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  1. WHo should I drop Taijuan Walker for? Should I also drop McCarthy for another one of these guys as well? Drew Pomeranz Ian Kennedy Michael Wacha Collin McHugh James Paxton
  2. Ian Kennedy Drew Smyly Joe Musgrove Luis Severino
  3. Paxton and Turner no matter if its Trea or Justin.
  4. Turner
  5. Definitely B-Mac
  6. Yes, while I do like Santana, you need a first baseman. Help
  7. I like getting LEster for Trumbo. I too am worried about the second half splits. Help
  8. I go with Gray first then Iwakuma. Help
  9. Another manager needs a 2B so I offered him this. Good deal? I get: Salazar I give: DJ and Matz
  10. Yes, use it on Hill.
  11. Grab Koji quick. Help
  12. Shoemaker is a beast. Drop Descalafani. Help
  13. I love Betts but Marte with Blackmon is a bit much.
  14. Bump. He said he would do the deal of just Dj for cain. I just liked Duffy more than Fulmer.
  15. Do this trade. Cole will have a big 2nd half. Help