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  1. Super Soldier Syndrome. Or small sample size ...
  2. I think Goldy's struggles had more to do with a lingering/largely-unreported shoulder injury, but the point re: the humidor is well taken.
  3. Picked him up on Wednesday, accidentally left him on bench yesterday and was pleasantly surprised by a pinch hit home run. His MILB track record indicates he knows how to put the bat on the ball. I'm starting to feel the same way about batting average in 2019 as I have about stolen bases for the last few decades: very ******** tough to find on the waiver wire. If he can be productive with counting stats and keep batting fifth for a while, I'll take the multi-OF slot batting average for a while.
  4. We may see a position player pitching for Pittsburgh by the fifth or sixth inning at this rate.
  5. A pitcher playing with a torn ligament in his pitching elbow seems like he's always a "sell," IMHO. *shrug*
  6. Is this the last year that we can say Eugenio Suarez is one of the most underrated players in all of fantasy baseball? I feel like I've been saying that for three straight years now.
  7. This is a seriously annoying development from a roster management perspective. Instead of a DL stash he now has to take up a precious NA slot .. .
  8. Franmil by an order of magnitude. No question in my mind.
  9. I am somewhat surprised by these answers. I assume this is "keep forever?" Devers is having a better 2019, has a better park to play in (and he will be there longer than Bryant is going to be at Wrigley), he plays in a division full of bandboxes, he plays in a better lineup, and most importantly he is four years younger. You take Devers and the pick, IMHO. **When Kris Bryant is 32 years old and, historically speaking, has aged out of prime Devers, will be 28. Bryant will also have already signed the "Last Big Contract of his Career" and my suspicion with him, as with all Boras clients, is that he is primarily motivated by money.
  10. Christian Walker is 3 for his last 33 and he has a .607 OPS in May after a scorching hot March/April start. Cron should be looking at Christian Walker the same way hungry Looney Tunes characters see other characters as delicious-looking turkeys.
  11. I think I felt Folty was incredibly lucky last year and I want nothing to do with him whatsoever this year.