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  1. On the contrary, I think you're a very thoughtful contributor to the basketball talk forum.

  2. I hate your fricken gutts !!!

  4. A lot of Billy Joel and Jason Mraz for me lately.
  5. Mooseknuckle reigns SUPREME!!!

  6. Goofy



  7. Ben Folds, outrageously awesome piano player.
  8. I'm going back and forth with KG right now, but PF won't be around for probably at least another 20 minutes as he is on his way home from work most likely.
  9. Ahhhh, gotcha. Well I feel like an idiot lol.
  10. I was shocked, but with Merriman out I think they're arguably above them now.
  11. Is there a post/question of yours unanswered?
  12. sLim, being on deck and if you're heading out..... you want to just leave me a pick?
  13. Sent Zona a text, feel bad for stalking him at work during hisbusy time though lol.
  14. I'd rather have a bunch on by for one week and be strong every other week, I'd be stoked if I were you. Hopefully I play you week 4 though