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  1. Mahomes for David Johnson ??? -WHIR-

  2. Trade my Lamar Miller for Shady? 100% WHIR

    no for me.
  3. Mahomes for Davante Adams (standard)

    ACCEPT THAT Asap...qb is so deep b
  4. 12 team non ppr. I was offered Williams and Kupp for McCoy and Hogan stay put or take the deal? team is headed to 0-2 and is in shambles. My other WRs are Sanders, Marshall, Baldwin, RBs are Freeman, McCoy and Miller Freeman and Baldwin already hurt.
  5. LeSean McCoy 2018 Outlook

    He did better than Kareem Hunt did last week against the Chargers. Different games and different teams, I know. Just reaching for something.
  6. Keeper league. 12 teams. Non ppr I was offered Drake (15th rounder in 2019) and Robert Woods, Julian Edelman For Freeman (5th rounder I’m 2019) and Sanders My team is a mess. Freeman out right now my RBs are McCoy, gore and buck Allen My WRs are sanders, fitz, chris hogan, Baldwin and Marshall
  7. Doug Baldwin Droppable?

    in an 8 team league, maybe, otherwise no.
  8. HELP... does this put a bandaid on things? WHIR

    no one needs a QB, QB is so deep
  9. HELP... does this put a bandaid on things? WHIR

    Lindsay. Yeldon Gore, Riddick that's about it.
  10. I give up Elliot and Hogan I get McCoy, Freeman, Fitz Does this help me out? Thoughts are maybe these 2 RBs fill the void at RB 2 (I started Mike Gillislee and the wire is thin as I wait for Ingram to return.) If I do this I may be able to then flip a RB when Ingram returns. My team is A MESS. I have no depth whatsoever as you can see below. 12 Team, non-PPR, 2 Keeper League, CBS QB Cam Newton RB Ezekiel Elliot, Mark Ingram WR Doug Baldwin, Emmanuel Sanders, Chris Hogan TE Jack Doyle K Chris Boswell DST Steelers Bench Marcys Marriota Gio Bernard, Rod Smith, Mike Gillislee Courtland Sutton Eric Ebron, George Kittle
  11. As a bell owner, I think I’d take that.
  12. Gronk trade whir

    Give me the second team in your last post
  13. WR trade. HELP!!

    Baby steps. Moved Adams for Baldwin and Sanders. Im not done w damage control.
  14. Should I trade for LeVeon? WHIR 100%

    Not bad. But I’d sit tight. Unless he can include a wr
  15. Would you trade...

    Yes. I cannot stand Watkins.