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  1. Giolito was all over the place that inning. Garbage
  2. I just hate the absolutely archaic and stupid rule that each team has to be represented. Like I don't even know Sandy Alcantara's stats off-hand, but I am pretty sure he isn't All-star caliber.
  3. They called him "The Squirrel" during the game. Never heard that before. Future BA champion?
  4. Porcello done. Straight trash. I thought Darvish was the worst SP in baseball. I was wrong.
  5. Darvish belongs on waiver wires. I feel bad for owners who are still buying into his stuff. Definition of a mental midget.
  6. Soft as hell. Can you imagine if an NFL player sat out a game with that? Guy would get kicked out of his locker room by his own teammates.
  7. Bad throw by Dahl there. Probably wasn't getting him anyway.
  8. Tyler Chatwood a better hitter than Jason Heyward confirmed
  9. American League Quick Hits: The Blue Jays acquired Edwin Jackson from the Blue Jays for cash considerations. …
  10. I feel like his defense let him down a bit. A few seeing eye singles that better teams turn into outs.
  11. Just another guy with wasted potential due to injuries. Sad but true. Seems destined for a Clay Buchholz type career now, feels like.
  12. Jackie Bradley could have caught that but still well struck ball by Diaz there.
  13. Yeah that Yankees lineup looks as bad as I have seen one from them in quite some time. Just too many injuries
  14. Like seriously, Angels come up in a prime spot with bags loaded and they are using Peter Bourjos??! Had to be SOMEONE to p/h.
  15. I regret drafting Reynaldo Lopez in both of my leagues.
  16. They shouldn't have even played this rainy game but yeah they are super bad. Adam Engel would be debatable to even be a bench guy on all other 29 teams, much less a starter.
  17. Voit was such a value pick this year
  18. I'm at the Sox game. I laughed that Kikuchi threw in Engel's hit rn, like it was his 1st MLB hit ever
  19. Eloy getting a steady diet of sliders and gonna continue until he can lay off or crush the mistake ones.
  20. That sucks for Tailon. Rodriguez gave one up right down broadway to Dietrich.
  21. And there goes any Win for Castillo. Terrible defense by CIN costs them an extra run too
  22. That sucks Castillo couldn't get a QS but a few too many 3 ball counts that 6th inning.