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  1. Slightly annoyed that James Karinchak is not in either Yahoo or ESPN system
  2. Voit, Judge and Boegarts out of lineup tonight and the Yankees are facing an absolute scrub in EJax too... 😠
  3. Kinda surprised here, I doubt he is ready but stranger things have happened.
  4. Jon Heyman of MLB Network reports that the Cubs are calling up top infield prospect Nico Hoerner. Javier Baez is likely done for the season after being diagnosed on Saturday with a hairline fracture in his left thumb and Addison Russell had to be removed from Sunday's loss to the Brewers after taking a pitch to the head. So the Cubs will turn to Hoerner, who was selected 24th overall in the 2018 MLB Draft -- just about 16 months ago -- and has yet to appear in a game above the Double-A level. The 22-year-old probably isn't ready to be a fantasy contributor, even if he gets regular playing time at shortstop in Chicago.
  5. The problem is that with the expanded rosters in September, MLB teams don't have as much incentive to officially put their guys on the IL. It sucks but it happens every year in fantasy baseball.
  6. I'm still confused on why the Marlins gave this guy up tbh.
  7. The Chargers aren't gonna pay him what he wants... that is a given at this point. Now it becomes a game of what he will accept.
  8. Where does this guy go next year, rd 5? adp will be interesting, League winner like Mondesi last year went earlier, albeit at a different position.
  9. Trevor Bauer will be on my DND list next year.
  10. Trevor Bauer basically cost me a playoff spot with his dumpster fire start yesterday. Hard to win when your supposed #1 pitches like that, ugghhhh.
  11. Yeah I know a lot of commentators will probably dump on Luck for this, but if your heart isn't into it anymore, time to move on. There is a lot more to life than the grind of a professional athlete.
  12. League winner that everyone got for free. Best kind of acquisition
  13. Not a playa, just crush a lot. 😅