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  1. How did it cost him the win by warming up?
  2. Kluber comes out after warming up for the 8th pointing at his calf. Gets pulled and bullpen immediately blows it.
  3. Why are you arguing with me? And I am watching. Not very moderator like of you.
  4. Argue with the pitch tracking software. It was ruled a slider.
  5. It was a 91mph Slider. Syndergaard was frustrated at Werth and my guess is that Collins made the call because the Mets really are that bad.
  6. Ump isn't doing Nola any favors. Man when it rains....
  7. I won't lie, that inning wasn't pretty but Bourjos is a better fielder than that.
  8. Sorry guys I have Duffy too, also Kazmir later, better get comfy!
  9. Oh man, this is ugly.
  10. Oh man if you like watching terribly fielding, subsequently killing a pitcher, go watch inning 4 of yesterdays Indians game for Corey Kluber. Any more I am just getting used to ERA's above 10.
  11. Oh 100% agreed! This is all my fault, as every pitcher I have will get shelled for the foreseeable future. I've have the worst era in a roto money league I've ever seen. It will get better with Nola I assure you.
  12. Simmer down my brother! Still has the best curve in baseball this year, just not tonight.
  13. I wouldn't be shocked to see 3 of those runs get changed to unearned. Cleveland is not fun to watch.
  14. I believe that you believe everything you just wrote, Honestly. Even the bit about having an even perspective. But.... being someone who actually has the most even perspective on almost everything, you aren't objective. I put in all my marbles at the draft for Syndergaard in every draft. But you seem like make al these wild predictions and projections and then want to argue about them on an internet forum. Your probably an alright dude, but man your so over the top abrasive that people go out of their way to work you up. Just enjoy your mets and the community here, you have the best young staff int he game and the best fantasy base ballers on planet in these forums, just take that in before you post stuff is all I ask.
  15. So you do actually believe everything you post. Man that's a trip from my point of view.