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  1. I feel he will be a better pick in PPR than in standard now, whereas before format did not matter at all.
  2. Not in ESPN system? Unless I just missed it....
  3. I just despise Kenny Williams Guy has no business being involved in baseball operations. "I'm wearing my shades so that you guys don't see the shock in my eyes,". "It is disappointing." Just a loser.
  4. F*** this bum. I don't care if my Kicker is a scumbag and hails Satan if he makes kicks. Loving our Lord and savior makes you a better human being, but not necessarily a better football player.
  5. N.O coaching staff not having Kamara out there on the key 3rd down. Just garbage.
  6. I guess you can try for Keith Ford since BUF is down all other RBs if you miss out on the other waiver backs. Would feel gross having to start him but stranger things have happened.
  7. I actually feel kinda bad for an owner in one of my semi-finals. Guy lost 89.22 to 88.76. He had Will Lutz. All he needed was a FG, even the extra point if the Saints score. Instead he gets a freakin touchback! Then at that point, you just gotta pray CAR can get it to OT, but they fail too.
  8. Lesean McCoy is the only answer here. Can't see the point of a RB now on the wrong side of 30 in a weak offense whose best years are behind him.
  9. You can still add Vernon Davis for free, for those owners who have the perennially injury risk Jordan Reed or a waste of space like Trey Burton.
  10. How do the Giants not just double cover Cohen, literally the ONLY player who can hurt them?