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  1. It's close but ss is harder to find than Of so I'd do it. Might be be able to flip owings for a mid to lower OF to someone in need of Ss help
  2. Being that you have Blackmon and Bryant in a 12 team league I'd do this. You'd have a very good staff and you OF can def survive
  3. I wish you could somehow move DJ for sp. have you tried that? In a ten team league is Healy a top ten 3b i guess id do it if I could find a fall back option at 3b
  4. What's the rest of your bats look like?
  5. *12 team points league*
  6. I'd keep max. Aces are hard to find this year. If you trade max I'd want much more.
  7. It's not bad. Might be able to do a little better. Can you shop Donaldson around?
  8. I give BUM and Carpenter i get Rizzo 12 points league. The owner id be trading with has no true ace. We start seven sps. Am am I giving up enough. Too much or not enough?
  9. Keep this man in the lead off
  10. Yes I'd want Murphy. Play to win now
  11. Definitely try Duvall first like others said
  12. Give me just pollock.
  13. I wouldn't do it, unless you are out of contention.
  14. Drop reed