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  1. Keep arenado. Try to move lamb for sp
  2. I'm currently playing Carpenter at 2b. And Bumgarner is my ace. I was offered Dj LeMahieu and Maeda for my Carpenter. Take this or try and get a better SP for Carpenter straight up?
  3. Outside of week 8 and 9 the Bills D is pretty good against TEs... From what I saw that game was pretty sloppy
  4. Only problem is TE is a VERY hard sell this year.. I've been trying to sell Walker to one of the top two teams for a BENCH WR and they are hesitant. Every league is different, but the position is filled with such a wide range of mediocrity on rosters and the WW
  5. Try cooks and gurley. You're giving up a lot. Worth a starting point
  6. I don't mind it. Definitely keep trying to get that other wr. But Brady's bye is coming up so just make sure it won't be too late.
  7. Lamar Miller or DeAndre Hopkins? Both are worth 4th rounders in 2017 who is the better keeper in 2017 and beyond? we keep two and my other lock is Bell. starting to prepare for 2017.
  8. I think you take that chance.. OBJ can be as good as Green...
  9. Hopkins maybe, no thanks to Robinson.. his playoff schedule is awful, plus he's not the same as last year
  10. YES.. take the risk.. Hopkins has had the toughest WR schedule to start the season, now he has the easiest.
  11. option 2 for both... A rob is not the same as last year just be aware with Rodgers, his playoff schedule is take him and try and flip him