young blood.
  16. Well that’s probably the only thing he has going for him. Pound for pound he’s bigger than Martin, Naquin, Luplow. So yes, he is heftier and than his completion. Better? Highly unlikely.
  17. See you in Cooperstown! He deserved much better in Seattle than the smorgasbord of horrid losers he was surrounded with. But he always showed up in tip top shape and always produced. The ultimate professional.
  18. CSB, but my minor league arms in my dynasty league are literally, Luzardo, Kopech, Puk, Honeywell, McKenize, Gore, Sixto. If I was you guys I’d move Gore and Sixto ASAP if you own them. Me and pitching prospects don’t go together. The volatility of young arms now is very freightening.
  19. Adam Conley will be closing games sooner than later. His stuff is going to play dirty in the pen. He looks primed for a huge breakout.
  20. He’s on all my teams this year. Will be interesting to see where he slots vs RHP, opened at 3 vs lefty, will him and Olsen swap spots when RHP is on mound?
  21. At this point I bet Hampson is the Rockies Zobrist. He’ll spell McMAN at 2B against lefties, he’ll spell Murphy probably a day a week (Desmond to 1B), he’ll spell Desmond a day a week, he’ll spell China Dahl a day a week as he’s horridly injury prone, he might spell Chuck early in season a game or 2 a month. Either way he’ll likely find a way to play 4-5 a week. Just like McMAN. Both can coexist under a smart manager.
  22. All that production should earn him a seat on the bench for a 47 year old stripe earner who’s done in this league. Indians following the Rockies model. When you have cheap cost controlled talent DONT use them, bring in retread veterans for .700 OPS ceilings. But hey they lead prayer well in the locker and whip towels with elite exit velocity, can’t dismiss that.
  23. I’d go Weaver, I think Peacock will move back to pen eventually.