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  1. Gurriel was having a nice season before recent injury.
  2. Yet he continues to bat in the middle of the lineup and DH when he doesn't catch.
  3. When Chavis became blah, this kid stepped in and saved me at 2nd.
  4. Two run bomb. Surprised they didn't pull him when the game was out of that is a good sign about his knee.
  5. Why be too concerned when you still have that paycheck coming?
  6. He's most geniuses.
  7. That is what I did. Matt Olson had a 5 game schedule so I inserted Vasquez in at first and went with Smith at C.
  8. Nothing like picking up a stud catcher this late in the season.
  9. If all goes good it will be a week at most. I fully expect him to be activated for next week's set of games.
  10. Bo seen getting hugs in dugout. He is on his way per RW.
  11. But his dad is Buddy. So he has that going for him.
  12. What is going to happen when the crafty, clubhouse veteran Zobrist comes back?
  13. Roberts is a genius. To prove it, Verdugo will be benched or bat 7th tomorrow.