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  1. Yeah I cant trust Dusty and that pen. Keep Reed help
  2. I like it. Can you move Carp to 3rd? You have plenty of OF options to replace Judge. Help
  3. I like A personally. Keep Seager. Help
  4. I was offered Stroman. Is that enough? he has Quintana.
  5. Drop Godley for Hill. Pickup Seager and drop Piscotty Help
  6. I like Nunez for his average and SBs. Do it. Help
  7. I like Cueto. You did good. Help
  8. I would be getting Wilson. I could use another RP. This is a K/9 league.
  9. I'm trying to get a better catcher. This was offered to me. SHould I do this? I give: Greinke, McCann, and Duvall I get: Salazar, Realmuto, Ozuna
  10. Hang on to Gonzo. I think his foot trouble is over. Keep an eye on Broxton though. Looks like he's finally coming around. Help
  11. I would offer that deal for Archer. Then you get a free pickup. Help
  12. Stay with Arenado. Plus I wouldn't want to give up Benintendi right now. Help
  13. I get: Lorenzo Cain I give: Adam Duvall
  14. I would do it as long as you have another source for steals.
  15. I'm looking for a catcher upgrade and pitcher that gets strikeouts. I also have alot of good OFs. SHould I do this? I get: Realmuto and Salazar I give: Upton and McCann