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  1. Dont give up on Cobb yet plus I like Howard to run away with the job
  2. In a PPR, I would go with Cobb. But I would drop Henry for him since you have plenty of RBs.
  3. I think this is too much. One or both of these guys could have the job by the end of the season. Help
  4. Yes do this. Kelvin is back and that Atlanta offense runs through the RBs. Charles and Dougie are both hurt. Help
  5. Yes make this move. Sanders will look good on your team. Help
  6. Ebron Thomas Miller Doyle Tamme James WIlford Mcdonald Help
  7. Its a good trade in a vacuum but you need Forte. Help
  8. Yes, A-Rob is the man. Good 2 for 1 trade.
  9. Great job. I love A-Rob this season. Help
  10. Bortles and I'm a Ravens fan. Help
  11. 12 team PPR. I wont need Stafford after this week since I have Brady. SHould I do this? I get: Siemian and Cooks I give: Stafford and Thomas QB: Stafford WR: Hopkins WR: Jordy RB: Leason Mccoy RB: Gio Benard TE: Ebron WR/TE: Julian Edelman BN: Brady BN: Sims BN: Michael FLoyd BN: Thomas BN: Kenneth Dixon
  12. Drop Booker for Enunwa. I'd hold Ertz.
  13. Definitely #1 and I would probably do #2