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  1. 2018 Dream Draft

    I'm out. Not going to stoop down to the level of teenagers.
  2. 2018 Dream Draft

    Do you see a backup kicker?
  3. 2018 Dream Draft

    I play leagues with savvy people and try to be realistic. I'm not here to post monster lineups as if I'm playing with 11 other idiots.
  4. 2018 Dream Draft

    Both QBs have tremendous upside with excellent offensive coaching. Both TEs are value picks and are due for increase in targets this year. Ravens play the Bills Week 1 and Chicago home to Seattle Week 2 (Yeah Seattle is going to suck this year) RB is one of the most volatile positions. But yeah one of the "worst strategies you've ever seen" has led me to cash in many leagues in the past few decades

    Buffalo- No QB gets more than 7 starts this year Miami- Albert Wilson becomes a solid WR3 in fantasy New England- Jordan Matthews becomes an every week WR2. NE still wins East NY Jets- Sam Darnold starts right away and with lack of receiving options, Chris Herndon is a top 10 TE in fantasy Baltimore- They'll finish as the #1 fantasy D, Hurst/Andrews combine close to top 5 TE fantasy points Cincy- Frustrated after a bad start, the Bengals trade AJ Green before the deadline Cleveland- They have a lot of talent and make the playoffs Pittsburgh- With Bryant's targets gone, JuJuSmith Schuster comes within top 5 fantasy WRs Houston- Watson is figured out and has a sophomore slump in year 2 but HOU makes the playoffs and Watson flashes there Indy- Jack Doyle puts up top 3 fantasy TE numbers with Luck back and lack of reliable receivers Jacksonville- With a tough early schedule, The Jags start 2-6 and struggle to recover Tennessee- Matt Lafleur in '16 turned Matt Ryan into gold, '17 Goff into gold, Mariota will put up top 3 fantasy QB #s as TEN makes playoffs Denver- D will put up +20 fantasy points vs Seattle in Week 1 and will be the #1 waiver wire pick in FAAB KC- Mahomes is good as advertised, puts up air show with Tyreke, Watkins and Kelce and KC wins AFC West again LA Chargers- LA will fall on tough luck again with injuries as they'll lose key piece on offense & defense struggling to get to .500 Oakland- Amari Cooper solidifies himself as first round pick in '19 drafts but OAK falls short of playoffs Dallas- Dak gets benched at some point for poor play NY Giants- They'll pull a Dallas from a few years ago as Barkley will live up to expectations and Odell has a resurgence. They'll win NFC East. Philly- They'll be the six seed in the NFC as the defense regresses Washington- Jordan Reed plays 13 games Chicago- excellent rush attack with top notch D gets them in the playoffs as a WC Detroit- Golladay becomes a WR2 after Tate or Marvin Jones goes down with injury Green Bay- #1 seed in NFC and this time they're going back to the Super Bowl Minnesota- Cousins melts down in final four weeks (3 games on road) to keep Vikings from playoffs Atlanta- Tevin Coleman finishes with better fantasy numbers than Freeman and ATL wins the South Carolina- Norv Turner doesn't mesh well with the offense and is fired shortly into the season New Orleans- Kamara sees TD regression, gets dinged up and has sort of a sophomore slump season Tampa- Ryan Fitzpatrick goes 2-1 during Winston's suspension but the Bucs go hot and cold during Winston's starts Arizona- Bradford gets injured in preseason. Rosen starts Week 1 LA Rams- Go 2-4 in their final 6 games to just miss playoffs which includes Suh giving up on plays, Peters losing his composure and drawing a crucial 4th quarter penalty and Goff making some bad crucial throws. SF/Rams Week 17 will be winner goes to playoffs match Seattle- Russell Wilson gets pounded by Von Miller in the first game and deals with injuries all year long. The Seahawks collapse and get #1 pick SF- The Niners make the playoffs with Breida/McKinnon splitting work. SF loses a playoff game because of late game playcalling by Shanahan
  6. 2018 Dream Draft

    12 Team 1.09- RB- Fournette- trending upward to rebounding after injury filled rookie year and just upgraded G play on the O'line 2.04- WR- M Thomas- TDs weren't there in '17. Saints will be in more shootouts 3.09- RB- Mixon- Hill gone and improvement on offensive line. Due for a ton of volume 4.04- WR- A Cooper- Crabtree gone and has a ton of targets coming to him, Olson in to help Carr, defense should create more shootouts 5.09- RB- Guice- Him or Michel but I think he'll get more volume 6.04- WR- S Watkins- Never meshed well with Goff, could be moving onto best QB he's ever had and is deep thrower in a good offense 7.09- WR- Kupp- Developed great chemistry with Goff in a McVay offense 8.04- QB- Mariota- Potential top 5 QB I'm reaching for with new scheme/coaching staff coming in 9.09- TE- Z Burton- Getting starting opportunity with coaching scheme that made Kelce a top 3 TE 10.04- WR- Golladay- Excited to see his role expand in '18. 11.09- QB- Mahomes- Has a great coaching staff to make him succeed 12.04- RB- Breida- Biggest RB value of any draft. No way McKinnon stays healthy all year and Shanahan loves this guy 13.09- DEF- Ravens- Very talented and vs Bills week 1 14.04- TE- Hooper- Nigel Bradham out Week 1 and more seasoned to become #2 in targets on ATL 15.09- K- Succop- Matt LaFleur makes kickers fantasy gold (Bryant '16, Zurlein '17) 16.04- DEF- Bears- Very talented defense, could be looking at '10-like Bears D QB- Mariota RB- Fournette RB- Mixon WR- M Thomas WR- A Cooper WR- Watkins TE- Burton K- Succop DEF- Ravens Flex- Guice B- Mahomes RB- Breida WR- Kupp WR- Golladay TE- Hooper DEF- Bears
  7. Most improved defenses 2018

    Very rarely do the same defenses finish at the top each year. Here's a few that I think have a shot to finish top 10 that you can get for nothing in your drafts: Chicago- There's essentially no weakness and they have a decent pass rush. With an improved offense, they won't be on the field so much. Since they play GB week 1, I'm targeting them as a backup but another team like the Ravens (vs Bills) Denver- Top 5 pass rush in NFL should immediately improve the D. In addition, the offense improved so they'll be less stress on them to carry the team NY Jets- This is a longshot to be top ten but I like what's going on here. They lack a pass rush but Williams is a stud on the D'Line, improved LB group and potentially elite secondary with the two second year players and Trumaine Johnson landing here.
  8. 2018 Biggest Busts

    Yeah that's an excellent point. People forget that there were major concerns about the Vikings' O'Line going into last season. Somehow it came together pretty well and they had a great season. A big reason was Shurmur. He's now gone and while the offensive playcalling and use of RB is in question (even though Dalvin is pretty talented) can that overachieving offensive line repeat its '17 performance?
  9. Fantasy Football Resources 2018

    Podcasts: Rotoviz- They have a new podcast on almost every day with different hosts and it's pretty informative High Stakes Fantasy Football Hour- Each week is interview with former FFPC winners and their analysis on the upcoming season then in July they have in depth analysis on pros vs joes drafts like every two nights. The two guys who host the podcast complement each other well and are entertaining The Fantasy Takeaway- New one I found. The podcast is well done and the hosts are very informative. The hosts definitely know their stuff and breakdown a lot more details then other experts. Websites Walterfootball.com- My go to for the past nine years. These guys are NFL Mock Draft experts and their draft process expertise translates beautifully to NFL & fantasy football analysis. I've learned a ton over that time reading their site regularly and learned about so many other factors that predict fantasy performance (such as coaching and other phases of the game). This has helped me cash for multiple years ESPN- Well even though I don't agree with a lot of their expertise, this might be the most popular and you need to see where the consensus is drafting people. Mags Phil Steele NFL Preview- ESPN guy but just like his college info, his NFL expertise is legit. Like other people have said above, always keep an open mind when reading different sources. It will pay off.
  10. 2018 Sleepers

    Not sure I see Cousins as a sleeper. He's been borderline top 5 QB on some lists. He'd have to have close to an MVP season on a new team with a new offensive coordinator. I like these other ones though. Mahomes and Winston are good bets. I'm also not opposed to burning a last round pick on Flacco if your searching for QB help. The Ravens were at the top in passing attempts for multiple years until last season when they had absolutely nothing for weapons. Now they have Crabtree and some other weapons.
  11. 2018 Biggest Busts

    Some that jump out: Brandin Cooks- Third team in the last three years and arguably with a lesser skilled QB. Receivers on new teams take time to adjust. Too many mouths to feed on that offense. Alex Collins- Was never high pedigree back and was taken off the waiver wire last year. Had many production opportunities with no Dixon and lack of receivers. With Crabtree and others on board and Dixon back, there will be many other contributors in the Ravens offense. One fumble into the season and Dixon (Ravens' prized pick few years ago) might get some shots Jay Ajayi- The Eagles utilize multiple backs. I'd rather take Clement in the last round of the drafts than Ajayi at his adp Jarvis Landry- Not a fan of taking receivers on new teams, especially when there's a plethora of options.
  12. Cam Newton 2018 Season Outlook

    They're all reliable but this isn't me saying I'm going to take Cam as the first QB off the board. However I'd rather take a guy like Cam in the 5th than Rodgers, Russ or Brady in the 3rd.
  13. Cam Newton 2018 Season Outlook

    and Mike Shula was so great?
  14. Cam Newton 2018 Season Outlook

    When I look at the top ten fantasy QB list for 2018, Cam might return the most value out of that consensus group. There's a lot to like here. Upgrade in offensive coordinator from Shula to Norv. McCaffery will be better. Stewart was such a reliable goal line back. I think Cam will see sort of slight uptick in opportunities inside the 5. The addition of DJ Moore, the return of Curtis Samuel and the addition of Torrey Smith. There's more to like than a few of the negatives like Norwell. If I'm taking a top ten QB, Cam will be the one I'm targeting for sure. There's so much parody at QB for fantasy this year and there's tremendous value after the top ten. If you look at the consensus top ten, there's qbs with more major questions on how they'll return value. Rodgers- Coming off injury and just lost his most reliable WR Wilson- Coming off maybe his greatest fantasy season and it's because they had no running game. They improved that and he lost Graham so I don't see how he'll replicate his 2017. Brady- Over 40 and just lost Cooks and Amendola. I just don't see how he'll be elite fantasy wise. Watson- Coming off ACL and garbage o'line with Texans' defense expected to be much better minimizing shootouts Wentz- Coming off ACL and will miss substantial preseason training relative to all the work he put in last offseason Brees- Very good but not early 2010's elite. Saints as a team overachieved last year and in for down year Cousins- New team and doesn't have Gruden and Vikings don't have Shurmur who was huge reason why Case Keenum was really good last year With all these negatives from the consensus top 10, I don't see most of these guys blowing the competition away and wouldn't be shocked if Cam is the #1 fantasy QB in 2018. Also there's a ton of value after that who have potential to crack the top 10 like Stafford, Garoppolo, Winston, Luck, Ryan, Mahomes, Mariota, Carr that I'd rather go for later.
  15. Sean Newcomb 2018 Outlook

    Depending on your matchups and what you need for numbers but I'm benching him. It's upper 80s here today and the ball will jump out in a hurry.