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  1. Ty hill and kyler Murray for gurley and locket. 2 rb and 3 wr chubb is my only rb. I’m starting Jordan Howard until/if Melvin plays wr are ty hill, Godwin, AROb, samual sutton te is ok Howard
  2. 12 tm ppr 1 qb league winston is my qb. I give ty hill and get Todd gurley and Tyler Lockett. Thanks. And post a link so I can lend my 2 cents.
  3. this is an 18 team keeper league. Roto Manny has 3b and SS elig for this season. he will lose the SS for 2020 Jose Ram has 2b 3b elig but will most likely lose the 2b this year. both 26. no dollar value associated with each player. who would you rather have moving forward in 2019 and beyond. attach your link and i will pass along my 2 cents. thanks
  4. i think ware has to sit. Ravens elite Def and they like to run and control drives. golly, humphries i think are locks. I have winston. like that winston to humphries combo. down to sutton or Wilson. Wilson looked awesome last week and no breida. cant see alf playing much.
  5. Golladay, A Humphries, Sutton, Spencer Ware, or Jeff Wilson. PPR, 12 teamer. 1st round of the playoffs. thanks. post your link
  6. alot of rankings show carson as a rb1 rotoworld has him at #11 anybody else want to throw around their 2 cents? thanks
  7. right now i have carson and sutton in. texans CBs are banged up. minny seems like they shut down stafford and not really sure who xavier will shadow. and golladay has been horrific the past 2 weeks. and would also hate to see keenum force sutton the ball and he goes 6 for 90 and a touch. and golladay goes 4 for 40 and keryon and Marvin get all the love.
  8. 12 team 1 Point Per Reception which 2 of these 3 Golladay Sutton Chris Carson thanks. point me to your post.
  9. like 65 of 70 plays he was in on. thats all u can ask for