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  1. Thanks @pittsports87 for looking a little deeper there. I have to say his line is ugly but I very much like watching him pitch. He gets some strange movement on some of his pitches. I'm excited to see if this develops into an out pitch for lefties as that will help him take the next step.
  2. So Maeda started throwing a cutter for the first time ever in his MLB career. Very interesting.
  3. Just bumping this up for conversation. I think there are definitely two sides to the Kimbrel discussion. My guess is nothing has changed only two weeks in but people that drafted him are probably breathing a sigh of relief.
  4. It's all good. Look, we've been around forever. It still kills me, and I do this every year on these forums with people, and every year you can find the gem in the ruble. Will Harvey be the gem? No idea, but my point still stands. Where he will be drafted vs what he can return puts him as a value proposition to be watching IMO. No one is taking him as an SP3-4. If you are then by all means I agree.
  5. I see him moving down the rankings. Anything after the 14th round in a mixed 12 team league would be a lottery ticket I'm buying.
  6. Yes, i suppose if we boil it down to only people who have to make a decision right now, then I would agree taking him as an SP4 is not a fun risk. All this does is make me more interested. As a lottery ticket SP6-7 in the late rounds (my guess is this will make his ADP plummet) he is what you gamble on. I guess I am in the minority but I all I wanted to see was him back on a mound throwing a baseball. I checked that off my list.
  7. 30 pitches into his comeback and people are jumping off buildings? I love fantasy baseball.
  8. You're actually just proving his point as everyone you listed is considered big misses by MLB scouting standards. Everyone thought Altuve was too small, Donaldson flew under the radar and I've seen several pieces from baseball insiders that the straight missed on Goldschmidt. The interesting thing to me is that Betts was one of those guys who was a super athlete when he was drafted. He had plus speed but was really one of those "he's good at everything he does," lets see what happens guys. He is the perfect example of a guy with plus plus athleticism putting in all together.
  9. Judge's went 125 feet further....
  10. Dude you're so much better than this post.
  11. Except they're in Texas this time, but he will still complain.
  12. Are people here venting or seriously blaming Ottavino?
  13. He walked off on his own, no limp. Hopefully minor
  14. I Saw his ankle twist a little on his plant foot
  15. Breaking news about Lucroy, this video is why he vetoed: