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  1. McCoy was 11/23 rushing and 3/0 receiving
  2. Still a must start while Hill is out.
  3. Should have had a second TD. Ride this wave until week 10 and hope it gets you into the playoffs.
  4. Thank God I pulled him for AB last minute.
  5. 8/100/1 in each of his first two games. Looking like a potential stud at the position. Lamar Jackson is targeting him heavily. He’s a must start right now unless you own Kelce.
  6. He was targeted heavily in the end zone is what I’m most excited about.
  7. Some people were ranking him as top 5 TE after last week lol
  8. He might be the best fantasy WR going forward.
  9. His value is in the tank now with AB in town.
  10. 3 fumbles in 2 games. That last fumble was inside their own 20.
  11. He lost his job to Penny with those two fumbles
  12. Just scooped him up. I'm always looking for RB depth.