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  1. KC vs LAR in Mexico City

    Win all around for the fantasy community. No game moving to Week 12 and regardless if they have the Mexico field ready in six days, all the players won't have any doubts on the surface they're playing on.
  2. Golden Tate 2018 Outlook

    PHI is much different than the DAL and HOU situations. Dallas and Houston badly needed bodies at WR. Tate is like a luxury for PHI and if last night's game was out of reach, I'm sure Tate would've seen more looks. However they needed clutch drives and what better to have players in there that have that continuity with Wentz like Ertz, Jeffery and Agholor.
  3. Doyle or Reed? WHIR

    Reed is too unpredictable. I like Doyle.
  4. I'd sit Ingram and Maurice Harris based on volume with the others.
  5. Sit one for flex... .25 pt per PPR , pt per 10 yards, 6 pts per TD. I'm leaning sitting Golladay Golladay @ CHI Cooper @ PHI Burton vs DET
  6. Mayfield/Juju/Burton for Newton/Kirk

    thank you sir!
  7. Non PPR, QB flex league. I already have Howard at TE and sort of have decent depth at WR Do I accept Newton and Kirk for Juju, Mayfield and Burton? current team QB- Watson RB- Chubb RB- Coleman WR- Adams WR- Juju WR- Golladay TE- OJ Howard K- Parkey DEF- Bears Flex- Mayfield B- Mariota, Flacco, Kerryon Johnson, Burton, DJ Moore, Amari Cooper
  8. ROS Watson or Wentz?

    yes love Wentz down the stretch
  9. ROS Watson or Wentz?

    Both QBs acquired another weapon today. Watson's situation has improved but Wentz now has Tate, Agholor, Jeffery and Ertz.
  10. I was trying to deal Watson after his five TD game for Newton. The Newton owner came back and asked for one of my TEs. I'm holding Burton & OJ Howard. With Demaryius getting traded there today, is Watson almost the same value as Cam now where I should hold?
  11. Baker Mayfield 2018 Outlook

    Agreed. Hyde was not a liability at all but rather a good complement to what they had in the run game. Unfortunately Baker's only played 3 & 1/2 games and the offensive line has been a disaster coupled with the crazy amount of drops in the pass game.
  12. Tyrod Taylor 2018 Outlook

    Already down Wentz & Mariota on one of my rosters, just had to cut Tyrod for Keenum last night. In addition to losing Gordon, I'm not sure how the team responds after unexpectedly learning that one of their offensive superstars was released. What was supposed to be a popular streamer this week for those in need of QB help, doesn't look so hot right now. The volatility just isn't worth it this week.
  13. Amari Cooper 2018 Outlook

    The talent gap between Rams LB and their cover corners is so wide it's unreal. I'm not surprised that the Raiders chose to attack the TE routes and won't be shocked if most of the Rams' opponents do the same. Fortunately Oakland doesn't face the Rams again this season. It's only Week 1. Buy Low.
  14. Le'Veon Bell 2018 Outlook

    Anyone remember the MJD situation in 2012? Bell's situation is worse but MJD just finished '11 as a top 3 fantasy RB. Rashad Jennings was going as the 27th ranked RB off the boards in fear that MJD (slipped to 21st ranked back off board) wouldn't play much because of the holdout. MJD showed up exactly a week before Week 1 and even though Jennings started Week 1, MJD turned in the better liine. MJD did get injured and no Jags RB finished in the top 40 that year (I know the rushing situations aren't even close). .
  15. D/ST 2018

    Chicago's defense could have a very special year. I'd really consider making a move for them.