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  1. Any chance yahoo will give him the inj tag since he will miss the next 2 games at least? Sure could use that roster spot.
  2. How do you guys think Butler getting traded to Miami would affect Richardson's production?
  3. When do they usually add prospects, I’d love to scoop him up before he blows up even more.
  4. Ok here is my 14 team league dynasty team: C. Tucker Barnhart 1b. Hanley 2b. Dee Gordan ss. Correa 3b. Gallo Of. Mazara, Stanton, G.Polanco Utl. Suarez, C.Santana B. Kingery, Hamilton, Odor, T.O'Neill Sp. Yu Darvish, C. Morton, L. Castillo, M.Wacha, M.Stroman, A.Heaney, E. Rodriguez, B.Snell, C.Kuhl, D.Duffy, K.Maeda, T.Williams, J.Berrios, C.Smith, G.Marquez Rp. Greene, E.Diaz, B.Ziegler, Holland Minors: J.Guzman, M.Baez, V.Robles, F.Tatis, B.Bichette, J.Soto, E.Florial, T.Trammell, L.Robert, K.Tucker, E.Jimenez, J.Siri, R.Tapia So I've been offered Trout, Kyle Lewis and Kevin Maitan for Robles, Tatis, Soto and Bichette. I'm pretty conflicted on the deal. One it's Mike Trout but on the other hand that's a lot of young talent to give up to get him. What do you guys think?