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  1. bump... throw it a vote or response!
  2. 1. Jordy, gio, jennings 2. cooks, Marvin, Doug Martin and jaquizz
  3. id keep a really close eye on Winston... that playoff schedule is money
  4. I like the deal for you. Makes sense for your team. Needed the wr help
  5. I'd stay put. Maybe offer white for henry.
  6. I'll be honest I'd pickup wentz and Winston. Winstons playoff schedule includes 2 games vs NO. Id swap the two qbs personally. At least drop one for wentz
  7. Bump. Leave a link!
  8. Lockett and hoyer are the drops for me
  9. Just the way you listed them
  10. Solid team gotta be bad luck id dump Washington and Rainey for someone on the wire if there's anyone worth it
  11. Yup. Def dump him. I would if my wire wasn't so thin
  12. Landry for me
  13. I would totally do this
  14. I give up Stafford, Baldwin, Crowell and Eifert i get Russel Wilson, Marvin Jones, Sproles and Delanie Walker crowell is my RB2... hopefully getting Martin back next week after the bye
  15. Depends on needs, but Martin has a really nice playoff schedule if he can stay healthy