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  1. Nope. I do not understand what's in it for the Kershaw owner.
  2. If you believe in Aguilar and Bryant equally then yes. Help?
  3. Drop Wood but I wouldn't stay attached to Odor either. As soon as you have another need, drop him too. Help?
  4. If you need SP help more than RP help, absolutely. Urias is pretty good, the Dodgers will probably cut him lose more than we think (like Buehler), and nobody can realistically expect Kim to stay healthy. Help?
  5. I'd go with those. Strahm has awful peripherals and has minimal Ks. I don't have high hopes for him atm. Help?
  6. Sounds like you know what you want to do and need a little push. Go ahead. If scarcity is so terrible then Porcello should be a decent enough upgrade. I'm not a huge fan of his, but I don't think he'll be this bad all season. Help?
  7. Ketel Marte has been a little disappointing as of late, and I can't afford benching Odor since I have three other major injuries. Which of the following would you use to replace Odor and which, if any, would you use to replace Marte? (Note: Odor is 2B eligible only but Marte is 2B/SS/OF eligible) FAs Galvis (2B/SS), J.Polanco (SS), Schoop (2B/SS), Wong (2B - but on waivers until 4/16) 12-team, 9-cat, h2h redraft C - Realmuto 1B - Rizzo 2B - Odor 3B - Suarez SS - Ketel OF - Springer, Conforto, Mallex Util - Voit SP - Archer, Castillo, Eflin, Kikuchi, Matz, Pineda, Quintana, Smith, Severino RP - Hicks, Holland, Rogers, Vazquez DL - Stanton, Turner
  8. Not really. Minter and Neris have both picked up a save, but not in a context that suggests they might legitimately be next person up.
  9. 12-team h2h, 5×5 redraft. We get 5 adds per week. I have one empty roster slot, plus a bunch of guys who could be cutting block material (Odor, Ketel, Voit, Quintana, Severino depending on the MRI, Givens, and Rogers). Who is my straight up add, and/or what other add drops to you see? FA Hitters: DeJong, Galvis, Heyward, Kiermaier, Starlin, Yandy FA Pitchers: Cahill, Caleb S., Miley, Pineda, A.Sanchez, Woodruff C – Realmuto 1B – Rizzo 2B – Odor 3B – Suarez SS – Ketel OF – Springer, Conforto, Mallex Util – Voit DL – Trea, Stanton SP – Archer, Castillo, Eflin, Kikuchi, Matz, Quintana, Severino (only 2 DL slots) RP – Vazquez, Hicks, Holland, Rogers, Givens [And one empty roster slot]
  10. Yes, unless he's going to be your main source of steals and you can't get a decent replacement source back.
  11. Would you add DeJong or K.Marte as a fill in while Trea is out? H2H 5x5 redraft.
  12. Thanks everyone. Given how almost all my RPs imploded today now I just have to decide who has the worst future.
  13. Barnes, as I think he's the only one who will for sure get some regular PT Help?
  14. It's fair. Posey has more name value but performance wise it's a push and neither is super exciting. Help?