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  1. Simms is a third down back that they don't trust with the workload or else he would've been starting. Most teams carry at least 3 RBs. It's silly to thinI they would drop a guy the relied so much on. They know Martins injury history and are definitely planning on insuring that with Quizz.
  2. lol @ the Bucs dropping him. He's a backup and will regain that role when Martin, a RB with an injury/PED suspension history, comes back and Quizz will prbly get one series to every 3 by Martin. I can't believe that anyone ever thought he would be in a 50:50 timeshare. He put up double digits points weekly when Martin went down last season and was more than adequate. Of course he isn't going to put up twenty plus points a week or else he'd be starting.
  3. I'm holding until I see Doug martin stay healthy the first game at least. Doug isn't exactly a pillar of health and I would kill myself if I dropped Quizz hours before he took the job over again due to injury. Every RB outside of Kareem The Dream Hunt has bad games
  4. His fastball had plenty of movement tonight. I didn't know much about him other than his K rate so I came here only to find a wealth of good info. Nothing scares me more than hearing "straight fastball" so I was pleased to see it with some snap at the end. I liked what I saw, the park is a plus, and I trust Oak. when it comes to pitching so if he wins the spot ill hold him. Definitely not a guy ill hold if he's sent back down.
  5. he'll only be suspended 3 games. The rotoworld update said that the roster exempt suspension serves at the same time of the drunk driving suspension.