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  1. Eloy Jimenez - OF CWS

    Was pulled from today's game after 1 ab. Anyone have info? Never mind. Had day off then PH and then got PR for. No injury.
  2. Scott Kingery 2018 Outlook

    The best move in fantasy league is patience.
  3. Kevin Kiermaier 2018 Outlook

    Foot discomfort. May play tomorrow or out for the season.
  4. Jose Martinez 2018 Outlook

    Have to believe that they are sitting him to avoid injury for trade purposes.
  5. Leonys Martin 2018 Outlook

    Activated per rototimes
  6. Jose Martinez 2018 Outlook

    I have the gut feeling he will be. These benchings are ridiculous. I imagine his agent has been on STL front office regularly.
  7. Jose Martinez 2018 Outlook

    Well, his offensive numbers are at a pretty good trade value right now. Interested teams won't care that he is benched.
  8. Jose Martinez 2018 Outlook

    Unless, he goes to the AL in a trade.
  9. Francisco Mejia 2018 Outlook

    Will be at AAA for the next couple of weeks for evaluation according to AJ Preller.
  10. Francisco Mejia 2018 Outlook

    Haven't seen where is is being assigned. AAA or the big squad?
  11. 2018 MLB Trade Rumors and Deadline Thread

    It appears that I am the only one who has zero sources. I don't even know anyone who has sources.
  12. Jose Martinez 2018 Outlook

    Bader just left with an ankle injury.
  13. Jose Martinez 2018 Outlook

    The cards are emphasizing defense. He doesn't have those skills.
  14. Chris Davis 2018 Outlook

    Nice to see Buck still batting him in the middle of the order. Only 3 k's today and batting .156 for the year.
  15. Greg Bird 2018 Outlook

    Tell me how I should have stated it and then I will go back and edit it according to your evaluation.