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  1. Definitely B-Mac
  2. Yes, while I do like Santana, you need a first baseman. Help
  3. I like getting LEster for Trumbo. I too am worried about the second half splits. Help
  4. I go with Gray first then Iwakuma. Help
  5. Another manager needs a 2B so I offered him this. Good deal? I get: Salazar I give: DJ and Matz
  6. Yes, use it on Hill.
  7. Grab Koji quick. Help
  8. Shoemaker is a beast. Drop Descalafani. Help
  9. I love Betts but Marte with Blackmon is a bit much.
  10. Bump. He said he would do the deal of just Dj for cain. I just liked Duffy more than Fulmer.
  11. Do this trade. Cole will have a big 2nd half. Help
  12. Berrios should be coming back soon. Help
  13. Agreed. Cutch is worth alot more than Contreras. Try for a better catcher. Help
  14. That's a good haul for those guys. I would take it. Help
  15. I like Nunez at the top of the lineup. Especially if you need average and steals Help