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  1. Trade DJ for LeVeon?

    The way I look at it, DJ’s trade value is garbage right now and looking at his schedule it won’t get much better. Bell is only attainable because he’s sitting out which could change any week. I’m fine riding Thompson/Conner and if/when Bell comes back I’m set. And Thompson has looked great. I stand pat, I have a DJ on a crap team and a worthless Conner if/when Bell comes back.
  2. WW Help: Use #2?, Gio, Callaway, etc.

    I’d grab Gio. He’s a fine starter the next few weeks and good trade bait to Mixon owner.
  3. Trade DJ for LeVeon?

    Anyone else? Drop a link.
  4. I think Davis will be better than Sanders so I’d look elsewhere.
  5. Interesting trade considering Bell’s uncertainty, but I have Conner. 12 team, .5 PPR (keeper) Mahomes, Newton DJ, Mixon, Collins, Conner, Bernard, Blount AB, OBJ, Golladay, Kupp Reed, Burton I trade DJ & Blount I get LeVeon & C.Thompson Locks up Pitt RB for me. Get Thompson as a RB2/Flex. Thoughts?
  6. Dez Bryant 2018 Outlook

    My prediction is after Dallas gets their a** beat again this week with no offense, Jerry will bring Dez back. At this point it will be difficult for him to go to another team and learn a new playbook in time to make a significant impact.
  7. If Collins isn’t going to get GL carries he’s WW trash. Period.
  8. 12 team standard league, I had 6th pick. Antonio fell to me and I just couldn’t pass him up, was hoping for Freeman or McCaffery in round 2, but both gone so went with another stud WR that fell, so here it is: Watson, Mahomes Collins, Miller, K.Johnson, J. Williams, Cohen, Clement, Conner Antonio, M.Thomas, Kupp, Golladay Kelce Not at all what I intended to do, but just went with best player at each pick. Thoughts?
  9. Trade Mixon for Green?

    With our keeper rules neither Mixon or Green can be kept next year, so this deal is strictly for this year. Any other opinions?
  10. My team (12 team keeper): Newton, Mariota DJ, Mixon, Collins, Gio, Conner AB, OBJ, Goodwin, Cupp, Golladay Burton I give: Mixon, Gio, Goodwin I get: Burkhead, J.White, AJ Green Still leaves me with DJ & Collins as starting RBs with Burkhead as RB3. Then I get to start AB, OBJ, & Green which is SICK! And Mixon is making me nervous with a crappy preseason & Gio still involved. Thoughts?
  11. Been offered a couple of trades I’m my 12 team keeper league. Newton, Mariota DJ, Mixon, Collins, Gio, Conner AB, OBJ, Goodwin, Cupp, Golladay Burton Offer 1: I give: Mixon, Gio, Golladay i get: Burkhead, J. White, Thielen Offer 2: I give: Mixon, Gio, Goodwin I get: Burkhead, J. White, Green Offer 1 is on the table. Offer 2 is what I thought about countering with (I’m not that big on Thielen). Also not a huge fan of buying Pats RB either. Thoughts?
  12. My team (12 team non PPR keeper): Brees Hunt, Burkhead, Thompson, CJA, Clement, Conner AB, Hill, Diggs, Goodwin, Golladay Burton The trade: I give up: Brees & CJA I receive: Goff, Drake, Carson I drop: Clement or Conner My RB2 is pretty shaky and this definitely helps solidify RB for me (although I’m not huge on Drake or Carson), but I’m concerned about the drop off from Brees to Goff. Thoughts?
  13. Adam Thielen 2017 Season Outlook

    This has all of the makings of a ground and pound game for Minny. Mr. Thielen will stay nice and warm on my bench for the championship.
  14. Drew Brees 2017 Season Outlook

    This will be Brees best game of the season. 30+ points! Championship!
  15. Nick Foles 2017 Season Outlook

    Any weather concerns in Philly this week?