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  1. Not sure if I should grab him. I really don't have a need for him.
  2. Keeper league - KB - WHIR

    Side A for me. Love Albies and Soto. Help
  3. Nick Williams Vs Winker WHIR

    I like WInker. He has been playing well lately. Help
  4. I just made a trade and I will drop Richards soon. Who should I grab in a 12 team league? Hitters: Buxton Gallo Bird Lamb Conforto Grandal Pitchers: Castillo Sonny Gray Jon Gray Teheran Fulmer Samardzija Velasquez Bieber Cahill Roark
  5. I get Marte and Castellanos. I need a better 3B and I could move Hoskins to 1B. Should I?
  6. I get: Bellinger and Marte I give: Votto and Escobar Thoughts? I could use the power and steals. Average takes a hit though.
  7. With Shane Greene out, should I drop Giles since he doesnt seem like he has the job anymore?
  8. Thats a good haul but I think I would stay with Manny. Help
  9. What to offer for Carlos Martinez? WHIR

    I think you gotta offer more for C-Mart. Maybe Folty and Markakis? Help
  10. Drop anyone for Freddy Peralta ? WHIR

    Drop one of your Foltys (listed twice). As much as I like Peralta, I don't really see a drop for you. Help
  11. Offer Trout or stay put? WHIR

    I dont think I could give up Trout for any combo right now. Help
  12. SP/RP help...whir

    Drop Montas and Montgomery. Stash Ryu. Help
  13. Porcello for Pham? WHIR

    I like Pham in a keeper. I know hes cold now, but I really like his outlook.
  14. Rendon for Hoskins? WHIR

  15. Who wins trade WHIR

    Definitely the Hanigar side Help