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  1. Mitch Trubisky 2018 Outlook

    Report came out today that he is actually not throwing in practice - that's definitely concerning. The Bears are usually pretty mysterious about injuries, I recall when TE Adam Shaheen got hurt in the preseason they originally said he was expected to only miss a couple weeks, and he ended up being out half the season. Not saying I think Trubisky will miss that much time, but there are indications his injury is more serious than they've been letting on. Source:
  2. Jordan Howard 2018 Outlook

    I'm benching him if Trubisky is out. The Bears offense isn't nearly as powerful with Chase Daniel, which means Jordan Howard has less opportunities for those 1-yd GL TDs that give him any sort of fantasy value.
  3. Jordan Howard 2018 Outlook

    As a Bears fan, I'm bullish on Howard's ROS outlook. He was mostly ineffective running the ball the first three quarters against the Jets, but unlike previous games Nagy actually stuck with the run and it paid off in the 4th quarter as Howard reeled off a big 24 yard run and then two plays later scored the game-sealing touchdown from two yards out. It's encouraging to see that kind of usage and it wouldn't surprise me if it continues moving forward.
  4. Cameron Meredith 2018 Outlook

    I think he's a sneaky pick up right now. He missed a whole year with that ACL and had to learn a new offense this year, so his slow start isn't all that surprising. As he gets back to full health and becomes more and more comfortable with the offense we could see some nice production down the road.
  5. Sony Michel 2018 Outlook

    He passed the eye test for me - that 30 yard TD run was a thing of beauty. Looking forward to seeing him grow in this offense.
  6. Waiver Wire - Week 4

    Kenjon Barner in deep leagues. He's one injury away from having a major role in that offense.
  7. Nelson Agholor 2018 Outlook

    Really great strategy by the Eagles to take their best WR and move him from the position he's had success at to accommodate a washed up Jordan Matthews.
  8. Mitch Trubisky 2018 Outlook

    I like the upside, he will surprise some people this year. He's mobile, capable of making great throws and has some nice weapons to work with. I doubt Nagy is going to show much of the offense in the pre-season so it will certainly be interesting to see what Trubisky looks like once the regular season starts.
  9. Royce Freeman 2018 Outlook

    This. Booker is terrible. He was handed the starting RB job on a silver platter in 2016 after CJA's injury and did nothing with it. Only 79 carries last year. Royce has every opportunity to seize this job and run with it (no pun intended ).
  10. Francisco Lindor 2018 Outlook

    #1 player in my league right now.
  11. Luke Weaver 2018 Outlook

    In my 10-team 5x5 standard league he's currently the 192nd ranked SP (658th overall). I'd say there are plenty of better options out there.
  12. Caleb Smith 2018 Outlook

    Not to pile on, but this is a shining example of how a looking at only a box score and advanced stats can be misleading. I watched his entire start and the Padres as a team clearly came in with a plan to swing early and often, to avoid falling behind in counts. Smith did a great job of quickly recognizing it and making an adjustment, offering up pitches early in the count that looked enticing but were not easily squared up. The result was a ton of weak contact, including many pop ups. There were only three hard hit balls off him the entire game, including the home run. I came away really impressed with the start. Not necessarily from a "stuff" standpoint, but that he has the mental makeup to recognize an opponents strategy and make effective in-game adjustments.
  13. Johnny Field 2018 Outlook

    The polar opposite of Johnny Bench
  14. Jose Berrios 2018 Outlook

    I was worried we were gonna see "Bad Jose" after those first couple innings, but he settled in very nicely. Impressive outing.
  15. Mallex Smith 2018 Outlook

    Are they ever going to put this guy in the leadoff spot? I can't believe they think the corpse of Denard Span is really a better option