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  1. Any 20 or 30 leagues out there
  2. Reg draft no 2 QB. Any specific lineup or rules. I can draft on wen but not Friday
  3. Saturday would be home from work around 830 and Sunday about 730 est
  4. Do you have a draft date set, my off days are Tuesday and Wednesday
  5. Ok I see the price. But I can't draft on a Friday. I work on Fri till 830. Unless we are having a slow draft that would be ok. I will take team 2. Let me know.
  6. Why don't you just do a new draft for the whole league. I would join
  7. I would love to play, but sorry not a fan of Fantrax at all
  8. What rookie picks does this team have. I would take the team but need to know the team picks.
  9. Draft, is the draft 2 ten teams draft or a 20 team draft
  10. are you doing any auction leagues, or bestball leagues.
  11. anyone have a auction league drafting anytime soon. non IDP
  12. I dont do yahoo anymore after they were hacked a year back, if you draft anywhere else let me know
  13. I work till 8 tonite, if you still need someone I will be home about 8 pm tonite, mabe a little sooner.