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  1. For all the “boom or bust” talk, he’s the #17 WR in my league! Can score on any single play. Gotta love players like that for your flex!
  2. What have MVS and Allison done to secure their positions? Both are also unproven, continuously underperform, and can’t stay on the field.
  3. All the GB WRs after Adams (who’s hurt) are garbage. Rodgers advocated for the kid and he came through. Why wouldn’t you pick him up? I could easily see him locking up the WR2 spot moving forward.
  4. I think it’s a coin flip & matchup based.
  5. .5 PPR league: Mahomes LF, Conner, Hyde, Mattison, Penny Evans, ARob, Gordon, BMW, Beasley Kelce I give up: ARob, Hyde, Penny I receive: T. Williams, Breida, J.White Thoughts?
  6. I wouldn’t. They paid Foles a lot of money. He’s going to get his job back when he’s healthy in a few weeks. See mine plz.
  7. I would. Explosive offense vs. garbage offense.
  8. Honestly I wouldn’t do it. DHop just doesn’t look right this year. You give up Jacobs, the other RBs you have are hard to trust. Try to give him Brieda after tonight’s game.
  9. After tonight’s performance I’d think you could do a little better than Cooks or Chark. I’d try to buy low on a frustrated Evans or OBJ owner.
  10. Just suffered my first loss, need to shake things up. Mahomes Fournette, Conner, Hyde, Mattison, Samuels Evans, Gordon, ARob, M.Williams, Hardman Kelce Was just offered OBJ (after tonight’s stink bomb) & D. Johnson for Conner & Samuels. So basically I swap from Steelers to Texans backfield and pickup OBJ. Thoughts?
  11. I dumped kickers from my league 2 years ago, adding another flex position instead. Best decision ever.