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  1. The song's pretty good, i goes in and out b/w a new style and their older style. Some parts just sound awkward though. It's definatly a big improvement over St. Anger. And may i speak for everyone when i say "THANK GOD KIRK'S SOLO'S ARE BACK".
  2. I freakin got R.E.M.'s only good song "Losing my Religion" stuck in my ahead. I like it, but it's just gettin annoying right now!!!
  3. thats me view with Coheed too. I DESPISE the singer with a passion, it's a shame that such talented guitarists play behind that POS.
  4. I like AILD, it's just unlike other bands, i can only take so much of the screamin at one time. Ive been to a show where they played. And yes theyre amazin live. It was so loud n crazy that i didnt even notice the screamin. So if a simulation of live shows can be created while im listening to AILD, theyd be in my top 5. But till that day comes, theyre gonna hover in the honorable mention realm.
  5. yup, the only bad thing i can say bout BFMV, is that at a show last yea i got punched in the eye. And i wasnt even in a pit, stupid 15 yr old ignorants.
  6. Now this band is like uber christian, but these two songs are just amazing lyrically and musically. Their other stuff i like a lot too. The first song's opening line is like the best line ever. Some my feel its week but o well. http://youtube.com/watch?v=wgiJkrAL9K4 http://youtube.com/watch?v=vbdTL7T0bU0&feature=related this is a rock band, def not metal, but unique would be my best way to describe their sound.
  7. See it's bands like WTC, that give people this ill concieved views about screamin music. Now like i said, i personally cant stand listen to the singers of even AILD, but i cant deny the musical ability of em.
  8. RSD, you gotta hear this, this band is like a colt classic in NJ. Theyre so bad it's good. Or to me just flat out comical. Theyre called WAKING THE CADAVER. this is the only vid i can post that wont breat the CoC. lol And my friend put a song in a Eng proj we did, it's the same song as the ohter, im the "monster" in the vid. lol
  9. Def, i havent heard that song in a while, now i gotta listen to it!
  10. I hear ya RSD, but i like music i can kinda not sing to necisarily, but go along with, and regardless of what the singer is singin bout, it's really hard to go along with the vocals of the songs. The music is fantastic, i love the musical gifts of a lot of the screamin bands, but i gotta take em in moderation, cuz after a while it's just too much for me personally.
  11. Love BFMV, their my fav band along with Saliva. Weird combo i no, since their not exactly the same type of genre. I like any type of rock/metal that i can actualy understand what the singer is saying.
  12. unless you're stuck on the f'n turn and totally lose out.
  13. It just better not be who im lookin for! DITTO!!!