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  1. Yes, the targets are there.. Wallace's numbers are padding by the TDs. Wallace has 10 catches on 18 targets, 166 Smith 16 catches on 27 targets, 17 yards I usually look at targets, and prefer what I see with Smith.. plus i don't think he withdrew the retirement to come in and be a dud... doesn't seem like that type of player. Last year he was on pace for WR2... I'd be happy with WR3 numbers this year.
  2. LOL... gotta love fantasy football.. everyone freaks out and says he's looked shaky all year... he looked bad yesterday, YES... but week 1: 271 yds, 2td week 2: 304 yds, 3 td Those don't look too bad to me for the qb who finished number 4 in 2015
  3. Last year I was a Bell and DLo owner. I have no problem if DLo wastes a bench spot as long as it means Bell stays healthy. Bell is that good that he's worth essentially taking up 2 roster spots
  4. Anyone starting tonight vs Oakland?
  5. Bump? Whir
  6. Id keep AP here
  7. Jeffery for sure. I don't believe in keeping QBs unless its a ridiculous value for a top 3 guy
  8. I'd go jones. Low risk, RB2 reward
  9. 12 team, non ppr. we keep 2 players, and forfiet the round in which the player was drafted the previous year. right now i am keeping Jordy in the 15th round, but also lost a 3rd round pick to get him I was offered Leveon Bell who is a 7th round pick for AP (1st) and a 5th round pick. So either AP and Jordy and lose my 1st, 3rd and 15th round pick or Bell and Jordy and lose my 3rd, 5th, 7th and 13th round pick Tempted to do this just to have a better keeper, AP has no value after this year. If I do it I can get a decent first and second rounder (ill be drafting 9, 10 or 11 , still undetermined)
  10. Rebounded nicely after a rocky first. 8 innings, 10 ks...unfortunately another L
  11. I was offered kemp and Puig for my Mccutchen or j. Upton and Puig for Mccutchen. My OF is currently Harper, McCutchen, Valencia and Werth at the U 14 team h2h points
  12. Who is on your ww?
  13. Based on your staff, I like it. Cole and Upton are not performing to their potential.
  14. I think it's gonna take more here. Worth a shot for starting point.
  15. I like it long term. And your staff takes a hit but you can survive.