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  1. Wild Card Round Predictions

    This Wildcard slate reminds me of three years ago where all four road teams won. These are pretty tough to predict: Houston 34, Indy 31- Watson's pass protection will get exposed but not in this game. I'm expecting playoff Watson and Luck to show up in this one in a classic. The Texans have a history of playing this early Saturday game and generally play well. Seattle 16 Cowboys 13- Russell Wilson doesn't lose on Wildcard weekend. These two teams are pretty even. This one is close but Seattle is the better coached team with the more clutch QB. Chargers 21 Ravens 9- They played a few weeks ago so the Chargers had time to make adjustments. This is the first time Jackson is seeing an opponent for the first time so he should see a new look. With his style, there's huge risks of him turning over the ball in their own territory. However I could see this going the other way where the Ravens get a lead, dominate the time of possession and win. Bears 20 Eagles 13- This Bears team is pretty special. The Eagles have played better on both sides of the ball but their magical run will come to an end.
  2. 1qb, 2 rbs, 3 wrs, 1te, k, def, 2 flexes (any position) I have first seed from the regular season. 1st seed has first pick in every round. You can only keep up to 6 playoff guys from your regular season roster. We start one lineup throughout. My current keeps: Watson, Lamar Jackson, Foles, Cooper, Chicago DEF, Tucker Other important keeps from other 3 participating teams: Brees, Mahomes, Zeke, M Gordon, Edelman With so many QBs on the board, would you consider taking Kamara 1st overall pick? Other 1st rd picks I've been considering Brady, Luck, Rivers, Wilson, Michael Thomas
  3. #1 Get your guys. I can't stress this enough. Use the popular ADP's to get an idea for the rest of the league and where to slot your guys. If one of your guys is gaining steam and you still want him, get him a few rounds earlier. Value drafting only gets you players to hold your team steady, not win your league. Start your research in May and figure out which guys in the first 3-4 rounds won't lose your league but for the rest of the draft, figure out which ones will put you over the top. I got laughed at for taking Bears D 2nd off the board the day after Mack was traded. Last year I overdrafted Wentz and Ertz. Do your research and trust your instinct on which guys will have big years. #2 Stay Active until the end. Fantasy football is a marathon, not a sprint. I just won a league where only two guys on my winning starting lineup were drafted. The rest were picked up as free agents throughout the year due to injuries. You have to be researching every angle right after your draft ends until you're eliminated. Everyone complains they have this great regular season until their team busts in the playoffs. No matter how great you think your team is, you have to be relentless on trade and waiver wire opportunities.
  4. Championship Rosters

    12 team ppr keeper yesterday's starting lineup: QB- Baker Mayfield RB- Alvin Kamara RB- Christian McCaffrey WR- Robert Foster WR- Robby Anderson WR- Adam Humphries TE- Jaylen Samuels FLEX- Dante Pettis DEF- Chicago Bench- Prescott, Josh Allen, Rashaad Penny, D'Onta Foreman, Ken Dixon, Anthony Miller, DJ Moore, Ian Thomas, Will Fuller IR- Hunter Henry My Opening week roster if everyone was healthy QB- Wentz (Played Mariota week 1 also played Dalton alot in first half), RB- Kamara, McCaffrey, WR- AJ Green, Will Fuller V, Cooper Kupp TE- Jack Doyle Flex Carlos Hyde (also drafted Carlos Hyde and Royce Freeman pretty early) This is a pretty active league and we're only allowed 50 in season moves. McCaffrey and Kamara were the engines of this squad year round but this goes to show you. You have to manage your roster week to week and keep knocking at opportunities (trades or on the waiver wire). I owe this championship to a lesson I learned last year. My team last year dominated because of LeVeon Bell, Gurley and Kamara but I drafted horribly at WR and didn't take the guys out of my lineup all year (Davante Parker, Demaryius, etc) but towards the end I had guys like Keelan Cole I'd pick up but not play. This year I learned that those WR3/WR4 waiver wire pickup guys are huge down the stretch. This one's a little sweeter though given the fight I had with injuries all year.
  5. BIG DECISION: What should I do? WHIR 100%

    Gotta play Ertz
  6. Hate making these decisions on a Saturday. I can only play two today. Watson @ NYJ (Game script could screw him) Mayfield @ Denver (No Chris Harris) Lamar Jackson vs Tampa (Short leash) 1 pt per 20 passing yards, 4 pts per TD, -1 pt per INT/Fumble, 5 pts per 350 passing yards
  7. I like Alshon. Driskell at QB with Green back scares me. Alshon is also good for some long receiving plays as Washington blows a lot of coverages.
  8. Need Help versus Top Scoring Team. WHIR

    Cam, Mack, Vannett for sure I think you have to go Godwin with Jackson out. I like Humphries but Godwin might get you that monster game against the top team.
  9. .25 pts per reception, pt per 10 yards, 6pts per TD I was going to play Adams but this new injury worries me with the Monday night game. I might switch in Coleman to be safe
  10. Lamar Jackson 2018 Outlook

    24 points with a punt TD & defensive TD return killing an opportunity for him. Before his TD, his stats were underwhelming. I'm starting him with confidence next week.
  11. Agree that Brate should be an immediate add. Gronk has been on and off with health. You could use more WR depth. I'd try to get Miller on your team. I think he's more of a reliable option than MVS to be honest. I'd also consider Gus Edwards but with Conner, Michel and Chubb your RB group is pretty deep.
  12. .25 pts per reception, pt per 10 yards, 6 pts per TD I'm leaning Adams but feel Coleman is the safer play here
  13. KC vs LAR in Mexico City

    Win all around for the fantasy community. No game moving to Week 12 and regardless if they have the Mexico field ready in six days, all the players won't have any doubts on the surface they're playing on.
  14. Golden Tate 2018 Outlook

    PHI is much different than the DAL and HOU situations. Dallas and Houston badly needed bodies at WR. Tate is like a luxury for PHI and if last night's game was out of reach, I'm sure Tate would've seen more looks. However they needed clutch drives and what better to have players in there that have that continuity with Wentz like Ertz, Jeffery and Agholor.