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  1. You're actually just proving his point as everyone you listed is considered big misses by MLB scouting standards. Everyone thought Altuve was too small, Donaldson flew under the radar and I've seen several pieces from baseball insiders that the straight missed on Goldschmidt. The interesting thing to me is that Betts was one of those guys who was a super athlete when he was drafted. He had plus speed but was really one of those "he's good at everything he does," lets see what happens guys. He is the perfect example of a guy with plus plus athleticism putting in all together.
  2. Judge's went 125 feet further....
  3. Dude you're so much better than this post.
  4. Except they're in Texas this time, but he will still complain.
  5. Are people here venting or seriously blaming Ottavino?
  6. That was one of the most dominant innings I've seen this year. How many swing and misses was that out of 12 pitches? Bundy is a stud.
  7. Has been back since the end of July
  8. Soooo....... With A-Rod calling it a career is this it for an Aaron Judge call up?
  9. He walked off on his own, no limp. Hopefully minor
  10. I Saw his ankle twist a little on his plant foot
  11. Breaking news about Lucroy, this video is why he vetoed:
  12. I can help you. We are talking about two separate issues here. Issue 1. He has a no trade clause. He has every right to use it and he did. We all agree. Issue 2. He gets to suffer in the court of public opinion because he has been a spectacle in Milwaukee this year. Starting in spring training and asking to be traded to a contender. He was vocal about this and now he looks like a joke. We have every right to rip him fo this.
  13. Because he vocally spoke out and asked the team to trade him. They did and he rejected it. He stirred the pot and now gets to live with it.
  14. I agree that he has the no trade clause which affords him that position, I disagree with "lucroy has done nothing wrong," though. He asked to be traded to a contender.
  15. How did it cost him the win by warming up?