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  1. Not really sure what side you mean. Are you saying take Jones and Moore?
  2. Def counter. I wouldn't do that for Fournette, but the other deal I would.
  3. Which side do you prefer? Jones and Moore or Evans 12 Team, I'm 6-4 in 3rd place. Here's the lineup I have. If I take Jones and Moore, I'd likely be trying to move Bell for a WR (trade deadline is Friday, not sure I could pull it off) Winston RB (2) Kamara, Bell, Ballage, Murray WR (3) Evans, Adams, Curtis Samuel, John Brown, Crowder, Dede TE Kittle
  4. Yea, doesn't seem like a drop, unless maybe you're in a 10 team league that starts only 2 wrs.
  5. Trade Hopkins Get D. Henry and Robert Woods Rest of my team: Start 2: Kerryon, Montgomery, Drake and Penny Start 3: Thomas, Allen Robinson and Desean Jackson
  6. If you can Desean as a throw in, I think i'd do it. Mixon and Conner could be the same end of season. Might end up starting one of the niner backs over either.
  7. 12 team std Trade Hopkins for Gurley and Lockett? My other rbs are Kerryon, Montgomery, Penny and Drake. Wrs are Thomas, Allen Robinson, DeSean, Diontae
  8. I get Kittle and DJax (Kittle would be a 15th round keeper in 2020 if I choose) I trade away Engram and Marvin Jones who don't have much keeper value My team, 12 team league, non PPR Lamar Jackson David Johnson, Montgomery Hopkins, DJ Moore, Allen Robinson Engram Tucker Bears Bench: Goff, Landry, Marvin Jones, Olsen, Drake, Jags, Crowder
  9. I’d pass on them all. You don’t need a wr. And I like Sony more then Fournette and Andrews more at TE
  10. Michel, by a lot. You can find wrs like Landry out there on the wire.
  11. I was offered two trades (12 team-2 keeper-non ppr) 1. I give Montgomery and Olsen I get Kittle and Hyde (Kittle is a 15th round keeper next year. This trade would require me starting Hyde at RB 2, and trying to trade Engram for a RB or WR) 2. I give Montgomery, Malcolm and Marvin I get Mixon, Gio and Ross Take either trade? Or sit tight? QB Lamar RB David Johnson, Montgomery WR Hopkins, Allen Robinson, Marvin Jones TE Engram DST Bears Bench: Goff, Tevin Coleman, Drake, Malcolm Brown, Landry, Olsen
  12. Crazy this guy has 8th most rushing yards for a RB on the season. He has 68 carries for 445yds Gurley has more than double the touches and only 221 yards more on the season. Not saying he’s gurley part 2, just saying he’s pretty damn good!
  13. Depends who is out there as FA and your record. I dont hate the trade. Depends who’s out there two fill those empty roster spots. Mixon is the best player in the deal. Help?
  14. Pick a side. 12 team, non ppr A: Sony Michel (9th round) and AJ green B: Mike Thomas (8th) and James White
  15. Wilson has 9 completions to WRs. Yes. This Baldwin performance BLOWS, but cmon! This place has no inbetween. Either let’s add some one hit wonder and blow all our faab on him or let’s drop a player like Todd Gurley, in our 8 team league, because he had a down week.