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  1. It's not an insulting offer. I wouldn't take it because Nola and Buxton both lack a lock (several seasons) track record but it's an offer within what I consider reasonable bounds, in that, it all comes down to how you each value players.
  2. Abreu is the safer choice. But I'd go based on price. Whichever comes cheaper. If all things are equal, I'd probably take Abreu as a known quantity, but it's close.
  3. McNeil is milquetoast. He is droppable provided there is someone with a higher floor or ceiling out there.
  4. I'd rather have the Albies side. J-Ram and Stanton are both a push in terms of question mark. Is J-Ram going to remember how to hit? Will Stanton get healthy?
  5. If you can still get something of value for Santana I'd do that now before he craters any remaining value and you're giving him up for a streamer or something.
  6. Yes, it's possible, but that's more of a factor of many of the top prospects this year needing substantial time to adapt to MLB. They come to the majors with a high K rate, which means they'll have prolonged slumps and will be exploited by good pitching. So they have higher upside but a low floor.
  7. Franmil, and it's not close for me. Dude is rocking out and his peripherals all support this. Ohtani after an injury...who knows. So much more risk, and we know the Angels will manage him with kid gloves (and he won't play any interleague games).
  8. I thin Dozier has a safer floor because he's always had a great eye and makes good contact. But I'd take the upside gamble on Eloy. I don't think Dozier will be a league winning add.
  9. Yeah, just can't drop Jones yet because it leaves me an OF shy, and that's assuming Springer is back today or tomorrow.
  10. I'd drop Wacha, but I don't think Anderson is the add that moves anything for you. Help?
  11. I think Blackmon will be worth sufficiently more than Bauer this season that you'll regret it, even if pitching is an area of need. No judgement for doing it, but know you're paying a premium. Help?
  12. Biggio/Cron (coin toss).....then Rodgers. Help?
  13. Normally, I prefer hitters over pitchers but you really don't need Devers, and Paddack would be nice going forward, so I'd probably decline, but if you accept, I wouldn't second guess it either. Help?
  14. Any of them. Probably Winker first, Kepler second, but it's close. Help?
  15. In a redraft, so long as you can be patient and hold on until Judge is back, I absolutely make that trade. Help?
  16. So. There are some interesting starters and hitters available, that may be better than what I have now. There's Canning (though I wouldn't get to start him today), Heaney (may start Sunday), Lynn (Is he sipping stem cell milkshakes?!), Nelson (though he ran out of gas in his latest rehab), and Pena (though he's working with openers). Or I could scoop Schoop as a backup to LaStella and Trea. I just don't know who my drop would be, if I should even drop someone at all. Eflin has been defying his peripherals but I can't seem to find a trade for him, and Gibson SHOULD be better than he is at the moment but those middle innings chew him up. Thoughts? 12-team, 10-cat, h2h, redraft C- Realmuto; 1B - Rizzo; 2B - LaStella; 3B - Suarez; SS - Trea; OF - Springer, A.Jones, Pence; Util - Voit; Bench - Y.Alvarez; IL - Stanton, Conforto SP - Caleb, Castillo, Eflin, Gibson, Mahle, Quintana, Weaver RP - Hicks, Holland, Leclerc, Robles, Vazquez
  17. Whoops. Didn't see this at the time. No. Estevez is going to remain set-up. Closermonkey had the fastest scoop on this.
  18. The forum fraternity has to look out for one another!
  19. I can't either. 😂 Seriously, tho, I thought he had bucked his propensity for injury after the last two years, but maybe not?
  20. He's a hold or a sell in shallower leagues, but I'm jaded and just don't trust the guy.
  21. Leclerc rising, anyone in the Rockies bullpen has a big question mark next to them. Heck, even Davis did for part of last year. Thanks, Coors.
  22. He's never played more than 160 games in a season, and most seasons he fell noticeably short of that. He and Judge are brittle.